African Wild Dog Conservancy

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African Wild Dog Conservancy

Location: Kenya, Africa

Founded: 2001 by Bob Robbins, Ph.D. and Kim McCreery, Ph.D.

Species: African wild dogs and Hirola antelope.

Projects: African Wild Dog Conservancy is dedicated to working with local communities, and national and international stakeholders to conserve wild dogs through scientific research and education.

Partners: Kenyan Wildlife Service, WomanKind Kenya and Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy.


Research: The African Wild Dog Conservancy has completed the first comprehensive large-scale surveys of wild dogs and livestock depredation in the North Eastern and Coast Provinces of Kenya. Villager reports of livestock depredation will enable them to identify hotspots as well as provide much needed information on the distribution of other predators in the region such as lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, cheetahs and caracals.

Education: The Conservancy has launched a large-scale conservation education outreach program in the region, working with local stakeholders, schoolteachers and headmasters, to teach schoolchildren and adult members of the community about the value of protecting the environment and the vital role carnivores play in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Programme descriptions kindly provided by the African Wild Dog Conservancy.

How to help

Do you want to support the research of the African Wild Dog Conservancy to identify threats and implement an Action plan to protect African wild dogs, then click on the donate button and go to their website to place your contribution.




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