Kiwis for Kiwi

Kiwis for Kiwi

Kiwis for Kiwi

Location: New Zealand

Founded: 2012

Species: Little spotted kiwi, great spotted kiwi (roroa), brown kiwi, rowi, tokoeka.

Projects: Kiwis for Kiwi is a fundraising and advocacy organisation. They support conservation projects including predator control and monitoring projects, breeding projects, research and educational programmes.
Habitat protection is an important project run by the Department of Conservation and community groups supported by the Kiwis for Kiwi. They also support avoidance training to teach dogs not to kill wild kiwis.


By providing nationwide leadership and support via a powerful public-private partnership, we aim to protect kiwi and their natural habitat, and ensure the species flourish for generations to come.

To that end, we allocate funding to hands-on kiwi projects, raises sponsorship dollars, increase public awareness about the plight of kiwi and work alongside kiwi experts to provide resources, advice and best practice guidance to all those working to save New Zealand’s national bird.

In partnership with the Department of Conservation, we support the national Kiwi Recovery Programme through:

  • 80 volunteer-based community groups
  • 12 captive facilities that display kiwi and/or incubate kiwi eggs
  • 5 DOC kiwi sanctuaries
  • Predator removal from more than 140,000 hectares across New Zealand
  • Many other research and management projects
  • Laboratory to find out more about kiwi genetics
  • Some work is hands-on and operational—perhaps building a predator-proof fence or setting traps to kiwi predators. Other work may be research in the field to learn more about kiwi behaviour or research in the laboratory for find out more about kiwi genetics.

    Some work takes precious eggs and chicks from the wild, and nurtures them in safe places until they can better protect themselves from stoats and other predators.
    We also train dogs to avoid kiwi. Much of the work that is done is by communities, iwi and hapū, who together protect tens of thousands of hectares so that kiwi can survive and flourish. Kiwis for kiwi number one mandate is to raise funds to support this work.

    Our goal is to reverse the decline of kiwi by 2018 and see a rise in their numbers nationally and every part of our programme is geared towards achieving this vision.”

    Programme descriptions kindly provided by Kiwis for Kiwi.

    How to help

    Do you want to support the work of the Kiwis for Kiwi to protect and breed endangered brown kiwis in New Zealand, then click on the donate button and go to their website.


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