The Aspinall Foundation

The Aspinall Foundation

The Aspinall Foundation

Location: Port Lympne Zoo and Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, England.

Founded: 1984 by John Aspinall.

Species: Western Lowland Gorilla, Javan Gibbon, Greater Bamboo Lemur, Black Rhino, Sumatran Rhino, Przewalski Horse and Scottish Wildcat.

Projects: Main projects include breeding programmes, re-introducing rare animals to the wild and anti-poaching activities.


Western Lowland Gorilla Programme: The Aspinall Foundation work with the governments of the Republic of Congo and Gabon to protect the unique savannah ecosystem of the Batéké Plateau and to re-introduce the western lowland gorillas to the region. The foundation helps fund the rangers stationed around this area to combat poaching and they provide facilities for gorillas confiscated by government officials.

In the period 1996 – 2006 a total of 51 gorillas were released into the area. 43 of these were confiscated wild-born orphans and the rest captive-bred individuals from the parks in Kent.

Javan Primate Programme: The two parks in Kent have since 1988 seen 24 Javan gibbons being born and are currently housing 11 males and 13 females. The Aspinall Foundation started a breeding and re-introduction programme for this species in March 2012.

A rehabilitation centre was opened in Malang, East Java to be used for releases of the Javan langurs rehabilitated and bred at the British parks.

Black Rhino Programme: The Aspinall Foundation cooperates with the South African National Parks and the Tanzanian government to reintroduce endangered black rhinos to the wild through an exchange programme.

So far one male who has sired at least three calves has been returned to South Africa a long with two females. The two females have both given birth to a bull each. Another three black rhinos have been reintroduced to the wild in Tanzania.

How to help

Do you want to support the work of The Aspinall Foundation to protect and reintroduce endangered animals to the wild, then click on the donate button and go to their website.


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