Location: Oregon, United States.

Founded: Founded in 2012 by Nate Wintle and Meghan Martin to preserve and protect species in the Pacific Northwest and Abroad.

Species: Black-crested Gibbon, Giant Panda, Javian Gibbon and Endangered Seafood Species.

Projects: PDXWildlife aims to restore endangered species and habitat diversity through local and global initiatives. They have a dedicated team of scientists based in Oregon, US who conduct and implement research on three different continents in collaboration with local organisations.

PDXWildlife promotes endangered wildlife and habitat conservation using creative and innovative approaches to research and community outreach programmes.


Research: PDXWildlife focuses on approaching conservation issue through scientific research, thus, our company relies heavily on the scientific process. At PDXWildlife, our objective is to conduct non-invasive and cost-effective research that will be applicable to the question being asked.

Research Programme - PDXWildlife

Panda in research programme

Many of our research questions are aimed at testing the efficacy of current conservation and community outreach programs. Implementing our research findings in both field and captive conservation is of the utmost importance to us.

PDXWildlife draws on biology, toxicology, and educational science to advance conservation tools and methods, connect natural and social systems, and tackle emerging threats. Our scientists work closely with conservation managers and local communities to identify current problems and implement programs that will solve these problems for the world’s valuable habitats and species.

Community Outreach: PDXWildlife works to strengthen communities’ ability to conserve the natural resources they depend upon. We help promote innovation, learning and implementation of strategies to expand community conservation. This includes facilitating links across communities and forming collaboration to address environment-related threats.

Community Outreach - PDXWildlife

Gibbon from the community outreach programme

For example, PDXSeafood, our sustainable seafood program connects local restaurants with suppliers that fish sustainably and institutions that can lend knowledgeable support such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Oregon Zoo, and the Portland Aquarium. Our three main goals are to:

• To Empower – through providing training and education on key environmental problems
• To Support – through connecting or directly providing funds to implement new programs
• To Serve – through providing interns and knowledgeable staff scientist that participate in the program

Education: We have created a intensive program to train local and international conservation scientists through our internship program. This program provides invaluable field research opportunities to inspiring conservation biologists. Many training scientist get no real world experience on conservation based research projects. We provide these research experiences to both local and international students and scientists. Our internships comprise scientific, cultural, and linguistic components to ensure that students are approaching conservation through multiple disciplines.

Education Programme - PDXWildlife

Panda in education programme

We spread community awareness through providing workshops and lectures in the local villages, fundraising for local programs and institutions, publishing educational materials, and working with institutions worldwide to put together information and events.

We are currently developing an elementary, middle, and high-school curriculum for environmental conservation education which promotes youth involvement through day camps that teach about conservation issues. These interactive camps are lead by trained conservation biologists and pose typical conservation issues to the students and encourage them to develop innovative ways to solve these problems.

Programme descriptions kindly provided by PDXWildlife.

How to help

You can help PDXWildlife by going to their website and making a general one-time donation or towards a specific project, becoming a member and by donating equipment for research and conservation activities.


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