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12 Best Sustainable Shoes for All Different Occasions

In the recent past, many companies have emerged whose focus is on producing sustainable shoes.  Whether it’s a case of using eco-friendly raw materials or just recycling wastes, there are numerous ways to improve footwear production to achieve sustainability.

The sustainable shoe market in 2019 was valued at $7.5 billion globally and is expected to grow to $11.8 billion by 2027, projecting a 5.8% CAGR expansion based on Grand View Research, Inc report.

Sustainability is one of the main driving factors for most consumers when doing shopping. Therefore, most footwear brands are now putting efforts to go green to retain their customers. 

The sustainable shoe market has been classified into athletic and non-athletic. Sustainable athletic shoes are gaining popularity; hence the need for green innovations and developments are becoming crucial to many shoe companies. 

The leading global footwear players, including Adidas, Nike, Reebok, and New Balance, have, as a result, embraced eco-friendly production cycles to satisfy this growing market demand.

Best Sustainable Shoes for All Occasions

Whether you’re looking for a sustainable vegan shoe gift for your eco-conscious spouse or you’re shopping for sustainable kids’ footwear, this piece will guide you on the best shoes to buy. 

Best Sustainable Shoes for Men

Men shopping for running shoes, office shoes, or comfortable shoes for outdoor activities can choose from various eco-friendly shoes created by different sustainable shoe companies. Here are some of the best sustainable men’s shoes:

1.       Adidas Men’s Energy Falcon Adiwear Running Shoes

Adidas Men's Energy Falcon Adiwear Running Shoes

If you’re looking for sustainable running shoes, then this is the product to go for. Made with a supportive and free-motion design, this shoe offers the stability you need for your running and athletic sessions.

The shoe allows the Achilles tendons to move freely, and the midfoot support panel provides a natural fit. Its outsole is durable enough to resist wear and tear as you take your every stride. The pair offers comfort for every step with its pillow-soft cushion.

This shoe comes in different colors and is made of sustainable cotton and recycled plastics. And, it helps end plastic waste and keep the environment clean. This is because, the shoe is 100% textile, indicating that it’s one of the best sustainable men’s shoes made of recycled materials. They are also great sustainable walking shoes that have a rubber sole.

Most environmentalists and celebrity environmentalists are in favor of this idea and the materials used in the shoes.

 2.       Nae Men’s Derby Vegan Oxford

Nae Men’s Derby Vegan Oxford

Are vegan shoes sustainable? Yes. The vegan movement is a consumer fashion statement demanding to leave animals out of their wardrobe and shoe rack. To them, animals don’t have to suffer cruelty or die for fashion.

Nae is a sustainable vegan shoe brand that has developed ways to design shoes free from animal-derived fibers or materials, including wool, fur, leather, silk, or shearling. These vegetarian shoes have no environmental, animal, or human exploitation.

The shoe is made of 100% natural rubber sole, and the other areas are designed with cork, biodegradable and ecological microfiber. The insole has a particleboard card and is finished with microfiber.

Made in Portugal, this Derby Vegan Oxford for men has a lining of microfiber and breathable mesh. Also, it’s free of CO2 emissions, which helps save the planet. But, while it’s pretty durable, it’s relatively pricey.

3.       Fugu Sa-Me Japanese Vegan canvas Boots

Fugu Sa-Me Japanese Vegan canvas Boots

This Canvas boot is made from organic and natural sustainable shoe materials that are purely vegan. It’s made with breathable cotton and a recycled slip-resistant rubber sole.

The shoe is durable, sturdy, lightweight, and is of high-quality. Its water-repellent qualities and orthopedic sole make it a favorite for many.

The vegan boots come in different unique designs, making them more attractive to consumers. It’s easy to put on and contains pull-on boots in a double hook and loop design.

With this piece, you need not worry about performance and posture. It provides barefoot comfort that helps reduce both back and knee pains.

You can use it for different occasions. It’s ideal for many professionals, including martial arts experts, desert gatherings, hiking, fashion designers, dancers, athletes, acrobats, photographers, among others.

Another unique feature of this boot is that it comes in many sizes and can be worn by any gender. And, the boot is perfect for all terrains

4.       Eco Bambas Slip-On Shoes Made 100% Eco Friendly 

Eco Bambas Slip-On Shoes Made 100% Eco Friendly 

If you’re looking for sustainable male footwear that is both fashionable and comfortable, then this handmade eco-friendly slip-on shoe is something you may want to consider. 

And where can you go with this low lace shoe? They fit both official and smart-casual occasions. You can wear them when you want to take a walk or when going to an official meeting. 

This smart casual sustainable men’s dress shoe is made of recycled materials focusing on preserving the environment. It’s made with reusing and recycling truck tires and organic materials, making them functional and comfy. 

These sustainable walking shoes are easy to wear, remove, and it remains snug fit when put on. The slip-on is available in different colors, including Light Blue/Brown Leather or White/Brown. 

Best Sustainable Shoes for Women

Ladies who want to go green also have a variety of options to choose from. Let’s explore some of the best sustainable shoes that would pique their interest. 

5.       DENACARE Women’s Diabetic Shoe 

DENACARE Women's Diabetic Shoe 

Denacare diabetic shoe for women is made of non-skid, flexible, and durable rubber sole. The shoe has an air cushion and an EVA midsole that helps absorb shock and relieve heel and foot pain.

It has a wide width, a roomy toe box, and an adjustable closure that offers comfort and eases the pressure. It is most suitable for those with foot deformities like diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, edema, Bunions, Neuropathy, Flat Feet, Corns, Hammer Toe, Heel, Knee, Ankle, and Foot Pain. The extra depth is tailored for orthotics.

This shoe is easy to wear and remove. It’s made with a strap closure that can be adjusted to allow easy customization and comfort for enlarged feet.  

It’s also made of breathable, stretchable, and lightweight material, making it the ideal option for the elderly and those in environments or medical conditions that cause swelling of legs.

The upper mesh material and soft foam padded collar create a smooth interior lining and offer increased comfort. To enhance stability and ease walking, the shoe has a protective firm heel.

What’s more, the company has gone an extra mile and added a highly cushioned 2.25 inches memory form insole that is removable. This helps reduce pressure at the bottom of the foot and relieve foot and heel pain. 

An extra 2 EVA insoles which are 1.18 inches and 1.97 inches thick to provide a spacer that allows one to adjust the volume to fit better.

Denacare adopts eco-friendly materials in the production of this shoe. The shoe is hand-washable.  Machine washing is highly discouraged as it could cause the shoe size to adjust, which will affect comfort and coziness.

When shopping for this shoe, buy the exact fit. Don’t go a number higher to accommodate swelling or width, as you can customize your shoe size to fit.

How to Find your Size

How you measure Heel to toe:

  • Place your barefoot on a sheet of paper, resting your heel against the wall. 
  • Draw a horizontal line in front of the longest toe. Measure the distance in inches between the drawn line and the edge of the paper.

Your right and left feet may have different lengths and widths and full sizes.

If you’re able to fit, try on both shoes, do so, especially at the end of the day. Experts recommend buying shoes that fit the larger foot.

You can also find your size after measuring your longest foot length from the chart given on Amazon.

6.       FRALOSHA Women’s Slippers Flax Cross Indoor Breathable Outdoor Sandals

 FRALOSHA Women's Slippers Flax Cross Indoor Breathable Outdoor Sandals

Most women love wearing sandals during the summer season. They are perfect for a relaxed look and can make a real fashion statement. What about you do it with an eco-friendly choice?

Fralosha has made these women slippers for indoor and outdoor occasions. You can wear them in the living room, bedroom, office, garden, to the beach and more.

The sandal is made of healthy and environmentally friendly flax material that is breathable and absorbs sweat. It’s lightweight and easy to wear. Also, it’s easy to wash and dries quickly.

The shoe shape is cross/flat, which offers maximum comfort and relaxation. You can always get your favorite color as there are multiple options to choose from.

7.       Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II, Women’s Vegan Shoe with Barefoot Sole

 Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II, Women’s Vegan Shoe with Barefoot Sole

When doing training whether, in a gym or home, shoe selection is vital. You don’t want to end up with something that makes the exercises more tiresome than they already are.

Choosing a breathable and lightweight shoe thus becomes a priority for many. You can have a shoe with all those qualities, and that is also sustainably-made. 

These Vivobarefoot Primus Lite II sustainable gym shoes come in handy. It’s an ideal choice for ladies who want something that preserves the environment and does not promote animal cruelty.

Vivo is one the most recognized and best sustainable shoe brands. Like most Vivo shoes, this one is made of plant-based materials, and the sole is made of recycled plastic bottles.

They have a soft material along the heel and at the bottom, making them comfortable to put on even without socks as they ensure no rubbing or blistering. These sandals come in different colors.

The shoe follows the foot’s natural shape and is made with PET mesh to make it breathable, thus keeping the feet cool. The manufacturer recommends not to wash them with a machine.

While it boasts of many great qualities, some say it’s not durable enough.

8.       Bourgeois Boheme Women’s Vegan Isobel Lace-Up Boot

 Bourgeois Boheme Women's Vegan Isobel Lace-Up Boot

If you’re a vegan, this Bourgeois Boheme boot is an excellent choice to go for. Wearing boots remains a casual fashion statement, especially during the cold weather. 

Styling boots with different outfits is a look that is more preserved for weekends, night outs, and in some instances, casual office days. You can wear or style the boot with different outfits, including jeans, denim skirts, and long blazers, to crash that birthday party or girls’ night out.

The boot has a heel that measures approximately 1.75 inches or 1 3/4″. Heels make the body look leaner, and legs appear longer. Furthermore, it makes the shoe more durable.

Handcrafted in Portugal, this boot has an exclusive BB design and is made of PVC Free microfiber nubuck. Its natural latex insole offers extra comfort, and the boot is naturally Water resistant.

Best Sustainable Shoes for Kids

Parents who wish to teach their kids about environmental preservation can start by buying them sustainable shoes at their tender age. There a wide range of shoes for all occasions. Here are a few classic examples:

9.       Indosole Toddler’s ESSNTLS Vegan Sandal-Strap Flip Flops 

Indosole Toddler's ESSNTLS Vegan Sandal-Strap Flip Flops

Made with a recycled tire sole, these vegan all-terrain flip flop kids sandals tops our list of the best sustainable shoes for girls. The shoe is non-slip as its natural rubber sole is molded high for arch support, comfort, and cushioning.

Its straps are custom-made with fiber uppers. The process is eco-friendly as it consumes less dye and water.  Recycled tire-sole and natural rubber make these pairs of sandals sturdy, waterproof, and naturally durable.

Indosole toddler sandals are an excellent choice for those who want to go ethical, vegan, and promote zero-waste. It’s made free from waste, animal products/cruelty or, fuel-powered machinery.

10.   Kids Eco-Friendly, Indoor Outdoor Sock Shoes

 Kids Eco-Friendly, Indoor Outdoor Sock Shoes

These sustainable shoes for kids can help in environmental preservation. Made with 100% recycled plastics, these kids’ shoes are eco-friendly and comfortable.

It’s woven with Truspring technology. These sock shoes are machine washable at 30 degrees. They are perforated to make them airy and breathable. It’s an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor occasions. 

A unique feature is its slip and splash resistance. Kids will always be kids, and when walking outdoors, they may come across puddles, which they can’t resist splashing. This shoe is ideal for such “ouch” moments.

This sock shoe is durable and allows movement, which is a factor to consider when shopping for children’s shoes.  

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11.   Tots Eco-Friendly, First Walker Sock Shoes

Tots Eco-Friendly, First Walker Sock Shoes

Every single step means a lot for the baby and the mother. With this tot’s eco-friendly first walker sock shoes, you can “awe” every single step the tot makes.

This Turtl sock shoe is super cute and eco-friendly. It’s knitted with plastic waste recycling and harvested algae biomass, making it perforated, allowing the feet to breathe.  

The sock shoe is specially designed with a slip or skid-resistant protective shell to allow easy movement and support the little and tender feet. Its sole is made of a sturdy exterior, which protects the little feet from their toes’ tip to the heel. And, the insole is removable to allow flexibility. 

Its specially designed turtle shell patterns offer a grippy surface for all of the kids’ adventures. Its splash-proof feature makes it ideal for playing outdoors where there are puddles the kids would enjoy splashing. 

The sock shoe hugs and fits in the little ones’ feet, which means they won’t easily come off when playing. The shoe is perfect for all terrains.

This Turtl shoe helps manage excessive algae growth, clean up our oceans, save turtles and other marine life. The shoe is durable, and the sole is fully recyclable.

12.   Expandal – Child – Expandable, Sustainable, Functional Sandals 

Expandal - Child - Expandable, Sustainable, Functional Sandals 

Are you looking for a perfect shoe for your kid that can last for years? If you’re tired of buying shoes over and over, then these Expandables sustainable shoes are the ideal deal.

The Expandable sandals are shoes that can be adjusted for five different sizes. It changes in three places, including the heel, toe, and side, to fit the five measures. This GroFive shoe grows as the kid advance in age. 

So incredible, right!

Expandables are shoes specially designed from the ground up. Their sole is made of partially recycled rubber, transitioning into gridded rubber on the inner side. This makes it very durable to last for years.  

The sole also contains an EVA foam midsole, and the inner lining is PU moisture resistant. The upper part is made of 2mm synthetic leather along with nylon webbing sides and neoprene lining.

The sides and the back of the sandals are adjustable with hook and loop fasteners. The entry strap at the top also uses the hook and loop design. These hook and loop design is specially made to last for five years or more.

The shoe is water-friendly and can be worn for everyday outdoor use. They are comfortable to wear. They are sustainable shoes designed to lead to less waste. Their expandable design and durable materials result in fewer shoe wastes in our landfills.

It is a must to know all these things, just like the importance of biodiversity to the ecosystems.

We should take the initiative to learn the pros and cons of the green revolution if we care so much about the current situation.

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