Endangered Species

do deer eat hydrangeas?

Beautiful and hardy, the hydrangea plant is very popular. Do deer eat hydrangeas? Yes, on some occasions deer eat hydrangeas. Because hydrangea bushes are quite attractive. If deer eat hydrangeas, they will cause some damage to these valuable shrubs. While there are several effective ways of protecting your prized plants from hungry deer.

Energy Conservation

Best Energy Efficient Kettles

Responsibility to save the environment and conserve energy isn’t just for corporates and corporations. Eco-friendliness is also something that every household and home office should think about. 

Environmental Conservation

Is Hydrated Silica Bad for the Environment?

Silica is a compound of silicon and oxygen that exists practically everywhere on the Earth’s surface, particularly in rocks and water. It is widely distributed among soil, beach sand, granite, quartzite, dolomite, etc…Because silica occurs naturally as sand, it can give some degree of alkalinity to the soil. But is hydrated silica bad for the […]

Environmental Organizations

Environmental Organizations in Massachusetts

Our planet is facing serious environmental challenges, and the environmental organizations in Massachusetts are working all of their best to find solutions to these problems. Many organizations in Massachusetts are formed for the betterment of our planet. This starts raising awareness through communities and teaching locals the best ways to save or planet.