Endangered Species

Sperm Whale

Status: Vulnerable Known as: Sperm Whale, Cachalot. Estimated numbers left in the wild: At least 200,000; perhaps as many as 1 million. Description A dramatic-looking beast with a cliff-like snout and a massive, streamlined body, the sperm whale is one of the world’s most imposing creatures. Large males are 20 meters long, though the average […]

Energy Conservation

energy conservation techniques

Today, there’s more awareness about climate change and its effects on the environment. That’s why solutions like energy conservation techniques are necessary.

Environmental Conservation

what is a sustainable MIS infrastructure

Information MIS infrastructure is responsible for identifying the best way to store important information. But what is a sustainable MIS infrastructure? Read on to learn more.

Environmental Organizations

International Elephant Foundation

Location: United States Founded: 1998 by a corporation of individuals and institutions. Species: African elephants and Asian elephants. Projects International Elephant Foundation supports different projects and operates directly in many countries throughout Asia and Africa. Their focus is on management and elephant protection, such as anti-poaching activities and scientific research, but they also support outreach […]