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10 Best Eco-Friendly Glitter Alternatives

If you want to use safe glitter that won’t harm the planet, go for eco glitter alternatives! These are made using high-grade and biodegradable plant materials. As you do different arts and crafts projects at home, glitter is one of the products you need for a lovely finish, right?

The problem arises when you have to use plastic glitter that’s harmful to the environment. Plastic waste is a massive problem for the planet. The growing amount of waste plastic on land and in the ocean causes lots of harm.

That’s why there’s an increasing call for manufacturers to steer clear of it in favor of biodegradable alternatives. But is there biodegradable glitter one can opt for? Certainly, yes!

There are numerous eco-friendly glitter alternatives that are safe for you, the environment, and the planet as a whole.

What is biodegradable Glitter?

Glitter is a fantastic item that you can use for arts, crafts, or cosmetics. There’s even edible glitter that you can apply on cakes and other treats. However, conventional glitter isn’t eco-friendly since it contains plastic and other harmful materials.

That’s why you need to seek out eco-friendly glitter alternatives that are safe for use, both for adults and kids. This is glitter made using plant-based materials that are biodegradable and don’t contain harmful substances.

Biodegradable glitter alternatives are glitter that is not made using plastic and will naturally without causing harm to the environment. You can enjoy using these sparkling decorative pieces, without worrying about plastic pollution.

Why is Plastic Glitter Bad for the Environment?

As already mentioned, common glitter contains plastic and other harmful materials. When these materials come into contact with land or spill into the water bodies, they can have devastating long-term effects on the environment.

It’s why you have to search and purchase biodegradable glitter alternatives for all your projects. These won’t affect the environment and will work better on your skin. Plastic material tends to be toxic and can affect your family’s health in the long run.

Not to mention, plastic-based glitter isn’t soft and is much harder to work with. Plant-based glitter is softer and simpler to apply on paper or your skin.

How do you Make Biodegradable Glitter?

Do you know you can make eco-friendly glitter alternatives at home with your kids? Making your glitter reduces the cost and ensures you a quality product that won’t harm you or your surroundings.

All you need to do is:

  • Place one tablespoon of salt in a glass jar.
  • Add a few drops of eco-friendly paint or food color into the salt.
  • Mix the two ingredients ensuring the salt doesn’t dissolve.
  • Spread out the mixture on a dry surface and allow the salt granules to dry for one day.
  • Use the salt glitters on your arts and crafts!

Also, there are plenty of manufacturers making biodegradable glitter that’s good for the environment. Below are some of the top picks you can use for different purposes.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best for Sensitive Skin Hemway Eco-friendly Glitter
Best for Festivals Angel Dreams Biodegradable Chunky Glitter
Best for Body Art ELEKTRIKGLITTER Eco-friendly Biodegradable Body Glitter
Best for Baking Wilton Edible Glitter

The Best Eco-friendly Glitter Alternatives

1. Hemway Eco-friendly Glitter

hemway ecofriendly glitter


  • Brand: Hemway
  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Package weight: 3.53 ounces
  • Recommended use:  Crafts and cosmetics
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


Hemway brands are among the most eco-friendly glitter alternatives you can use for crafts or on your body. The manufacturer uses materials that are safe on your skin and for the planet.

This is a rose-gold colored glitter that’s super shiny and easy to use on your skin or work. The glitter fragments are a bigger size, meaning you can arrange them in a certain way with more ease.

Also, the glitter alternatives are biodegradable, meaning you can use them on compostable paper. Once you finish using the craft, you place it in the compost for safe disposal. All the glitter breaks down and doesn’t harm the environment.

This glitter pack weighs 3.53 ounces and is easy to layer on areas you want the glitter. The shiny effect lasts for a long time, after which you can wipe it off.

Also, this safe-to-use glitter is free of harmful additives and chemicals that can harm your skin.

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2. Angel Dreams Biodegradable Chunky Glitter

Angel Dream biodegradable glitter


  • Brand: Glitter Eco Lovers
  • Color: Pastel
  • Package weight: 0.28 ounces
  • Item form: Solid
  • Recommended use:  Arts, Crafts, and cosmetics
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


The Angel Dream biodegradable glitter alternatives are a lovely shade of pastels that you’ll enjoy using. The glitters are big enough to be better used in arts, crafts, or cosmetics, depending on your need.

The glitters are a blend of biodegradable items made using high-quality natural material that degrades easily. They won’t harm the planet and are a better alternative to more harmful glitter options found in the market.

This eco-friendly glitter alternative is cruelty and gluten-free. The manufacturer doesn’t use animals to test the quality of the product, and it’s a good choice for vegans. These are 100% free of GMO and antimony.

Also, these are softer than normal glitter and a better alternative to using on cosmetics like lotions and soaps. They don’t rub against your skin roughly, which can be an uncomfortable feeling.

Instead, you get a pastel shimmer that you wear with pride for the whole duration.

Note: The glitter isn’t edible, so not safe to use on food items like cakes!

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3. ELEKTRIKGLITTER Eco-friendly Biodegradable Body Glitter

ELEKTIKGLITTER Biodegradable Glitter


  • Color: Blue lagoon
  • Package weight: 0.81 ounces
  • Item form: Solid
  • Recommended use:  body use and cosmetics
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


When you need that extra glow for a party or event, use this body glitter that’s safe on your skin. It is a lovely blue color glitter and mixes well with your skincare products for a shimmery look.

If you plan on buying biodegradable glitter, this is among the best alternatives you can buy that have multiple festival sizes. The glitter is free from plastic and other toxic substances that can harm the planet and irritate your skin.

The manufacturer uses 100% natural eucalyptus tree material to produce eco-friendly body glitter. It’s almost 40% softer on your skin than plastic glitter. Not only that, but it’s easier to wipe from your skin at the end of the day.

There are no animals used to test the quality of the glitter, and the manufacturer uses recycled paper for packaging.

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4. Alternative Imagination On Point Biodegradable Glitter

Alternative Imagination Biodegradable Glitter


  • Brand: Alternative Imagination
  • Color: Pink
  • Package weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Item form: Oil/gel
  • Recommended use:  arts and crafts
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


This is environmentally-friendly glitter for crafts that are safe to use at home with the kids. It’s pink in color and comes in an oily gel form that you can paint on a surface using a brush. The safe to use glitter is not harmful to your skin.

The manufacturer makes eco glitter products that pass environmental tests. And, it’s a certified ISO 14855 and ASTM D6400, proving its biodegradable nature.

 It is made in the US and comes in a barrier pouch that you can re-seal after use. The gel is easy to apply, and the packaging makes it easier to avoid spills and messes.

The glitter is safe to use for the whole family, including kids, as you make arts and crafts. However, this is not an eco-friendly edible glitter product.

It’s made using plant material, doesn’t contain any heavy metal ingredients, but is not edible.

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5. Karizma Rhythm Biodegradable Chunky Glitter

Karizma Beauty Rhythm Glitter


  • Brand: Karizma
  • Color: Gold
  • Package weight: 0.35 ounces
  • Item form: balm
  • Recommended use:  cosmetic
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


This is the best eco-friendly glitter that is safe and easy to use on your skin. You can get Karizma’s balm glitter to apply on your face or skin and head out for a party. The chunky glitter particles leave you with a unique and long-lasting glow.

This is an evening metallic essential beauty product that gives you a reflective gold appearance. Touch up your makeup and step out into the night. Afterward, the glitter is simple to remove using makeup wipes.

All the glitter particles are biodegradable and are made using eco-friendly materials. The manufacturer uses natural eucalyptus fiber that’s good for your skin, and the glitter naturally degrades in a compost pit.

This is a guilt-free cosmetic product that doesn’t test on animals or bring harm to the ocean. You can use it as an eye shadow, or as a finishing touch to your makeup. Alternatively, you can mix the balm with other creams for a better look.

Karizma offers customers a 100% money-back guarantee if they don’t find the product up to standard.

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6. Unicorn Snot Biodegradable Holographic Body Glitter

Unicorn Snot Bio Glitter


  • Brand: Unicorn Snot
  • Color: Bio glitter
  • Package weight: 4.66 ounces
  • Item form: Gel
  • Recommended use:  cosmetic
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


Embrace your eccentric self by applying this body gel filled with glitter, which is among the top glitters for cosmetic use that leaves you sparkling all day and night.

The good news is not only is this safe to use on your skin, but it’s also safe for the environment. The glitter gel is made using 100% top-quality plant material that’s compostable and won’t harm the environment in any way.

You can enjoy a glowing look without worrying about plastic because there’s none in this product. You don’t need to add a primer or adhesive to make this glitter gel stick. All you have to do is apply it and enjoy.

Use a small brush to apply it to your cheekbones or eyelids for a lovely finish. Later, you can wash it off or use a wipe to remove it safely.

The glitter gel isn’t edible and is for cosmetic use only. The lack of harsh ingredients means you don’t have to worry about skin irritation.

It’s also not snot.

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7. NOMO Plant-Based Biodegradable Vegan Glitter

Nomo Glitter


  • Brand: NOMO
  • Color: Party pack of 4: grey, pink, blue, and gold
  • Package Weight: 1.06 ounces each
  • Item form: solid
  • Recommended use:  crafts
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


This is a chunky glitter collection that you’ll enjoy using since it’s free of plastic.

NOMO is a biodegradable glitter brand that you need for your arts and crafts. Once you order the pack, you get 4 tins of 1.06 ounces. Inside the tins is solid glitter that’s simple to use and biodegradable.

The company is dedicated to saving the planet and only produces guilt-free sparkles. 5% of the sales NOMO makes go towards tree planting and ocean cleaning projects.

This alternative glitter is 30% softer than plastic-based glitter. You can apply it using your hand or a brush since it won’t harm your skin. The manufacturer uses plant-based materials to make biodegradable glitter.

The 4 tins contain Cleopatra gold, power pink, aqua blue, and grey colors giving you variety as you do different arts and crafts.

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8. Wilton Edible Glitter

Wilton Edible Glitters


  • Brand: Wilton
  • Color: Gold
  • Package weight: 0.04 ounces
  • Item form: solid
  • Recommended use:  edible foods
  • Kosher certified
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


You can add some gold glitters to the mix when you want to make edible candy, cakes, or other snack items. The Wilton eco-friendly edible glitter is kosher-certified and safe for all people to use.

This is a decorative item that everyone can enjoy using since it’s guilt-free and good for your health. The manufacturer uses healthy and safe products to create eco-friendly glitter alternatives that are easy to use.

The edible gold glitter is a subtle product that doesn’t interfere with the flavor of your food or drinks. You end up with lots of tiny glitters in the tube that you can use on multiple occasions.

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9. Unicorn Sparkle Biodegradable Glitter

Universal Sparkle Glitter


  • Brand: Unicorn Sparkle
  • Color: Multiple colors
  • Package weight: 0.12 ounces
  • Item form: solid
  • Recommended use:  Arts and crafts
  • Kid-friendly product
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


Children love making different arts and crafts. Instead of using harmful plastic glitter, opt for these eco-friendly glitter alternatives that are child-friendly from Unicorn Sparkle.

The manufacturer uses 100% natural cellulose from eucalyptus leaves that are free of harmful plastic. The glitter doesn’t contain any toxic dyes or materials that can bring you harm.

This guilt-free glitter isn’t tested on animals and won’t pollute the environment. It’s a better alternative and a great way to teach kids about eco-friendly products.

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10. Wapster Biodegradable Body Glitter

Universal Soul


  • Brand: Wapster
  • Set of 6
  • Color: Multiple colors
  • Package weight: 2.86 ounces
  • Item form: solid
  • Recommended use:  Arts, crafts, and body
  • Quality: Eco-friendly


Add some glitter into your makeup bag and accentuate your looks always. The Wapster body glitter is a safer alternative to use on your skin. However, you can still use the set of 6 glitters for arts and crafts.

These are non-edible eco-friendly glitter alternatives that are made using plant material and are gentle on your skin.

The biodegradable glitter is premium grade and has a lasting shine on your body. When you place a purchase, you get 6 glitter containers of different colors, including silver, pink, purple, blue, gold, and green blends.

The manufacturer uses plant cellulose material to make this glitter alternative which is safe for the oceans. It’s a cruelty-free product that’s good for vegans and safe on your skin. There’s no trace of plastic in the glitter.

Final Thoughts

Many glitter companies are moving into more environmentally friendly options away from plastic alternative glitters. This is a move to make our natural environment better while we enjoy glitters.

A notable company is Morrisons. They removed regular glitter and plastic from all its own-brand ranges of wrapping paper, present bags, crackers, cards, plants and wreaths, flowers, and non-seasonal items. According to Morrisons, the decision would eliminate over 50 tons of plastic from its inventory.


Is Mica Glitter biodegrade

At first glance, mica glitter might appear to be a particularly environmentally friendly form of glitter. After all, this sparkly substance is made from natural mica flakes, which are commonly found in rocks like quartz and granite.

Some sources claim that mica glitters break down slowly through abrasion or over time due to weathering, while others insist that it simply does not biodegrade at all. While further research into this topic is necessary, one thing that is clear is that the benefits and risks of using mica glitter must be carefully considered.

Is compostable glitter biodegradable?

The answer to this question is not clear as of yet. Some sources claim that compostable glitter biodegrades slowly through abrasion or over time due to weathering, while others insist that it simply does not biodegrade at all.

Is there non plastic glitter?

Yes, there is non-plastic glitter. It is typically made from biodegradable materials such as plant cellulose, eucalyptus tree extract, or mica. Non-plastic glitter is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional glitter which can take hundreds of years to break down and can be harmful to the environment.

What can I use instead of plastic glitter?

Is biodegradable glitter a viable alternative to plastic glitter? Biodegradable glitter is a type of glitter made from plant-based or natural materials that can break down over time and reduce environmental harm. Some biodegradable glitter options include cellulose, eucalyptus, and cornstarch-based glitters. These options are becoming increasingly popular as a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic glitter.

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