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13 Best Posters on Saving Earth and Environment

Most people are aware that it was in 1970 that Earth Day begun.

Below, you will see a list of the best posters on saving earth and the environment. This is a reminder of the Earth Day movement, which many people still take seriously.

The posters listed below are unique and some are quite exclusive where you can only purchase from a specific vendor.

Some of run out quickly, but are restocked. These posters are for educational purposes and great teaching resource for teachers, students and anyone interested in the environment.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best for Understanding Biomes NORTH STAR TEACHER RESOURCE Biomes Poster
Best Eco-Friendly Poster Eco-Friendly Poster
Best for Education on Energy Efficiency Energy Efficient Poster
Best for Advocacy on Conservation Conservation Poster

Poster #1 – There is No Planet B – Polar Bear

This poster on keeping the earth clean, “There is No Planet B – Polar Bear” is 12 inches by 18 inches in width. It is made with high quality satin paper, 80 pounds in weight.

Therefore, it is very durable and won’t be damaged during relocation. It won’t even wrinkle as long as you secure it appropriately.

It is exclusively a Poster Envy, which means that you are not going to find this in many places. Shipment is fast.

Once you order, it is sent out within 24 hours; secured in a cardboard tube. This is considered an educational poster.

There is No Planet B - Polar Bear


This is a poster on the environment that will provide an awareness of the environment. It is vertically positioned and you can place it on a bedroom wall, office door, or even bathroom wall.


It is not readily understood; especially by those who are not into environmental issues. If it had said something about ‘saving the earth,’ this would be self-explanatory.

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Poster #2 – Skip a Straw, Save The Planet

This poster, “Skip a Straw, Save the Planet” depicts the importance of saving the planet by skipping the use of straws. It is a reminder of what straws do to the landfills across the world. This poster will allow many people to become aware of how important it is to save the environment.

The posters on saving earth came in a cardboard tube, heavy enough to keep it safe from wrinkling and puckering. It ships fast and arrives on time.

Skip a Straw, Save The Planet


The brand is PosterEnvy and the material used to make this poster on save environment with the slogan is satin. It is great for the classroom if you are a teacher or instructor. You can hang it over a recycling bin so that it teaches kids the importance of saving the environment, choosing sustainable living, and choose sustainable products like eco-friendly water bottles. You can also do the same in your home where the recycling bin is placed, which is usually in the kitchen. The poster weighs 80 pounds.


It sells out very fast and sometimes is not available when needed. However, you can pre-purchase and wait for delivery when it becomes available.

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Poster #3 – Keep the Sea Plastic Free

This poster “Keep the Sea Plastic Free” encourages environmental awareness of how to keep plastics out of the sea. The poster weighs eighty points, is of high quality, and is made from satin paper. It is packaged in a cardboard tube and shipped within 24 hours of payment.

Posters on Saving Earth


The poster is heavy duty, but with a high level of quality. It is quite durable and does not pucker up. It is exclusively sold by PosterEnvy and so you cannot get it anywhere else. This is an educational poster; mostly bought by teachers to use in their classrooms.


This is a poster on environment that is easy to get because it is always selling out. This poster is very popular among the educational world; nationwide and internationally.

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Poster #4 – Solar System Poster Science Banner

Solar System Poster Science Banner provides educational references to space and how it affects the environment.

The product has a measurement of 16″ x 6′ and is large enough to be prominent on a classroom wall or bedroom wall. It is not only for decorating a space but for learning.

Solar System Poster Science Banner


This poster is unique and looks like a vinyl sign with reference to information related to space and the environment. It has 9 planets listed, which makes learning so much more interested. When shipped, it is rolled and put into a package.

It is not folded and so when it arrives, it has no crease and is easy to hang because of its flatness.


It is very popular and so stock runs out quite frequently. It is ideal if you pre-order so you can get it when inventory is restocked.

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Poster #5 – Ocean Plastic Facts

Like other posters, the Ocean Plastic Facts is educational. It is used to provide facts about the ocean and how plastic affects it. This is great for providing awareness about the environment and the impact of being responsible for recycling.

Ocean Plastic Facts


This poster and related post on saving the environment highlights the fact that only 23 percent of plastic is being recycled in the United States. The poster comes in thick cardboard tubes. Ocean Plastic Facts poster is made of satin and wrinkle-free. It ships quite fast.  


It is sold exclusively by PosterEnvy and so when it runs out, you have to wait for them to restock. This can be frustrating. It is very popular among teachers.

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Poster #6 – Ecosystems Teaching Poster Set

The Ecosystems Teaching Poster Set has four posters in the package. They are fundamentally used to teach students about our ecosystem.

The set has four activity sheets, which can be reproduced. It also has a guide for teachers. The information on the posters is presented with clarity.


Ecosystems Teaching Poster Set


This is a set of saving earth posters. They are used to teach anyone including kids about food chains, food webs, energy pyramids, and ecosystem cycles. This is amazing visual good for teaching a biology class.


Seemed a little challenging to follow along, but has some really good information to help in saving the earth and the environment. The packaging wasn’t that really good either, but good enough to be shipped and in one piece.

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Poster #7 – Rainforest Facts

This poster on the environment is unique and invaluable. Rainforest Facts is especially true because of all the facts that are provided. It is a visual representation of an awesome science poster.

It provides details and facts about the rainforest. For those who want to be environmentally aware, this poster is really good. It is of the highest quality and does not wrinkle, but is durable and can stand the test of time. The poster itself is heavy duty and weighs 80 pounds.

Rainforest Facts


The poster highlights some real facts about the rainforest such as how it covers only 2 percent of the earth’s total surface area. However, 50 percent of animals and plants live in the rainforest. Rainforests can be found on various continents and not only in Brazil.

The only exception is Antarctica because of its cold climate.


This poster could be a little more informative, but the space may not have been available to include as many details.

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Poster #8 – The Changing Earth Poster Set

The Changing Earth Poster Set is compiled of information related to climate change and what is responsible for influencing the earth’s landscape. The poster addresses facts about deposition, weather, and erosion as the three influential factors.

You will receive information on earthquakes, soil composition, and volcanoes. IN the package, there are a teacher’s guide and activity sheets.

The Changing Earth Poster Set


This is a set of four are some of the best earth posters that deal with how the earth is changing as it relates to climate change and the way the weather affects our current climate. The posters come with activity sheets as well.


It would have been nice to have a few more activity sheets in the poster set to make it more interesting.


Poster #9 – Earth Science Basics

This poster set “Earth Science Basics” was created by McDonald Publishing. The poster set has four different posters that are meant to help teachers portray the basics of earth science to students so they can understand.

The set has four activity sheets that can be reproduced and it also has a resource guide.

Earth Science Basics


These colorful posters were created to teach the essential concepts of saving the earth and the environment.

The posters address Plate Tectonic, Earth’s Structure, The Water Cycle, and Factors that Change The Earth such as erosion and weathering. These are some of the best earth day posters, which were packaged in a tube to keep it safe.

That was impressive. The worksheets which accompanied it are a welcomed addition. The posters are large and glossy; easy enough to see from afar if placed on a wall.


The posters curl and this may have to do with how it was packaged.


Poster #10 – Living Organisms Teaching Poster Set

Living Organisms Teaching Poster Set is ideal for teachers and studies. It is a great way to learn about the different living organisms. The set comes with four worksheets, which can be reproduced. There is also a guide for the teacher.

The information on the posters is concise and clear.


Living Organisms Teaching Poster Set


It is obvious that the posters were laid flat before inserting into the package and shipped because they come flat without any creasing, wrinkling, or puckering. They are easy to hang up on the wall.

They seem durable and of the highest quality. The package was put together rather neatly and the poster has some great colors and is made of good material.  


The shipping may take two weeks, but no longer. And, the poster goes out of stock easily. This could the reason for the delay.

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Poster #11 – Evolution The Tree of Life Novelty Biology Science Poster

This poster on the environment, “Evolution: The Tree of Life Novelty Biology Science” is great for Wildlife Biologists or anyone interested in the environment and how biology science plays a part in the whole ecosystem.

Evolution The Tree of Life Novelty Biology Science Poster


This poster on the environment came in a heavy-duty tube so it could be kept safe from natural elements while being delivered by the mail carrier. It is quite impressive once you open up the package.

It may be beyond your expectation because it is packed with lots of interesting information. It is great for teachers and students alike.


It may not come in the time expected since the stock is always low due to a lot of people buying this poster.

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Poster #12 – Learning Ecology Bulletin Board Chart Set

This Learning Ecology Bulletin Board Chart Set contains 3 posters. It features curriculum topics geared towards the ecological system. It is a great student reference guide to learning more about saving the earth and the environment.

It has lots of graphic images as well as activities that help students improve their education and skills. It also covers the current national and state standards of saving the environment.

Learning Ecology Bulletin Board Chart Set


These posters are of the highest quality and they come nicely packaged; not ripped, curled, wrinkled or bent. They are large enough to read from a distance. They are great for students and teachers alike.


Shipping might take a little longer than expected, but it is worth the wait.



These earth posters, “NORTH STAR TEACHER RESOURCE Biomes” are ideal for teaching kids environmental science.

It has a lot of information and interesting facts about biomes, which focuses on the survival strategies of plants and animals in adapting to their environments. This is ideal for children between the ages of 9 and 14.

The biomes are vividly photographed and presented on high-quality material. This is a fantastic visual on the wall.



These are some of the best environmental posters on saving the earth, which is vividly captivating and easy to capture the user’s attention. It portrays the fundamentals of biomes.

It looks like comic book pages to keep students interested and engaged. The posters highlight temperature, animals, precipitation, and animals as they all relate to the ecological system.


Like any popular poster, this set is also very difficult to get, but inventory is consistently restocked. You just have to keep checking back frequently.