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Australian Koala Foundation: How to Donate and Help Koalas

  • Founded: 1986
  • Species: Koala

What is the Australian Koala Foundation?

Australian Koala Foundation Webpage

The Australian Koala Foundation is a charity that aims to help Australian koalas and their habitats.

The Australian Koala Foundation is a national, not-for-profit organization that focuses on the conservation of Australian koalas and their habitat. The Australian Koala Foundation aims to raise awareness about Australian koalas and other wildlife in Australia, particularly the threats to the survival of Australian flora and fauna.

The Australian Koala Foundation is a registered Australian charity (#816020390RR0001) whose Australian Business Number is 58 050 019 649.

In 2007, Australian Koala Foundation’s Australian tax-exempt company ABN was 17 437 991 513.

Australian Koala Foundation’s Mission

The Australian Koala Foundation’s vision is “A world where koalas and their habitat exist for all time.” Its mission is “To secure the existence of Australian native forest ecosystems that support healthy populations of koalas in perpetuity, through research, education and advocacy.


Closeup of Australian Koala

The Australian Koala Foundation funds research and mapping of Koala habitats through their award-winning Koala Habitat Atlas project.

They work to educate and engage the community in conservation through their tree planting program and they have created partnerships to achieve greater protection for the koalas and their habitats.

The Australian Koala Foundation is a voluntary, nonprofit organization of Australian citizens and expatriates who care for koalas who are sick, injured or orphaned. The foundation’s work focuses on the following:

  • Saving Australian wildlife by providing funds to enable local people to look after orphaned and injured koalas
  • Raising awareness of the plight of Australian wildlife with current programs focusing on climate change; targeting universities; secondary schools; working with media outlets and running public campaigns
  • Improving understanding and appreciation of Australian native forest ecosystems through research into the lifecycles and management needs of all species inhabiting these habitats. Representatives from this group have met extensively with government departments in France, Belgium and Japan seeking support for Australia’s unique wildlife.
  • Funding for Australian Koala Foundation projects is received through Australian public donations and via Australian charitable trusts providing tax deductibility to Australian citizens who choose to donate.

The foundation operates in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan and South Africa.

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Collaborations with Other Australian Conservation Organizations

In order to re-establish six regional wildlife hospitals across Australia, the Australian Koala Foundation is in cooperation with other organizations such as Australian Wildlife Rescue, Australian Wildlife Health Center, Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organization, Australian Seabird Rescue, Wildlife Vets Plus, and the Australian Bat Clinic.

Australian Animal Wildlife Hospital will focus on koala rehabilitation, as well as care for sick and injured native Australian animals and birds, and orphaned baby kangaroos.

The Gold Coast rescue center of the Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organization, which is located in Currumbin on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, will serve as a model for these Australian Animal Wildlife Hospitals.

The Australian Koala Foundation has launched Australian Koala Park in the Lower Blue Mountains of New South Wales, managed by Australian Wildlife Pty Ltd (AWP), which remains one of Australia’s premier wildlife parks with over 50 different species, including koalas and Australian animals and birds.

They accept donations for their Australian Koala Foundation/Australian Wildlife Hospital project through Australian public donation channels, including Australian charitable trusts providing Australian tax deductions (such as Australian Animal Rescue and Australian Seabird Rescue), Australian citizens choosing to donate through Australian not-for-profit organizations such as Wildlife Vets Plus and Australian Bat Clinic, Australian businesses choosing to donate via cash or in-kind donations such as corporate sponsorship of koala rescue vehicles, office equipment supplies and many other options.

Continued funding from the Australian government is vital to cover costs for koala rehabilitation and to ensure the Australian Wildlife Hospital Program can continue to provide Australian native forest ecosystems with protection through research, education and advocacy.

Conserving Koala Habitat

Koala looking at the camera

In 1990, Australian citizens voted to protect Australian wildlife by passing a law for the protection of Australian animals and birds. This Act was named the Australian Wildlife Protection Act.

Under this Act, Australian citizens have a duty not to kill or injure Australian animals and birds, including the koala. Australian residents are responsible for ensuring that third parties do not kill or harm Australian animals and birds.

This resulted in enacting the Koala Protection Act to conserve the wild koala and ensure koalas have effective management of their habitat.

Is the Australian Koala Foundation legitimate?

Koala Bear holding a stem

The Australian Koala Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 1984.

It is an umbrella organization of researchers and volunteers who are committed to conserving the natural environment on which Australian koalas rely.

They purchase land so it can be protected for future generations of Australians.

The Aussie Koala Foundation also publishes information aimed at educating Australians about environmental issues so more people can play their part in protecting our precious natural resources for all time – including the iconic koalas!

What is the best charity for koalas?

The best charity for koalas is the Australian Koala Foundation. This koala conservation organization is an Australian non-profit founded in 1984. Using standardized survey tools, the Australian Koala Foundation has performed a statewide study of koalas to determine the factors which are impacting their numbers and what needs to be done to protect them.

They’ve studied vulnerable communities, clarified threats to koalas, and promoted greater understanding of how people live with them in urban environments as a means to reverse this population decrease.

The Australian Koala Foundation also organizes rescue missions for orphaned joeys, collaborations with scientific organizations on the research of wild populations, and warns its members about environmental risks to koalas.

It is up to Australian society to ensure that koalas have the opportunity to live in their natural habitat without being at risk of extinction. By protecting them, Australian’s show how they value these important Australian icons.

Where can I donate to help koalas?

Koala, phascolarctos cinereus, Female carrying Young on its Back

One major organization that is at the forefront of conserving the koala habitat is the Australian Koala Foundation. This is a foundation that supports research and conservation to help koalas in Australian habitats and is currently accepting donations.

How to help

Do you want to support the work of the Australian Koala Foundation to protect the Koalas and their habitats in Australia, then click on the donate button and go to their website.

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