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14 Environmental Organizations in Massachusetts

Our planet is facing serious environmental challenges, and the environmental organizations in Massachusetts are working all of their best to find solutions to these problems. Many organizations in Massachusetts are formed for the betterment of our planet. This starts raising awareness through communities and teaching locals the best ways to save or planet.

You might be thinking, who are these groups and what they do. So, what exactly is their mission, and what exactly do they do to accomplish it? Read this list of 14 environmental organizations to acquire more comprehensive information about these organizations and find out the answers you’ve been looking for.

Without further ado, here is the list of environmental organizations in Massachusetts.

Environemtnal Organizations in Massachusetts

1. Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter

Sierra Club Massachusetts Chapter Logo

The Sierra Club of Massachusetts is the state branch of the country’s largest, oldest, and most influential environmental grassroots organization. It is one of Massachusetts’ environmental organizations.

Among the goals of the Massachusetts Sierra Club are the following:

  • Prioritize and conserve the environment;
  • Explore, appreciate, and safeguard the planet; and
  • Engage in and promote environmentally conscious practices and resource management on the planet.
  • Instilling a sense of responsibility in people to maintain and repair the natural and human environment; and
  • Use all legal means necessary to attain those objectives.

The organization also focuses on environmental programs such as reducing the use of polluting fuels, promoting sustainable energy, and limiting the use of plastic.

These projects contribute to keeping Massachusetts’ environment clean and safe. Addressing Toxic Chemicals and Protecting Oceans & Rivers included Massachusetts Sierra Club’s most significant projects and programs for environmental protection.

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2. Environment Massachusetts

Environment Massachusetts Logo

Environment Boston-based Massachusetts Environmental Council, a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Boston, is one of its most well-known environmental groups. The group was formed to ignite a movement for a more environmentally friendly and safer Massachusetts.

The mission of Environment Massachusetts is to harness the imagination and ideas of its members to effect change that will make our planet a cleaner and healthier place to live for all people on it.

Working together for the common good is what the organization’s members, board of directors, and volunteers are dedicated to making their communities safer and healthier places to live.

It also aims to protect Massachusetts while promoting important environmental values such as breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and utilizing clean energy to power our daily lives.

Clean, green, and renewable energy, conservation, global warming solutions, as well as clean water and air, are just a few of the projects, programs, and awareness-raising efforts that Environment Massachusetts encourages.

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3.  Environmental League of Massachusetts

Environmental League of Massachusetts Logo

The non-profit organization, Environmental League of Massachusetts, is an ambitious environmental organization concerned about the environment. The organization is engaged in fighting global warming and safeguarding our environment to have clean water and ensure public health.

It is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Building it demonstrates our commitment to addressing climate change and protecting our lands, waters, and general public health. Originally known as the Massachusetts Forestry Association, the organization has grown to become increasingly interested in various related environmental issues throughout time.

These educational and advocacy efforts are financed by different foundation contributions to this not-for-profit environmental organization. TheThe donations from citizens and organization members and revenue from special events and programs fund the environmental projects of the organization.

The organization’s mission is to enhance the influence of the environmental community by forging various alliances and mobilizing grassroots support. The Environmental League of Massachusetts ensures that Massachusetts is a leader in environmental and economic sustainability through collective influence.

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4. The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy Logo

Nature Conservancy is a non-profit environmental organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, to protect the environment. It contributes to the preservation of life on Earth by instilling a spirit of inventiveness.

The organization works with communities to help them use nature to adapt to the effects of climate change and educate them on the necessity of sustainable living to create a safe and healthy environment.

Between 1915 and 1949, the Nature Conservancy’s founding principles were established. It has since developed into one of the most influential environmental groups in the United States, spreading awareness about environmental issues and protecting the environment from global warming.

The Nature Conservancy is involved in the following projects:

  • Take up the Challenge of Climate Change
  • Protecting Land and Water and Providing Food and Water in a Sustainable Manner
  • Constructing Sustainable and Healthy Cities

The company has a large number of units spread around the United States, including California and Massachusetts. For communities to care for the environment and live sustainably, the organization has continued to grow.

Its efforts are concentrated not just on the United States but also in other countries throughout the world, from Africa to Europe and Asia.

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5. Conservation Law Foundation

Conservation Law Foundation Logo

In Massachusetts, the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is one environmental group that works to protect the environment.

During its more than 50-year history, the foundation has faced down powerful opponents who seek to damage our air and water while squandering precious natural resources. The nonprofit organization raise awareness for a clean energy future work to combat climate change and protects our communities and the environment.

The Conservation Law Foundation works tirelessly to combat climate change and implement programs and projects that promote clean air and water. Additionally, the environmental group strives to restore a healthy ocean through various clean-up campaigns and environmental projects.


Its primary focus is on protecting the environment in New England, but as the foundation expands and the number of members and volunteers increases, it will expand its reach to include Massachusetts.

All of the organization’s efforts are directed toward the greater good of all people. CLF markets and develops a diverse range of solutions that contribute to maintaining our natural resources and establish healthy communities.

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6. Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT)

Berkshire Environmental Action Team Logo

The Berkshire Environmental Action Team, sometimes known as BEAT, is a non-profit environmental organization based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the state’s largest city.

It was founded to conserve the environment for wildlife in support of the natural world that nourishes the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts and promotes the preservation of natural resources.

The Berkshire Environmental Action Team’s wildlife protection and environmental conservation activities extend throughout the Berkshires and beyond. In addition, stewardship, education, outreach, and watchdogging are the three key focus areas and activities that the organization worked on and promoted to raise environmental awareness.

The organization’s stewardship includes operations like invasive plant removal, wildlife connectivity, river cleanups, and water quality sampling and surveying, among other things.

Environmental workshops, lectures, and training were all part of the activities of organizations that focused on education and outreach. Finally, environmental watchdogging refers to work that employs evidence-based and science-based approaches to detect and prevent environmental risks.

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7. Massachusetts Environmental Trust

Massachusetts Environmental Trust Logo

The Massachusetts Environmental Trust, usually known as MET, is a part of the non-profit environmental organizations in Massachusetts that works to protect the environment. It is a grant program whose purpose is to assist projects that enable new approaches to protect and restoring natural resources. 

Aside from Massachusetts, the group has sister organizations in other states that share the same goals as Massachusetts.

The organization offers several programs in which the proceeds are used not only to restore natural resources but also for projects that raise awareness of environmental issues. The Massachusetts Environmental Trust provides funding for programs that help protect endangered marine species on an annual basis. 

It also has efforts that repair and improve vital aquatic ecosystems, which are essential to the environment.

Grants are provided by the organization for a variety of environmental projects, like:

  • identify pollution sources,
  • rehabilitate marine and freshwater habitats,
  • protect endangered species,
  • evaluate water quality all through the state of Massachusetts,
  • and educate children on environmental problems.

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8. Charles River Conservancy

Charles River Conservancy Logo

The Charles River Conservancy is a young environmental group in Massachusetts that is aspiring to greatness. This outstanding organization aims to protect and preserve the network of natural urban spaces in the Charles River watershed.

The parks were also under the supervision of the organization, which was responsible for keeping them clean and healthy.

Picking Garbage

The organization’s labor and effort may be seen in the floating wetlands, Charles River Swimming efforts, and the Lynch Family Park. This was one of the areas where the conservancy worked to keep it as clean as possible. The organization undertook projects such as the City Splash and the Sim Prak project, among others.

Because of the organization’s ongoing efforts, the local community kept the parks and rivers clean and suitable for recreational purposes. The goal of the Charles River Conservancy is to make the facilities around the river more clean, attractive, engaging, and available to everyone.

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9. Alternatives For Community & Environment (ACE)

Alternatives For Community & Environment Logo

Alternatives For Community & Environment (ACE) is one of the numerous non-profit environmental organizations in Massachusetts and is a member of the Environmental Defense Fund.

It has been actively involved in the community for more than 25 years, focusing on environmental justice concerns in order to promote equity and a community that works, lives, and supports the development of the next generation as a whole.

With the group’s establishment, the goal of working and strengthening communities of color and low-income areas in Boston, Massachusetts communities.

The organization is organized and aims to removed and work on all of the environmental discrimination and classism, develop sustainable and healthy communities, and encourage environmental justice around the world.

ACE capabilities include community organizing, real estate development, environmental and economic equality, public transit, and community empowerment.

The environmental group also works directly with communities most affected by environmental issues. They provide vital solutions such as organizing environmental projects, taking legal action, and environmental campaigns.

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10. Groundwork Somerville

Groundwork Somerville Logo

Groundwork Somerville is an environmental group that works to promote state sustainable development, living, and rehabilitation in Somerville, Massachusetts.

To achieve such goals, Groundwork Somerville encourages citizens of Somerville to be concerned about the environment to create a happier, more environmentally friendly, and healthier city.

Groundwork Somerville provides several different options for achieving its objectives. These were aimed at introducing people to green-related vocations, providing environmental education and lessons, and educating the general public about sustainability.

Somerville’s municipal government supports the organization’s projects and environmental programs to benefit the entire community, including the environment.

The organization carries out a variety of programs in collaboration with the community, including youth programs for children who are enthusiastic about the improvement of the town, schoolyard gardens to introduce children to green living, and a cleaning drive that encourages citizens to participate.

Groundwork Somerville welcomes volunteers and strives to expand its reach to make a difference in the community of Somerville, Massachusetts, and the environment.

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11. Ceres

Ceres Logo

Ceres is one of the most well-known environmental organizations in Massachusetts. It was established in 1989 to reform the economy to create a just and sustainable future for people in Massachusetts and around the world. The group strives to improve the overall appropriateness of the town and its surrounding communities.

The Exxon Valdez oil disaster occurred in 1989, and the group was founded to respond to the situation and find a solution.

An environmental group lead by pioneer investor Joan Bavaria joined together in 1989 in reaction to the Exxon Valdez oil spill to form the nonprofit environmental organization Ceres. Ceres is dedicated to promoting socially responsible investing and environmental conservation.

In collaboration with the world’s most important capital market leaders, the organization conducts science-based research and develops cutting-edge technologies to address the world’s most pressing sustainability concerns.

Ceres focuses its efforts on four areas and problems among the world’s most pressing sustainability concerns. Climate change, human rights, water, food, forestry, and land use were among the themes discussed.

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12. New England Grassroots Environment Fund

New England Grassroots Environment Fund Logo

New England Grassroots Environment Fund is an organization that give grants to any environmental-related projects. It inspires, connects and supports community-based organizations that have care for the environment. The work and grant of the environmental fun are from the hard work of volunteers and donations from donors.

The organization has various grant programs to inspire and nurture long term sustainable projects and engagement in local activities. This is to create and maintain healthy, safe environmentally.

Some of the funds offered by the organization were Seed grants, which were intended for groups that were just getting started with innovative initiatives or were just getting started with drastically changing the direction of an established project.

The Young Leaders grant program is geared towards groups led by young adults with strong leadership and a vision for the betterment of the community.

The New England Grassroots Environment Sponsor similarly aspires to fund unincorporated, community-driven initiatives. It is a one-of-a-kind organization that works with environmental-driven groups and projects.

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13. Hitchcock Center for the Environment

Hitchcock Center for the Environment Logo

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment is a non-profit environmental organization created in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1962 as an inspiration for others.

The organization’s mission is to educate and encourage communities to have a better chance of achieving a clean and healthy environment. The Hitchcock Center offers a variety of educational programs that aid in developing a community that recognizes the interconnections between human health, ecosystems, and economics.

The programs at the center were primarily designed for youngsters and had a strong emphasis on them. Its purpose is to introduce youngsters to the world and the measures taken to care for and conserve the environment.

The Hitchcock Center is concerned about the environment and works to create awareness about it in many locations.

Among its environmental initiatives are schoolyard programs, programs in the neighborhood in which the community is encouraged to engage, and programs for the conservation of forests and streams, among other things.

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14. Neponset River Watershed Association

Neponset River Watershed Association Logo

The organization works to identify and resolve environmental issues that arise in Canton, Massachusetts’s waterways. Since 1867, when the Neponset River Watershed Association faces these issues, the group has taken the initiative to develop innovative solutions to address these issues.

NREWA (Neponset River Watershed Association) is a member-supported conservation organization that works to clean up and conserve the Neponset River and its tributaries, as well as the areas that surround the river’s watershed.

It is the watershed that the group works to maintain and conserve that stretches along the length of 14 cities in Massachusetts, including Canton, Boston, Westwood, and Worcester. It also preserves the tiniest headwater stream that feeds into the more significant streams.

Concerns about climate change, deteriorating water quality, fish kills, and sewer contamination were among the issues the organization sought to address in its work. Aside from combating these environmental challenges, the group strives to provide a clean, healthy, and accessible river and watershed for the benefit of the surrounding community.

The Watershed Association’s initiatives and projects include:

  • Encouraging communities to conserve water.
  • Preventing water pollution.
  • Educating the public on the value of clean water and achieving clean water by living sustainably.

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