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12 Best Solar Tiki Torches for Your Home

Sustainable living is all about using natural resources. As companies switch to eco-friendly initiatives, a solar tiki torch comes across as just the perfect solution for domestic and commercial lighting needs. 

These lights are the perfect solution to replace energy sources that generate greenhouse gases. The warm glow, soothing light, easy operation, and most importantly, no cables make solar tiki torches a perfect solution for your garden, garage, or terrace.

The best solar tiki torches provide ease of operation, so you only need to install them once and let the sun do all the work from there. No need to recharge batteries, lay cables, or check for regular maintenance.

Best solar tiki torches

In addition to providing quality light, the solar-powered tiki torches also let you create a subtle ambience, making them an excellent option for party setups. Moreover, they are accessible light sources and one of the most energy-efficient products. Once installed, they will cut down on electricity bills too.

So, what are the best solar tiki torches for homes?

In this post, find out the best options for tiki solar lights for this year. In this list, you will find both cheap solar torches and some high-end models. Some of these are more feature-oriented, while others provide basic functionalities.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best for Durability Avert Solar Torch Lights
Best for Unique Design Olive Solar Flickering Flames Torch
Best for Waterproofing Avert Waterproof Flickering Solar Lights
Best for Efficiency E-able Power Flickering Solar Lights

Best Solar Tiki Torches

Solar tiki torches are generally based on LEDs. These lights come with multiple flame functions and a variety of sizes and burning intensities. Here are our picks:

Avert Solar Torch Lights

The Aityvert Solar Torch Lights are a good option for a lamp post style solar light. These lights produce LED ‘flames’, giving it a realistic effect. In addition, there is a soft and mood-lifting subtle glow, which makes it a perfect option for warm summer evenings.

Aityvert solar lights

The flames stand 42.9 inches tall and are relatively simple to install. Because it’s a solar solution, there is no need for wiring. 

It provides a decent backup thanks to a 2200 mAh battery that can last up to half a day during summer and up to five hours in winter when there is lower sunlight intensity. The batteries take up to eight hours for complete charging on a bright sunny day.

Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, the lights turn off and on automatically during low-light conditions. So, it’s a fully automated system that doesn’t need much maintenance or rechecks once installed.

It’s built for the outdoors, so it’s quite a sturdy product. The IP65 waterproof rating suggests it can withstand harsh weather and dust while providing high-quality flame-like illumination to gardens, patios, garages, etc.

These lights present quite a stylish design that adds to the aesthetics of your place. So, they are a perfect decorative and gift item too. Moreover, thanks to a fully energy-efficient design, not only do they offer free electricity, but it’s also a way of contributing to the environment


  • Adjustable height from 30.7 inches to 42.9 inches
  • Easy installation and wire-free design
  • Durable design


  • Items may need maintenance (cleaning) after a few months

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Olive Solar Flickering Flames Torch

Olive Solar Flickering lights are one of the best solar tiki torches, thanks to their realistic flickering flames that provide safe and soothing illumination in the outdoors. In addition, it’s a great alternative for real flames providing extendable height options from 32.6 inches to 43 inches.

Ollivage Solar Light Outdoor torch

It’s a battery-powered tiki torch with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery that provides 12 hours of lighting time in summer and up to 5 hours in winter. It takes about 6 to 8 hours for a full charge on a bright sunny day.

It’s an eco-friendly design, completely cable-free, and it doesn’t consume any grid power. Hence, it’s a fully standalone system, ideal for the environment. Moreover, it conserves energy with its automatic on/off mechanism during the dark and bright times of the day.

The lamp-post design lets you easily install the lights almost anywhere. So whether it’s your garden, lawn, pathway, or near a bench, it seamlessly installs, providing dancing flames with complete safety and adding to the place’s aesthetics.

The IP65 rating means that the Ollivage Solar Torches are pretty durable and sturdy and can withstand weather all year long.


  • Complete replacement 12-month warranty if the product doesn’t work
  • Adjustable height
  • Wire-free bright ON/OFF


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E-able Power Flickering Solar Lights

E-able Power Flickering Solar Lights give you the option to hang or to use as a lamp post. So, you get a clip for hanging and an additional pipe to install the lights on the ground.

These lights contain mood-enhancing flames with a combination of 96 LED dancing lights.

E-Able Power Solar Flickering Dancing Flame Light

It’s a battery-powered LED light solar solution, which means you won’t have to worry about recharging and wiring at all. Instead, the solar panel can work efficiently and charge the 2200mAh battery providing a backup for 12 hours on sunny days and a six-hour run time on winter days.

Thanks to ABS material construction, these lights are waterproof and can withstand extreme heat too. Also, there is anti-UV protection, making it one of the best solar tiki torches in the market. 

It comes with a clip that allows you to hang the lights on windows, trees or outdoor hooks. Moreover, you can also mount the lights in the ground for lawn and pathway illumination. 


  • 90-day money-back warranty and 18-month limited product service
  • IP 65 waterproofing for long durability
  • Option to hang or mount in ground


  • Plastic poles are prone to breaking.

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Gold Armour Solar Lights

If looks matter to you more than illumination, the Olive Solar Flickering lights are probably the right solution for your lighting needs. These solar lights are among the best solar tiki torches for their looks and high-quality realistic flames.

Gold Armour Solar Lights Outdoor

These lights can stand up to 42.9 inches tall in gardens, lawns and driveways. The soft glow and easy mood-enhancing designs are perfect party decorative items and a safe alternative for fire flames.

The 96 dancing LEDs simulate flames with a soft yellow color, and they don’t require any additional wiring or cables. Thanks to solar charging, they can fully charge in eight hours and provide up to 12 hours of operation during summer days, thanks to a 2200mAh battery.

It’s a weather-proof, eco-friendly design that ensures durability. So, in a way, you can install and forget the LEDs because they are pretty low-maintenance.


  • 12-month warranty
  • Intriguing design
  • Tall poles
  • Long-running


  • Slightly pricier

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Newhouse Lighting Flickering Bamboo Lights

If you are a conservationist and like to keep environmentally friendly products, then the Newhouse lighting Flickering Bamboo solar tiki torches are just the right product for you. These dancing flame lights are made from bamboo and are great for landscaping your garden or patio, giving your place a natural look.

Newhouse Lighting FLTORCH4 Solar-Powered Flickering Flame

Even though the flames are LED-based, they look just like the real ones. Thanks to the solar recharging solution, you don’t need wires for any operations. Moreover, they last longer, especially after absorbing intense light during the summer days.

Thanks to a pole-mounted design, these lights are pretty simple to install. Therefore, they are a simple solution to your garden, lawn or patio illumination needs. 

The sensor-based technology allows the lights to turn on/off automatically. So, not only do they save more energy, but they also keep you tension-free. Moreover, these lights look aesthetically pleasing, which means they can be the perfect decorative solar torches.

Because of their energy-efficient and eco-friendly nature, these lights are perfect for commercial use in environmental organizations.


  • Lightweight, eco-friendly design
  • Wireless solution
  • Great for decorative purpose


  • Lights tend to fall in strong winds.

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Walensee Solar Tiki Lights

The Walensee Solar Lights are among the best solar tiki torches with a 96-LED array that produces a realistic yellow flame.

In addition, these torches provide a soft yellow glow and can stand tall from 30.7 to 43 inches in your garden, pool or patios.   

Walensee Solar Lights

A fully solar-powered solution means that you don’t need to worry about wiring or turning on/off the battery charging. In addition, easy automatic operation keeps you from manually controlling the lights as they add nothing to your electricity bill.

Thanks to the IP65 waterproof casing, these lights can withstand harsh weather and continue flickering in the rain, so you can enjoy the weather without worrying about electric shocks out in the garden. 

The battery power allows it to run up to 12 hours on a good sunny day. Generally, charging can take from five to eight hours under stable sunlight. 


  • Wireless solution and easy installation
  • Low charging time on sunny days
  • Multiple lighting modes from low to high intensity


  • Not the best durability

TomCare Solar Lights Flickering Flames

Walensee Solar Lights are metal solar tiki torch lights that exhibit quality from the outset. There is a rust-resistant black coat designed to withstand the tough outdoors. The ABS plastic poles give it a lightweight yet strong body while keeping the looks intact. 

TomCare solar lights

Thanks to the aesthetic design, the lights will look just perfect for home decoration. They are stylish and go with modern or traditional furniture, especially outdoor settings like gardens, patios, pools, etc.

The flickering lights come with an IP65 waterproof casing that helps them perform efficiently in rainy and snowy seasons alike. In addition, the wireless electrical design makes it more convenient to install and use as a standalone lighting solution.

TomCare Solar Lights offer solar battery charging up to 10 hours run time in summer and five hours in the cold season. However, it can take up to eight hours or more for the battery to fully charge.


  • 20.5% conversion rate, which is among the highest conversion rates
  • Durable metal design to last for long
  • Realistic yellow flames to add to the aesthetics of your place


  • Plastic poles may not complement the metal design too well.

Otdair Solar Tiki Torches

If you want to create the perfect ambience in your garden or patio, then the TomCare Solar Lights from Otdair is one of the best options. These lights provide a soft yellow flame glow that gives a realistic feel and can stand as tall as 43.5 inches. These are some of the tallest designs for solar lights on our list. 

Otdair Solar Lights Outdoor

Like many solar-powered devices, you only need to install the LED lights in a sun-exposed region and leave the rest to the lights. The 220mAh battery charges around eight hours and can go on for up to 12 hours. 

Moreover, it’s an energy-saving design thanks to the automatic on/off mechanism. So, you don’t need to do much once the LEDs are installed. From dawn to dusk, the LEDs run autonomously.

Whether it’s raining or snowing, these LED lights can continue running thanks to the IP65 design. Therefore, they provide an enjoyable experience to the ones around them. These lights are perfect for your camping trips, outdoor decorations, and barbecue parties. 


  • Long operational hours
  • IP65 Weather protection
  • Easy installation


  • Efficiency isn’t the best

Avert Waterproof Flickering Solar Lights

This is another intelligent energy-saving design from Aityvert. It’s a waterproof design that provides extended operation thanks to a solar-powered charging mechanism. In addition, its 2000 mAh battery provides enough backup to last for an entire evening, making it a highly efficient lighting solution for outdoor settings.

Aityvert Solar Flame Lights

The solar charging lets you install the lights without needing any electrical cable layout. Moreover, the LED technology throws a bright dancing flame resembling real fire flames, taking you close to nature. 

It’s a durable design that can withstand heavy weather, winds and extreme heat. There is a switch that turns on the lights and also initiates charging. 

It’s a wall-mounted solution from Aityvert, so when you place them on your outdoor walls, they give a royal feel of the castles in the olden days.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable design
  • Weather-resistant


  • It needs a switch to turn on and off.

Eicaus 4 Pack Solar Torches

Eicaus 4 Pack solar torches feature a pack of 4 solar torches that provide warm and dynamic flames giving a realistic feel to your outdoor setting. Therefore, they are an excellent option for decorative lighting, especially for outdoor parties and gatherings.

Eicaus Solar Torch Light Outdoor

96 LED lights combine to provide bright intensity after collecting power from a powerful battery that charges eight to 10 hours. Just place the light under direct sunlight, and it will recharge automatically. 

On top of that, it’s an energy-saving design that turns on and off automatically. So, you get a free lighting solution for your outdoor needs.

The light operates in three modes, i.e., Classical Dancing, Flame and Breathing Simulating Mode. So, you can choose the model according to the mood of the night. 

These are stylish lights that go well with patios, lawns, gardens and pathways. Moreover, you need to ground plug in the design, and it’s ready to go. 


  • Multiple operating modes
  • Energy-saving On/Off mechanism
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • It doesn’t simulate flame accurately.

TomCare Solar Hanging Lanterns

These flickering lights are a hanging solar light solution from TomCare. If you are looking for cheap solar torches that provide high-quality flames, this can be just the right option for you. The lights can be mounted on a wall or hung on a tree to emit a candle-like effect. Therefore, they are a good substitute for candles.

TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded Solar Lantern

Thanks to an upgraded size, the lights are now more significant than the previous models, so they are ideal solar tiki torch lights for outdoor use. 

The TomCare hanging Solar lights give a beautiful look to your garden, patio, or pool more than illumination. They absorb solar energy to charge and can last an entire evening to provide the best quality light. 

These lights turn on/off automatically thanks to sensors, so you don’t need to remove them and control them manually.


  • Automatic on/off operations
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Bigger size
  • Easy to hang


  • Hardware could be of better quality

Dikaida Solar Flames

Dikaida Solar Flames are a great option if you want a long-lasting lighting operation in your patio or garden. These are eco-friendly lights that provide energy savings as they collect power from the sun during the daytime.

DIKAIDA 4-Pack Solar Torch Lights

The IP65 waterproof casing ensures that these lights can run during rainy weather and stand firm during harsh storms and snow. 

Generally, it takes around six hours to charge the lights fully. They operate in two modes and have up to four lighting effects, giving them an edge over the other competitors.

So you can operate the lights in Flame mode and White Light mode. 

You can also adjust the inner lining of the lights with either a refractive or diffusion film according to the effects you want. There is an additional option to create the desired lighting effect.

Either insert the base tube into the soil or insert it into the ground base provided with the lights. It’s a highly versatile, easy to use, and efficient lighting option and one of the best solar tiki torches in the market today.


  • Eco-friendly design
  • Multiple lighting modes and effects
  • Tough construction


  • A little pricey

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