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14 Best Eco-Friendly Backpacks: Sustainable Stylish Options

Are you in need of a backpack? Here is a complete guide to help you pick out stylish eco-friendly backpacks for everyone. You can get some for kids, for traveling, for work, and even for running errands.

Now that there’s a new normal, life is slowly getting back to some form of familiarity. Everyone is resuming different activities, including work, school, and travel. For this, you need to purchase eco-friendly backpacks to carry school items, work stuff, and things you need to travel.

Today, more than ever, it’s crucial to purchase an ethical backpack that can serve you for a long time. The good news is many more manufacturers are making them for every purpose at affordable prices.

Not only are they stylish, but they vary in size so that you can get the right one for every person. The guide below can help you get the best eco-friendly backpacks for school, hiking, day-to-day use, or work.

Best-Of by Category

Top Eco-Friendly Backpacks to Buy

Stylish Eco-friendly Backpacks for Kids

  1. QIXINGHU Cartoon Cute 1-3 Year Old Kids Backpack
QIXINGHU Cartoon kids backpack

Kids enjoy stylish eco-friendly backpacks for school with some whimsical themes, which you get from QIXINGHU. Here is a kid’s eco-friendly backpack made from sustainable materials that don’t contain harmful chemicals to make them.

Additionally, this eco-friendly kids’ backpack is dust and waterproof, providing ample protection to school items on a rainy or dusty day. Not to mention it has comfortable shoulder straps that won’t hurt your child. You can adjust the two straps accordingly for the right fit.

Apart from that, you notice the backpack is right for school thanks to the large capacity pocket. It can fit kids’ notebooks and other larger items.

Next, there’s a smaller pocket for storing pens and other accessories. The backpack comes in 6 colors and six themes: crocodile a, b, c, frog, bear, and chick.

Overall the backpack is light, so it won’t harm your kids’ spine when heading to and from school. The stitching is done to a high standard, and the zipper is fabric-enclosed for ample protection. Lastly, you can wash the bag in a machine as often as you like, and it dries out fast for use the following school day.

  1. AGSDON Toddler Backpack and Lunch Bag
Toddler Backpack and Lunch Bag

Here is another exciting, stylish eco-friendly kids backpack for your child as they prepare to start or get back to school. It’s a 3 in 1 set that comes with a pencil bag, lunch bag, and backpack for proper organization of school items. The toddler backpack is safe for all kids and uses sustainable materials that have passed physical and chemical tests.

Again, this is among the top eco-friendly backpacks for school because it’s free from harmful substances. There’s no trace of cadmium, lead, phthalate, and BPA meaning it’s safe for all kids to use heading to school.

The backpack has a dinosaur theme that kids love and comes in numerous colors. There’s a main compartment with lots of room, plus the extra lunch and pencil packs that accompany it.

You also have extra space for other items in the form of front and side pockets on the backpack. All zips are ergonomic, which is easy for kids to close and open.

You can buy the 9.5 or 12 inches one depending on child size. Moreover, the backpack is easy to clean and waterproof, offering ample protection.

Everyday Use Eco-friendly Backpacks

  1. Maha Bodhi All Natural Hand Made Multi Pocket Backpack
Maha Bodhi All Natural laptop backpack

Maha Bodhi hand-makes every day use eco-friendly backpacks using pure Himalayan hemp material plus heavy-duty cotton. Frankly, it’s the best among vegan, eco-friendly backpacks in the market.  You get a durable and eco-friendly backpack that you can use every day without easy wear and tear.

The bag is unisex and comes in handy doing numerous activities, including running errands, traveling, hiking, schooling, going to the gym, or even camping. There’s no shortage of storage space, with a main compartment big enough to fit lots of items.

Additionally, you have extra front and side pockets to store smaller items. You have two straps that you can adjust for the perfect fit, and high-quality stitching gives the bag longevity. The Zippers have small pieces of material at the end for easy opening and closing.

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  1. JanSport Big Student Backpack
JanSport Big Student Backpack-stylish eco-friendly backpacks

At times you need a large sustainable backpack to carry different items daily doing several activities.

JanSport brings this stylish eco-friendly backpack that’s 15 inches tall and comes in 2 color schemes. It’s an environmentally friendly bag since the producer uses recycled materials to achieve the end product.

Apart from that, the eco-friendly laptop backpack has ample padding to keep your back safe when carrying lots of stuff. Besides, it has shoulder straps that resemble the letter S, offering better support.

All the zippers have web-haul material that makes them easy to operate and safe for your fingers. Also, there are multiple pockets, including the larger one where you can carry lots of items neatly packed. You can machine-clean this woven backpack.

  1. Mancro Laptop Backpack
Mancro Laptop Backpack

Mancro makes some of the best eco-friendly backpacks that you can use every day doing numerous things. It’s made using environmentally sustainable, high-quality nylon material that’s long-lasting and water-resistant.

It’s the best eco-friendly hiking backpack that you can travel with from one place to the other. There’s a safety and anti-theft lock to keep your entire valuables safe.

This way, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your things. Besides, you have string metal zippers that you open and shut smoothly.

As you travel, you won’t have to worry about running out of charge since the backpack comes with a USB charger and an inbuilt charging cable. Plug in a power hub for your phone, then connect a cable to charge your phone.

Choose among six colors and enjoy comfort thanks to the padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

  1. JOHNNY URBAN Backpack from Recycled Pet Bottles
Backpack Men & Women - JOHNNY

JOHNNY URBAN makes this sustainable bag from recycled pet bottles, and it fits the mark of eco-friendly backpacks. You have a choice among six colors and receive a durable backpack with ample storage space. The whole backpack is made using 100% recycled materials.

The design of the backpack suits everyday uses, whether heading to work or school. Firstly, the bottom and back parts of the bag have padding.

The padding gives you ample support and protects your items when setting the bag down. Not to mention the comfortable shoulder straps that you can adjust easily.

Besides, there’s a 15.6-inch pocket that you can use to carry a laptop or other items around. Apart from that, you have a magnetic strap fastener to close it plus a hidden side pocket to store items.

Inside the larger compartment is a smaller pocket that’s extra storage space. All pockets have zippers, and the whole backpack is waterproof.

Stylish Eco-friendly Backpacks for Travel

  1. Sherpani Dispatch Nylon Convertible Backpack Tote
Sherpani Dispatch Convertible Backpack

Sherpani makes its backpacks using 100% certified Reprieve materials. Reprieve materials are recycled plastic bottles that the manufacturer turns into the fabric. So far, the company has utilized over 15 billion plastic bottles turning them into stylish eco-friendly backpacks perfect for travel.

The backpack is light, multi-functional, and appealing to look at always. You can carry it as a backpack or a tote bag, depending on your need. Such versatility makes it the perfect item to bring when traveling short distances.

Its inner layer consists of an RFID material lining. You can safely store your credit cards and other valuable documents like your passport and ID.

The larger pocket provides ample space to store different travel items, plus there’s an external smaller pocket providing extra space. These spaces close using PU key zippers that are ergonomic.

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  1. High Sierra Rossby Daypack Travel Backpack
High Sierra Rossby Daypack-stylish eco-friendly backpacks

High Sierra brings you a travel backpack that’s available in 2 colors and made using 100% recycled material. In fact, the makers utilize Recyclex technology that uses a Recyclex sustainable material, which is also is pretty long-lasting. It’s a travel-friendly backpack you can bring everywhere.

Both straps have ample padding, providing you with the best support plus a slick finish. The stitching is done to a high standard, and the backpack is comfortable to carry. On the straps are non-slip shoulder straps to make sure the bag doesn’t fall off.

Moreover, there are a plethora of secret pockets that you can use to store your documents and valuables safely. The main compartment is large enough and has a quick swing design that you can open and close fast. On the side are two pockets you can store water bottles or drinks.

Lastly, you have a removable pocket that you can use to carry your phone and charger. Also, the backpack has a swivel clip that keeps it twist-free and more manageable.

  1. Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up Reactive XL Backpack
Stylish eco-friendly backpacks - Vera Bradley Recycled Lighten Up

Vera Bradley uses the famous lighten-up fabric to make a sustainable backpack that you can use whenever you are traveling. The manufacturer uses recycled water bottles to make this stylish eco-friendly backpack, which is waterproof and durable, thanks to the tough material.

The XL main pocket provides space for numerous items. Also, there are other mesh pockets inside to store passport and valuables as you travel. You also have a front slip compartment with a deeper pocket for additional storage and two side ones for water bottles or other drinks.

It’s an 18-inch backpack with comfortable straps that you can adjust for maximum back support in terms of length. Additionally, the eco-friendly diaper bag backpack has a trolley sleeve making it the best when traveling with a baby. You can choose from the different colors on offer, but you must note that all backpacks come in one size.

  1. KAUKKO Travel Laptop Backpack
KAUKKO Travel Laptop Backpack

It’s one of the most popular backpacks from KAUKKO and comes in numerous colors. The backpack resembles a satchel, and its makers use top-quality eco-friendly Oxford material to make the outer lining. Plus, you have a leather micro-fiber decorative design that gives it an elegant look.

The stylish eco-friendly backpack is a good size to bring with you inside a plane. It can carry numerous items, including laptops, phones, chargers, and books. There’s one main deep pocket for storing larger items, one front pocket, two side pockets, and two internal secret pockets.

At the back, a protective mesh plus ample padding is giving you the best support. Additionally, you have adjustable shoulder straps that you can use for ample comfort when carrying the backpack. The elegant finish matches the design of the backpack, and the metal zippers give you quick access.

Stylish Eco-friendly Backpack for Women

  1. ALDO Women’s Rella Backpack
ALDO Women's Rella Backpack

ALDO Women’s Rella backpack is a PET-certified post-consumer recycled eco-friendly backpack for college. The material is a type of nylon textile made following GRS (Global Recycled Standards). Its manufacturer commits to making sustainable backpacks that are environmentally friendly.

There is a main pocket that’s deep enough to fit numerous items that you need daily in school or on other occasions. Apart from that, the elegant and chic design makes this a fashionable backpack that matches a casual look.

Also, you have a smaller exterior pocket with a thick metallic zip that’s easy to operate. You can get one of these stylish eco-friendly backpacks in brown or black shades.

  1. LaBante London ‘Agnes’ Vegan Leather Backpack for Women
LaBante London 'Agnes' Vegan Leather

LaBante vegan eco-friendly backpacks for women have PETA approval and are a designer brand. All materials are cruelty-free, and 10% of all the profits the company makes goes to charity. Everything about the backpack is done to the highest standard giving it an elegant look and top finish.

All bags are handmade by top craftsmen and women with vast experience making designer backpacks for women. At the top are two belts that you use to fasten the bag and two inner compartments for ample storage.

Also, there’s a center pocket with a metallic zipper that has a chain attached. The whole backpack is the perfect size for traveling, work, or school. You can store multiple items inside and smaller ones on the external smaller pocket.

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Sturdy Eco-friendly Backpack for Men

  1. Travelon Origin Anti-theft Day-pack Backpack
Travelon Original-Anti-Theft- Daypack Backpack

Travelon makers use recycled, certified RPET materials to bring you some of the most stylish eco-friendly backpacks. One of the best features of this product is a Silvadur by DuPont infusion, an intelligent anti-microbial protective layer for additional safety. The recycled water bottles from the oceans used to make the product ensure that less plastic stays in our water bodies thus, protecting our marine life.

The shoulder straps are fitted with anti-theft features. You can secure the two straps to the back panel once you wear them. Besides that, you have a deep main pocket that fits a laptop and other items you want to carry with you.

There are two smaller exterior pockets, and all have zippers with an ergonomic design for smoother operation. The backpack comes in one size, but you can get it in grey or black shades. The backpack’s design can go hand in hand with an official look, whether heading to the office or for a business meeting out of town.

  1. Eco-Gear Big Horn Eco-friendly Backpack
EcoGear Big Horn, Eco Friendly

Eco-gear designs and makes this eco-friendly backpack for hiking, using Reprieve fabric. Reprieve fabric is a result of recycling plastic water bottles plus heather polyester. You get a quality fiber that is woven into a backpack that’s durable and waterproof.

The good news is that you have several storage compartments to use when you have multiple items to carry. The main pocket can comfortably carry a 15-inch laptop plus other longer and larger items. Outside, you have two front pockets plus two side pockets that can fit water or drink bottles.

In addition, you have a mesh interior pocket to keep your valuables safe. Expect maximum comfort since both sleeves have ample padding plus an ergonomic anti-slip design. Each strap is adjustable for a better fit.

Also, there’s a trolley sleeve that comes in handy when you travel. It’s built at the back of the stylish eco-friendly backpack and makes it easy to slide onto other travel luggage. That way, you can move all your bags with ease.

Overall this is a light backpack that suitable for multiple uses, including travel.

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