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11 Best Products to Help Climate Change to Buy Today

It is important for consumers to think about the impact to the environment, if they purchase certain products.

If you want to help maintain a sustainable environment, it is best to consider buying and using the best sustainable products like wooden straws to eco-friendly area rugs, and more to help climate change.

Every person must try to own the responsibility of buying products that are certified as being eco-friendly.

In so doing, they can preserve the environment. We went about buying and testing the products below to discover see which ones provided an innovative solution to climate change.

Once tested, we looked at some of the customer reviews to get a better idea of what others had to say about each product to see if it matched with our own thought process and discovery.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best Eco-Friendly Products Bamboo Toothbrush
Best Energy-Efficient Products LED Light Bulbs
Best for Solar Energy Portable Solar Charger
Best On Conservation Reusable Shopping Bags

Product #1 – White, Honeywell Console Humidifier

If you want to maintain the humidity in your home using products to help climate change, this White Honeywell Console Humidifier has proven to be the best so far. It is affordable and durable.

This is especially ideal for someone who has asthma and wants to inhale clean air. This product has proven to be quite durable and easy to operate.

Honeywell Console Humidifier


This particular unit is one of the best products to help climate change; allowing you to fill the tanks from the top and into the sink base instead of removing the tanks.

The bottom has strong support to hold the water. You can use a pitcher to refill each time, so there are no spills. The unit runs very quietly; making it easy to sleep at nights. The control buttons are easy to use and accurately displays the right information.

When purchased, it was also easy to assemble and you have to option of putting on your own wheels so it can be fluid.


Most tanks are not so durable and over time, this one could break, but that is just a guess. Even though, there were holes at the bottom to insert wheels, the company did not provide the wheels.

You would have to go out and purchase those separately, which we did at Home Depot. The product was poorly designed since you can only access the handles of the tank by lifting up the flap.

This might result in issues, if you are trying to get rid of some of the water by lifting it up to the bathroom or kitchen sink. It could slip. Depending on the extent to which it is used, it may need frequent filling up.

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Product #2 – Cotton Cloth-Braided Clothesline

Cotton Cloth-Braided Clothesline

This 50 foot clothesline is made of cotton and all-purpose, which means it can be used for a wide range of things including hanging cloths, blankets, and linens for air drying outdoors and indoors.

A clothesline may not seem fancy to you, but in the grand scheme of things, it is significant in helping to reduce carbon footprint and is one of the ideal products to help climate change.

By opting for a clothesline, you don’t’ have to use a dryer and in addition, the use of a clothesline will make your clothes last much longer and so you won’t have to purchase clothes as often.

This reduces the resources you would normally consume. This is one of the most unique residential products for climate change reduction.


This clothesline only makes one expanded line of up to fifty feet. You can use it for large loads or small loads of laundry. This helps to conserve the energy consumption you would use up, if you were to use an electric dryer indoors. Therefore, it eventually saves you a lot on your energy bill. The knots hold securely. No assembly is required. This can also be used for jewelry crafting.


If it is not tightened properly, you may have to deal with sagging in the middle; especially, if you have heavy, wet garments on the line. It sells out quickly and so, at times, this product may be unavailable for purchase.

Product #3 – Energy Saving Fluorescent Bulb (CFL)

The compact fluorescent light bulbs are great for reducing the energy usage in your home. They are much better than incandescent bulbs. Using them helps you to avoid contributing to landfill waste.

In comparison to incandescent bulbs, these CLF bulbs are said to provide as much as $40 per year savings in energy costs.


These CFL bulbs are products to help climate change. They are bright and beautiful when turned on. They are energy efficient and so you will save money by using them throughout your home. It can last up to 9 years, if used about 3 hours each day.

When you use these bulbs, you won’t have to change bulbs as often and it will reduce the cost of your energy bill. They can be used indoors and outdoors because they are weatherproof as well. They are FCC compliant and meet most energy efficient standards.


When they are first turned on, they seem dim, especially, if you live in cooler temperatures. After several minutes, they brighten up. Once they warm up, you cannot touch them because they heat up quickly. In comparison, the LED bulbs will barely warm up. These are very delicate and so during shipping, one or two of them might come out not working. Make sure to handle them with care.

Energy Saving Fluorescent Bulb (CFL)

Product #4 – Honeywell Smart Thermostats

You can control your Smart Thermostat remotely using your Wifi and phone. With these Smart Thermostats, you can make adjustments to the temperature setting automatically. This is ideal when you are not at home or asleep. You can use this product to track and manage data related to your energy use. This helps to minimize the amount of energy you use.

Honeywell Smart Thermostats


This Smart Thermostat is programmable with touch screen capabilities and can last for 7 days until the next programming cycle. It has an Energy Star rating, which means that it is energy efficient and one of the economical products to help climate change. It can be operated with the Alexa feature where you speak to have it turned on. The screen shows daily forecast. It has Internet capabilities.


It needs a C wire in the home to operate. This is stated clearly in the description. If you don’t have C wire in your home, it would be best to purchase a similar product that does not need C wire.

This product runs out quickly, but you can purchase still and wait for subsequent delivery.

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Product #5 – Portable Solar Generator

If you are going on a camping trip, this portable solar generator is essential. It gives you all the power you need to charge your mobile devices. It harnesses the energy from the sun; giving you the right output rates to keep your devices efficiently charged.

Portable Solar Generator


This produce runs quietly. It is eco-friendly and great for the outdoors. It can be used for other devices such as laptop, drone, and tablet. In addition, it is great during the hurricane seasons.

If you are going on a camping trip, for example, you don’t have to burden yourself down with an inverter or car battery. You can use this as a power source as you keep your car running.

It is portable and light and you can use the cigarette lighter in your car or USB port to charge it. You can determine the wattage (input and output) from the LCD display screen. It is made with a durable plastic shell.


Bear in mind that the recharging times will vary; depending on weather, temperature and location. Be sure that the portable power station is kept away from direct sunlight and heat so that the product’s life span can be extended.

According to the reviews seen, the product is said to be able to operate CPAP equipment for up to eight hours, but testing it showed otherwise. It could only be operated for up to five hours.

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Product #6 – Solar Phone Charger

If you want to go green, it is best to have a solar phone charger; especially when you have to go outdoors for a long period of time. This particular solar phone charger is made with environmental materials so that any waste from the phone is recyclable.

Solar Phone Charger


Want to know can individuals make a difference to climate change. You can do so with this is a Portable solar charger, which has a flashlight and five built-in USB ports. It can be used to charge cell phones and any other similar devices such as tablet and laptop.

It is made of silicone material and has a protective cover to keep it safe from water spills or anything else. It is ideal for outdoor activities so your charge does not run out.

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Product #7- Eco-friendly GPS Navigator

If you want to know how to help climate change, from time to time, a good GPS navigator is helpful. When this Garmin GPS Navigator was tested by driving from one location to the next, it showed satellite positioning. It is quite functional; especially the Eco-drive feature.

The system provided data on the car’s performance and how much carbon dioxide emission for each mile of the trip.

There is an Eco-route feature, which allowed us to set a mode and route to make sure less fuel we used for the destination. While this may not be the quickest option to get from one place to the other, it is one of the greenest friendly options.

Eco-friendly GPS Navigator


This GPS navigator is environmentally friendly and provides driving alerts upon approaching sharp curves, school zones, changes in speed, warning of fatigue, red light proximity and when approaching speed cameras.

This item si easy to use with its dedicated navigator that displays current speed, street location, arrival time and the speed limit. It provides adequate guidance until you get to your desired destination; giving you information about various landmarks, traffic lights and buildings. It makes complex route easy to find and these include airports and malls.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery has a life span of up to an hour.


You should be aware that once you turn the car off, the device will turn off. However, just push the on and off button and it will come right back on.

Once you receive the item in the mail, be sure to check and make sure the battery and the power wire are in good working order. It only provides you with American maps and so, if you live in other countries, you may not be that lucky.

Product #8 – Water Conservation Shower Head

If you want to save on water, try this water conversation shower head. Taking a bath and showering can add tremendously to your water usage. To minimize this usage, you should consider investing in this shower head. You will save money on your monthly utility bill. In addition, the water has a strong flow for a good shower.

Water Conservation Shower Head


You can use the long hose that comes with this shower head to clean the tub after a bath. The item comes with easy to follow instructions such as how to unscrew the current shower head to replace it with this one.

It fits perfectly upon being installed and the head is durable and sturdy. It works great with sufficient water pressure for a nice, clean shower. The shower head is easy to maneuver since the hose is long enough.


It takes approximately 15 minutes for full installation and it is a little on the expensive side in comparison to other similar items. However, it works well enough for the price.

While it comes with multiple settings, you probably would end up using just two of them. One setting gives you a light massage and the other has a good enough spread to feel the water pressure on every area of the body.

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Product #9 – Energy Efficient Power Outlets

If you are looking for an energy efficient power outlet, this is one of the ideal products to help climate change. You can use it to plug in several electronic devices; all at one time without having to worry about the extra electric bill.

It is described as having ‘phantom power.’ It helps you to save on energy while having most of your main devices plugged in; especially the television, microwave and refrigerator.

Energy Efficient Power Outlets


The ideal way to use this is to choose one main device such as your television.

This would be the master device and when it is turned off, the outlet goes off too. One of the feature is “always on’ ports, which allows you to use the devices that you need, even when the master device is shut off.


If you wanted to run a home office constantly using a computer, laptop, monitor, shredder, monitor, phone charger and other relevant devices, it may be too much load on the outlet.

Otherwise, it can handle a reasonable number of devices.

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Product #10 – Shower Timer

If you like to take long showers, then you will like this shower timer. This is one of the climate change, product ideas to consider. It allows you to use enough water for showering in a specific period of time.

Once the timer goes off, the water will stop. This is a great way to conserve on water and also on energy so your utility bill is not too high.

Shower Timer


This can be used in both bathroom and kitchen. It is built to deal with water spraying from all direction. It has a waterproof seal that makes sure there are no moisture droplets or fogging. There is an LCD screen is very durable.

It is made with pet glass, which is stronger than the regular glass. For that reason, the screen is not likely to break or shatter. At a glance, it provides you with the temperature, time and levels of humidity.

You can mount it in any space because of its hanging slot and built-in stand.


After more than a year, you may have issues with the time display, but the humidity and temperature displays are unaffected. You probably have to fix the time by changing the battery and resetting it.

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Product #11 – Window Insulator Kit

Insulating your window is one way to reduce energy consumption in your home. This Window Insulator Kit helps to regulate the temperature and prevents air from seeping in.

It will help you save on your energy bill because you would have used up less energy. This is especially useful when you live in colder climates.

Window Insulator Kit


This product helps to reduce heating and energy costs. It also lowers condensation and prevents build up of frost in the window. It is fast and easy to install and fits indoor windows that are 3’x5’ in size. This kit can do up to 5 windows.


The tape that comes with the kit is not so durable. You may have to go out and buy some stronger tape; ones that stick better. Be sure to get some double sided tape.


What brands are fighting climate change?

Climate-conscious brands are fighting climate change by implementing sustainable practices and reducing their carbon footprint.

Some brands that are fighting climate change include Patagonia, The North Face, and Allbirds. These companies have made commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, use sustainable materials, and invest in renewable energy sources. Additionally, they prioritize transparency and accountability in their sustainability efforts.

What are the 10 possible solutions for climate change?

Climate change solutions are a series of actions that can be taken to mitigate or adapt to the impacts of climate change. These solutions can range from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to implementing sustainable land use practices. Some possible solutions include transitioning to renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, protecting forests and other natural carbon sinks, and investing in climate-resilient infrastructure.

Other solutions include promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing food waste, implementing carbon pricing mechanisms, and promoting public transportation and active transportation options.

What is the most popular solution to climate change?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the most widely accepted and implemented solution to address climate change. This involves reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases released into the atmosphere by industries, transportation, and other human activities.

While there are other solutions being explored, such as carbon capture and storage and geoengineering, reducing emissions remains the most effective and feasible solution to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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