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15 Best Environmental Organizations in Africa

What are the main environmental organizations in Africa, and what do they do? Please review our top 15 list to get a comprehensive overview.

Every 5th of June, the world celebrates a crucial “World Environment Day.” People across the globe take part in various activities during this day, which aims to protect the environment against pollution and degradation.

However, caring for the environment is not a single-day event. Environmental protection is a continuous mission that everyone needs to ensure its success.

In this spirit, several African environmental organizations have emerged to keep the mission alive. Many environmental leaders and NGOs are also at the forefront of promoting this global agenda in Africa.

In this article, we have a list of African environmental organizations that work tirelessly to conserve the environment and promote sustainability on the continent and beyond.

Here are the main ones:

Top African Environmental Organizations

protecting nature

1. The Green Belt Movement (GBM)

Green belt movement Homepage

The Green Belt Movement (GBM) is one of Africa’s leading NGOs working for environmental protection. Established in 1977 by Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Wangari Mathai, GBM focuses on improving community livelihoods and protecting the environment.

The organization works at the grassroots, participating in environmental activities such as tree planting and seedling growing. Notably, GBM encourages volunteerism and women’s participation in environmental conservation advocacy.

It does this by helping them improve their livelihood through activities like:

  • Encouraging them to plant trees to restore water catmint area
  • Teaching them rainwater harvesting techniques
  • Offering food and monetary tokens to exceptional women
  • Curbing deforestation by providing alternative use of forests

The desire to protect the environment made its founder win the Nobel Peace Prize.

2. Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI)

Environmental Liaison Centre International Homepage

The protection of biodiversity and natural resources is the core of Environment Liaison Centre International (ELCI), an umbrella organization of different partners working on protecting the environment. ELCI’s goal is to enhance the ability of civil society organizations to manage environmental resources and support effective environmental governance.

Also, it aims to improve community livelihoods and economic activities through environmental conservancy programs. ELCI runs programs that target three areas, including

  • Agriculture and food security
  • Biodiversity and natural resource management
  • Climate change and energy

In addition, this environmental organization has a quarterly journal, Eco Forum Journal, which focuses on sustainable development and environmental issues.

It intends to invoke debates about these issues and encourage a positive outlook on natural resources and environmental management. The organization’s headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya.

3. Giving Life Nature Volunteer

Giving Life Nature Volunteer Homepage

Giving Life Nature Volunteer (GILINAVO) is an environmental NGO in Ghana. The organization was established in 2000 and registered in 2005. It is a member of the Ghanaian Environment Protection Agency.

GILINAVO encourages the volunteerism of students, women, institutions, and well-wishers to protect Ghana’s natural resources and environment.

Besides the environment, the group focuses on caring for youth, women, children, human rights, peace, food security, and agriculture. It realizes its mission by working with students, school committees, and tourist coordinator groups.

4. African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC)

International Conference of Youth Homepage

AYICC is one of the youth NGOs working for environmental protection in Africa.

Founded in 2006, this organization is an umbrella of youth groups, university, community-based, and rural young people organizations that focus on the fight against biodiversity loss and climate change. Its goal is to consolidate youth voices and ensure their active participation in the climate change negotiations in international spheres.

AYICC concentrates on six main areas, including

  • Agribusiness promotion
  • Ecological restoration and tree planting
  • Recycling
  • Renewable energy promotion
  • Action for Climate Empowerment
  • Campaigns and advocacy

It also partners with African countries and international organizations such as the AU and UNEP. If you are a youth, this organization is an excellent platform for you to contribute to environmental conservation.

5. Green Africa Foundation

Green Africa Homepage

A green world is a sustainable and healthy planet. The Green Africa Foundation operates on this aspect. Founded in 2000 in Nairobi, Kenya, it is one of the top environmental organizations in Africa. The organization works on the slogan “Think Green, Act Green” and has three green pillars, which include:

  • Being kind to people by preserving ethics and offering training on life skills
  • Promote healthy and peaceful communities, as well as create a sustainable livelihood
  • Environmental conservation

Green Africa Foundation works with learning and religious institutions and organizes music and sports events to promote its agenda. This environmental NGO also runs a campaign dubbed “The Plant Your Age.”

This campaign seeks to personalize environmental commitment by encouraging individuals to plant trees equal to their ages. It hopes that this will make achieving the goal of a green Africa easy.

6. The Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF)

Homef Homepage

Earth is the mother to all of us. And if we don’t care for it, it will have nothing to sustain us. The Health of Mother Earth Foundation is one of the African environmental organizations in Nigeria. It is an advocacy organization focusing on environmental/climate justice and food sovereignty. HOMEF focuses on fossil politics, whose goal is to encourage people to shun the use of fossil fuels—an action that will enhance environmental protection.

This organization also runs Hunger Politics and Ikike, projects that seek to achieve food sovereignty and protect natural resources. Besides, HOMEF runs different advocacy webinars addressing current environmental and biodiversity issues alongside other publications.

These materials and forums focus on equipping the public with information that will enhance environmental conservation and the sustainability of Mother Earth.

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7. International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV)

Icenecdev Homepage

Established in 2005, ICENECDEV is an environmental advocacy organization in Cameroon that empowers people to protect their environment. The organization helps enhance environmental conservation by transforming the human attitude towards natural resources and ecological assets.

ICENECDEV takes a grassroots approach to building and creating environmental awareness, promoting education, and offering community development support. It does this by sharing ways and information on how people can address environmental protection issues.

To achieve this, the organization has come up with six distinctive programs, namely:

  • Environmental education
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Improving air quality
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Access to sustainable renewable energy
peaceful coexistence

ICENECDEV also partners with and offers advice to local, African, and international agencies on the best way to conserve and protect Mother Nature.

8. African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA)

afsea Homepage

Adoption of sustainable energy is one essential way of conserving the environment. Sustainable energy reduces carbon emissions, eliminating the greenhouse effect.

African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA) runs on this aspect.

AFSEA is an advocacy membership organization that focuses on sustainable energy in Africa. The organization promotes the building of a future founded on renewable energy and clean technology.

It has over 480 member organizations, each focusing on a particular aspect of renewable energy, such as biogas, solar, wind, waste energy, and other sources of green energy.

Also, the organization supports its members by providing current information and policy updates, as well as organizing events and training workshops.

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9. Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection

Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection Homepage

Established in 2001, the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection is an initiative of the Morrocan king, His Majesty King Mohammed IV.

Its mission is to create awareness and promote education on environmental issues.

The aim is to prepare an environmentally conscious future generation that engages in a path of permanently sustainable development.

This environmental organization realizes its mission through training the stakeholders, particularly the youth. It helps to create public awareness, educate people on environmental protection, and mobilize the stakeholders to participate in innovative programs.

The initiative focuses on six areas, which include:

  • Coastal protection
  • Air and climate
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Responsible tourism
  • Restoration of historic gardens and parks
  • Development and safeguarding of the Marrakech palm grove

Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection also partners with international environmental agencies such as UNESCO and UNEP.

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10. Energy, Environment and Development Network for Africa (AFREPEN/FWD)

agora Homepage

AFREPEN/FWD is among the leading environmental Organizations in Africa. Established in 1987, this NGO focuses on enhancing environment protection support and skills and ensuring cleaner energy provision in Africa. The organization is in 19 countries, and its headquarters is in Nairobi, Kenya.

Also, AFREPEN/FWD promotes investment in sustainable energy and partners with continent bodies such as the African Development Bank to enhance this objective. The core areas of this organization are:

  • Energy sector reform
  • Renewables and Energy for Rural Development
  • Gender and Energy
  • Energy Services for the urban poor
  • Special studies of strategic significance

11. Eastern Africa Environmental Network (EAEN)

Eanece Homepage

EAEN is a leading NGO that is concerned with the environment in Africa. The organization focuses on creating awareness of the current environmental issues in East African countries.

It does this by organizing events and activities that engage the public and raise awareness of this region’s environmental issues and problems. It is also a leading advocate of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

EAEN collaborates with local and international organizations, such as Kenya Wildlife Services, to guarantee the success of its projects. It is among the most active environmental organizations in Africa, and its impact is equally felt.

12. Centre for Justice Governance and Environmental Action

Jgea Homepage

Centre for Justice Governance and Environmental Action (CJGEA) is an environmental advocacy NGO based in Mombasa, Kenya. The organization works to achieve environmental and human rights for the economically marginalized communities on the toxic sites and extractive industries.

As an advocacy organization, CJGEA addresses the need to protect communities from toxic and environmental pollution from extractive industries established in their neighborhoods and informal settlement areas.

Also, it offers an opportunity for communities and individuals to report incidents of organizations’ violations of the health environment. The initiative runs a project dubbed “Tuna Sauti,” which is an activism forum on access to a healthy, clean, sustainable environment.

It works as the voice of the voiceless in creating awareness of climate change, carbon emissions, and mitigation strategies.

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13. Environmental Education Through Film (EETF)

Aeff Homepage

Information is power and key to the protection of the environment. People will be conscious of environmental conservation if they have the right information.  EETF operates on this belief.

Launched in 1998, this organization promotes environmental education through films. It creates films in different languages on various environmental issues facing African regions.

EETF distributes these videos free of charge to learning institutions and other public centers, reaching millions across Africa. The goal is to offer adequate learning materials to help equip people with insightful knowledge of environmental conservation.

The organization’s films also involve notable narrators such as Hillary Clinton, the former American president, and Jackie Chan, a renowned movie actor.

14. The Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (HoA-REC&N)

Horn of Africa Homepage

HoA-REC&N is an initiative of academia and practitioners to promote environmental conservation and natural resources management.

It also seeks to facilitate, advocate for, and strengthen sustainable development and environmental governance in the Horn of Africa region.

The initiative aims to achieve a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment in the Horn of Africa. The group advocates for adopting and stimulating renewable energy and new chains of sustainable production.

It does this through numerous programs focusing on sustainable development, environmental conservation, renewable energy, and climate change.

15. African Rainforest Conservancy

African Rainforest Homepage

The ARC (African Rainforest Conservancy) is also among the best environmental charities in Africa. This organization has a mission of raising funds to support grassroots environmental conservation projects and create awareness of the importance of this action.

The group aims to ensure the conservation of mountain rainforests by collaborating with local communities. The goal is to educate the community on the rainforest’s importance to environmental health and curb the burning and cutting of indigenous trees.

Established in 1991, the ARC collaborates with the TFCG (Tanzania Forest Conservation Group), to ensure the local communities can care for these indigenous forests.

It targets a network of over 260 villages, spreading over seven mountains and coastal regions across Tanzania.

The ARC is, without a doubt, among the top environmental organizations in Africa. It has brought about significant change in the way people relate to their environment and helped make the relationship mutually beneficial.

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