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12 Environmental Organizations in The Philippines

The Philippines is fascinating; it is rich in natural wonders, but most of its natural resources suffer due to environmental challenges. Thus, environmental organizations in the Philippines strive to protect its wonders and conserve its beauty.

There are several notable and inspiring environmental groups in the Philippines that do their best to better the country’s environment and provide its citizens with a healthy environment. You may be wondering who these organizations are. As you read further, you’ll know these groups and learn about their objectives and plans to conserve the environment.

Clean Water

Without further ado, here are the Environmental groups.

Environmental Organizations in The Philippines

1. Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc.

Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands Logo

Aquatic-influenced environments surround the Philippines, and the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. thrives on protecting and conserving clean water and the environment. It is among the environmental organizations in the Philippines.

The organization created a variety of plans to promote clean water and wisely use the Philippine wetlands. It was founded in 1998, and for over 20 years, it continued to organize and instill advocacies about environmental conservation focusing on the country’s wetlands.

Working with different business sectors, the government, agencies, and other organizations as part of the organization’s actions. It is to create a solution by going into a partnership, programs, and projects to reach more communities to teach about wetlands conservation.

The organization is built to raise awareness of the importance of water conservation and educate communities about a clean environment. It is also organized to provide help and actions for the country’s polluted wetlands and offers sustainable water conservation projects.

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2. Philippine Business for the Environment

Philippine Business for the Environment Logo

The Philippine Business for the Environment is a non-government organization in Pasig City. It is built to help aspiring businessmen that plan to open a business in the Philippines and look after the environment.

The Philippines offers business opportunities, and the organization guides these businesses to start or flourish through a sustainable approach.

The organization’s goals include enabling businesses in the country to deliver a positive impact. Philippine Business for the Environment supports businesses from their start through their successive operation. It was established in 1992 by different Philippine business leaders committed to sustainable development.

Aside from business growth and sustainable development, the organization is also built to assist environmental concerns and challenges in a business in a country that is rich in natural resources.

The organization believes businesses must also be responsible for conserving the environment by applying different sustainable approaches.

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3. Foundation for the Philippine Environment

Foundation for the Philippine Environment Logo

The Foundation for the Philippine Environment, sometimes known as the FPE, is part of the environmental organizations in the Philippines that strives to promote change and action for the common good of both nature and people in the Philippines.

It is a non-governmental organization that aims to address the various environmental concerns facing the Philippines. Climate change, biodiversity conservation, and introducing environmentally friendly practices into communities were all mentioned as environmental challenges.

In its early stages, the organization envisions itself as a leader in environmental efforts for biodiversity protection, healthy ecosystems, and resilient, sustainable and enduring communities.

The Foundation for the Philippine Environment is dedicated to establishing an organization and promoting environmentally responsible actions and policies to attain a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

The organization was founded in January 1992 and is now considered the largest grant-making environmental institution beyond the Philippine government.

It was created with the objective of long-term development. The group contributed to reversing the Philippines’ natural resource depletion crisis by implementing various innovative conservation methods.

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4. Centre for Sustainability PH Inc.

Centre for Sustainability PH Inc. Logo

Environmental non-governmental organization (NGO) Centre for Sustainability PH Inc. is among the most prominent in the Philippines. Youth and the women-led group established in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, a country rich in natural resources and scenic natural beauty, was founded in 2009.

The organization’s mission is to protect the Philippines’ last remaining forests and lands by establishing legally protected areas nationwide.

Because the natural beauty of Palawan is threatened by the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and an unsustainable development program, the locals established the Center for Sustainability PH Inc. to address the issue of sustainability. The organization’s attention is drawn to Palawan and other parts of the country as it grows.

By establishing advocacies, projects, and programs that educate the Palawan community about the significance of maintaining the region’s natural resources and the beauty of sustainable living, the organization continues to thrive and make strides toward a more sustainable future.

Forestry, land conservation, training, and empowerment of indigenous and local populations to perform independent environmental research were some projects on which the organization concentrated on constructing a more sustainable future for Palawan and the Philippines.

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5. Ecological Society of the Philippines

Ecological Society of the Philippines Logo

The Ecological Society of the Philippines is an environmental group that works to promote environmental awareness about the problems that the environment is facing and to find solutions to such problems.

Incorporated as a non-profit organization, it engages with the private and public sectors of the Philippines, including businesses, residents, and communities. It is based in the Philippines.

It is utilized for environmental action programs and research that will be used to improve the environment in the Philippines. The organization receives sponsorships, help, and finance from private sectors, businesses, and donations.

The organization also works to conserve biodiversity and increase awareness about safeguarding the ocean from pollution, which poisons the water and harms marine animals.

The organization aims to examine the environmental problems that the country is facing and develop scientific-based solutions. The answers and solutions can be implemented for the conservation and protection of Philippine nature in all forms, from land to air to forestry to water.

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6. Haribon Foundation

Haribon Foundation Logo

The Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc., popularly known as the Haribon Foundation, is an environmental group in the Philippines that protects the country’s natural resources. It was founded in 1972, and the name “Haribon” refers to the Philippine eagle, the country’s national bird.

For 45 years, the group has worked to protect and nurture the land and forests of the Philippines. Forest conservation, bird preservation, and ocean conservation are priorities for the organization, and it has developed several environmental activities and projects to save the country’s natural marvels.

Planting native trees, protecting and conserving Dulungan hornbills, reaching out to communities and schools, and encouraging sustainability are just a few of the initiatives and projects carried out by the Haribon Foundation.

The group encourages communities to assist by volunteering for environmental application and restoration projects, donating, and forming partnerships with conservation-oriented organizations.

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7. Forest Foundation Philippines

Forest Foundation Philippines Logo

It is among the most inspiring environmental and non-profit organizations to work with Forest Foundation Philippines. Organizations that enable people to protect forests are eligible for grants from the foundation.

The foundation was created in 2002 under the United States Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) as a partnership between the United States of America and the Philippines to conserve forest areas.

Lush Forest

The organization’s objective and goal is to protect the forests of the Philippines from the threats and problems they are now facing. The Sierra Madre, Palawan, and Samar forest landscapes are in critical condition, comprising most of the areas under the watchful eye of the Forest Foundation Philippines.

The group is also being established to raise awareness about the state of the forest in the nation. A few of the steps they took were to provide grants, promote people’s understanding and knowledge of forest conservation, and conserve forests and surrounding landscapes, among other things.

The organization’s efforts to maintain forests and the natural environment include improving the lives of forest-dependent neighborhoods and partnering with organizations that enrich forests, both of which are essential aspects of its mission.

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8. Water Environment Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Water Environment Association of the Philippines, Inc. Logo

Water Environment Association of the Philippines, Inc. is among the non-profit environmental organizations in the Philippines that advocate for safe and clean drinking water, sanitary wastewater, and a safe and healthy environment. The group is dedicated to providing clean water to the Filipino people.

It is being constructed to encourage sustainable development, high technical standards, and increased public awareness and understanding of environmental challenges, among other things.

Water Environment Association of the Philippines, Inc. offers training, and the organization provides environmental awareness programs with a particular emphasis on the country’s waters.

Pollution, pollution control management, and other environmental concerns are among the most popular courses offered at the university. They also provide training to educate professionals by giving them daily information and resources to deal with environmental concerns. This program also aims to give the knowledge and activities required for environmental protection and advocacy in the Philippines and its Filipino citizens.

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9. Pollution Control Association of The Philippines, Inc.

Pollution Control Association of The Philippines, Inc. Logo

The Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc., also known as the PCAPI, has set a goal for the Philippines in environmental protection. It is a non-profit and non-governmental environmental group that collaborates with various sectors, including businesses and the Philippine government, to address significant environmental challenges.

The organization was formed in June 1980 through the commission from Presidential Decree No. 984, the National Pollution Control Commission (NPCC). Founded to address environmental issues and maintain the environment’s land, air, and water, the Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc is dedicated to protecting the environment.

Cleaning the Environment

In order to accomplish its objectives, the group encouraged cleaner manufacturing, minimization of waste, and prevention of pollution from all sectors of society and industry.

It is also devoted to becoming an active partner in institutionalizing environmental protection, continuous improvement, compliance with legislation, and ensuring that the country has a sustainable future for Filipino Citizens.

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10. The Philippine Reef & Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc.

The Philippine Reef & Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. Logo

The Philippine Reef & Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to harmonizing nature and people for a more sustainable future. It is a non-profit organization founded in 1994 by a group of divers who are amazed by the beauty of the island known as Danjugan and decided to make it their home.

Despite its stunning natural beauty and low environmental awareness, the paradise faces several environmental concerns, which the organization hopes to remedy.

The island reefs and beautiful forests are among the concerns of the organization. As part of safeguarding the long-term viability of conservation projects and raising environmental awareness, Danjugan Island’s natural beauty is being preserved.

The organization wants communities and the general public to be aware of its mission, which includes ensuring the long-term conservation of the marine and terrestrial environments in the Philippines through education and poverty alleviation, among other things. The group was also established to preserve the island from unfriendly tourism development.

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11. iVolunteer Philippines

iVolunteer Philippines Logo

Among the notable environmental organizations in the Philippines is the iVolunteer Philippines. It’s a platform and group that provides assistance and support in various difficulties the country faces, one of which is tackling environmental issues, among other things.

The group was founded in 2009 due to the devastation caused by Typhoon Ondoy, also known as Typhoon Ketsana, which required the organization to recruit people eager to volunteer and assist those affected by the typhoon.

For many years, the group has developed and catered to various challenges, helping to find answers and receiving assistance from volunteers to handle these issues. It provides a simple method for people to identify volunteer opportunities that match their talents, interests, and advocacy needs.

Tree planting, clean-up drives, and sustainable living programs are just some environmental volunteering events showcased and organized by the iVolunteer Philippines.

The organization has carried out numerous additional environmental programs by teaching and sharing knowledge about the necessity of understanding and living by environmental values and other means.

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12. PhilinCon Office

PhilinCon Office Logo

Pandan, Antique is home to the PhilinCon Office, an environmental group dedicated to protecting the environment. It’s a non-profit organization interested in and cares about the environment in the Philippines. It was previously called the Philippine Endemic Species Conservation before it changed its name.

It has been working to protect the last remaining low-land rainforests, particularly on Panay Island, for more than two decades. The organization’s objective included the protection, pressurization, and conservation of rainforests and the preservation of endangered unique plants and species. The PhilinCon Office is now involved in six distinct programs to protect the Philippine forest.

First, it has recruited forest rangers to monitor the protected region against illegal operations. The second program is that they create sustainable employment for the locals. The third is that they are protecting the endangered hornbill.

Education and involvement in the community The fourth point is raising understanding of the value of the environment and its protection. The fifth point is doing environmental research to protect it. Last but not least, there is the operation of rescue centers for previously captured or injured wildlife.

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