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8 Environmental Organizations in The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a rich country that is abundant in fascinating infrastructure, and to still surrounded the country with the beauty of nature, the Environmental Organizations in The United Arab Emirates work hard to protect the environment and provide a healthy space to its citizen.

Environmental worries and difficulties are address by these organizations, but who are these groups and why are they thriving to save and conserve the environment?

As you continue to read, you’ll get the answers.

There are around eight notable environmental groups located in the United Arab Emirates. To know who they are them read the list we have prepared below.

Environmental Organizations in The United Arab Emirates

1. Emirates Environmental Group

Helping to Clean the Environment

The Emirates Environmental Group or the EEG is a non-administrative environmental association and experts that work to improve the climate in the United Arab Emirates. 

The organization was established in 1991 to address environmental challenges and encourage communities and other nationalities to participate in saving and conserving the environment.

It is also among the notable environmental organizations in the United Arab Emirates that work on the same goal protection and conservation of the planet. Emirates Environmental Group has a lot of objectives for environmental betterment.

The objects and goals of the organization were:

  • To raise environmental awareness in UAE
  • Contribute to sustainable development
  • Create innovation solutions for sustainability
  • Encourage the communities throughout UAE to have care about the responsible waste management
  • Encourage all for the environmental protection
  • Create and assists in creating programs and projects regarding the environment
  • Promote environmental values and spark change

The goals of the organization are already in the process of continuing to ignite change. Emirates Environmental Group also drives more people from the communities, governments and even works with schools to encourage e environmental action.

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2. Emirates Nature-WWF

The non-profit organization of Emirates Nature-WWF was founded and had an office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

It is an environmental organization that raises awareness through different ways and advocacies concerning the conservation of natural resources and creates solutions for the growing environmental challenges. The organization is built for the benefit and safety of society.

Emirates Nature-WWF aims to create projects and projects to open the eyes of the common population about the effects of climate change and spur change. 

The organization work by innovating science-based solutions to environmental problems together with individuals and institutions that has care and want to take environmental actions.

For over 50 years in service, with the help of research, science-based solutions, and partnership, the organization got a voice to raise awareness to save biodiversity and safeguard the home of different species, the land, and the seas from climate change

Aside from climate change, the organization also works with other environmental issues that are prevalent in UAE and worldwide.

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3. Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG)

Whale shark

Among the prominent environmental organizations in the United Arab Emirates is the Emirates Marine Environmental Group.

This non-profit organization is recognized as the first organization in UAE that focuses on protecting and conserving Emirates marine life. 

Founded in 1996 for years, the organization looks and finds ways for the common good of the environment in UAE. It is an organization that adheres to preserve the wonderful biodiversity in the UAE.

The notable organization mission is to safeguard the biodiversity in the United Arab Emirates through the listed actions below:

The organization is also built from Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum support. The organization also flourished through different support and partnership EMEG go with for the good of the environment.

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4. Environment Agency Abu Dhabi Alfaya Main Gate

Environment Agency Abu Dhabi Alfaya Main Gate is a notable organization that works and focuses on environment protection and conservation. It is among the environmental organization in the United Arab Emirates. The organization is recognized as the largest environmental-driven organization in the middle east.

To protect and provide a clean and healthy environment, the organization of Environment Agency Abu Dhabi Alfaya Main Gate worked and raised awareness for the common good of the UAE.

The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi Alfaya Main Gate aims to give everyone an opportunity and the right to drink clean water, live in a healthy environment, and breathe fresh and clean air. As the organization is established in Abu Dhabi, most of its projects and goals are for the Abu Dhabi environment.

The organization wants to balance biodiversity and life in Abu Dhabi.

The city is filled with modern infrastructure and wants to provide an excellent natural environment alongside the innovation and tall buildings in the city. The organization’s works are to build and encourage communities towards a safe, sustainable, cleaner, and greener future for all.

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5. Emirates Wildlife Society

Emirates Wildlife Society, also known as the WWF UAE, is an environmental organization that works toward protecting biodiversity. It was established in 2001 under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

For years, the organization has created different ways to advocate and encourage communities in the UAE to protect biodiversity from enjoying a healthy place.

The organization is built to cater to the need of emirates ecosystems and endangered species for help. Emirates Wildlife Society also works with kids to empower children at a very young age to look after the environment and adhere to living sustainably.

These actions lead to a ripple effect that helps in conserving the biodiversity in different locations and all over the UAE.

Emirates Wildlife Society believes that in order to achieve the goal of a sustainable future, everyone should participate. The organization also tackles and researches to create solutions to the environmental challenges UAE faces.

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6. Invent UAE Co. LLC

In Dubai, the environmental organization and company of Invent UAE Co. LLC stand and work for the common good and conservation of the environment.

The organization aims to create and bring innovative technology to Dubai and find solutions to environmental challenges such as wastewater treatment, recovery, and power. Alongside these goals is to turn Middle East waste into an innovative resource.

UAE Co. LLC work to provide the Middle east a sustainable and clean environment. The organization does this by creating and supplying sewage treatment plants equipped with top-notch equipment and facilities. Power generation solutions were also among the remarkable innovation that the organization created.

The odor control systems and air quality monitoring and measurement were also part of the innovative technology that UAE Co. LLC takes pride in for the best of the communities and the environment in UAE.

The organization’s innovations were all energy-efficient technologies that help create a sustainable life and build a sustainable future in the Middle East.

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7. Emirates Green Building Council

Founded in 2006, the Emirates Green Building Council, also known as the EmiratesGBC, stands as a non-government organization that advocates sustainability. It is among the environmental organizations in the United Arab Emirates. The organization was recognized by the World Green Building Council, a notable environmental group.

Promoting and protecting the environment in UAE and ensuring that sustainability is implemented in the country is the organization’s goal.

The Emirates Green Building Council offers a range of environmental-related education to its members from energy efficiency program, health & wellness program, technical services, and provide sponsorship opportunities.

UAE is known for its towering buildings and modern infrastructures, and the organization works and continues to build a sustainable environment across the country.

Among the campaigns of the organization that is now implemented is to give green building policies and green regulation.

Also, Emirates Green Building Council educates communities about the environment and other sustainable ways to better the organization.

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8. Bee’ah Transfer Station

Waste Management

The environmental organization of Bee’ah Transfer Station in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, was established to face and create solutions for the environmental challenges in UEA.

The organization is part of the waste collection group in the city. Bee’ah works focus on waste management that keeps UAE clean, green, and a healthy country and environment for the communities.

It is also an organization that works with sustainability. The organization works with the sustainable use of energy, transportation, and digital. The organization’s goals are to build a sustainable future in UAE through various innovative environmental actions to address environmental problems with sustainable solutions.

Bee’ah Transfer Station was established in 2007 as a private group working with agencies, individuals, and the government to adhere to sustainability and proper waste management in Sharjah and UAE.

The organization pioneered waste management and continues to create innovations to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for everyone to enjoy.

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