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Lowveld Rhino Trust

  • Location: South East Lowveld, Zimbabwe
  • Founded: TBD
  • Species: Black rhinos and white rhinos

What is the Lowveld Rhino Trust?

Lowveld Rhino Trust about page
Lowveld Rhino Trust / Lowveld Rhino Trust

Lowveld Rhino Trust is a charity and non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the protection and conservation of rhinos in the Lowveld region of South Africa. It is among the notable international rhino foundation that monitors rhinos.

Rhinos have been living on Earth for 34 million years, yet today, they are critically endangered, threatened by rhino poaching in Africa, and inadequate resources allocated for their management.

Lowveld Rhino Trust is working to conserve and monitor rhinos through undertaking to provide effective protection, monitoring, and education.

The organization, along with the Lowveld National Park, Lowveld Conservancy, and affiliated landowners in the Lowveld, has ensured significant strides towards achieving greater rhino conservation success in the region and the whole country.

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A white rhino / rhinoceros grazing

Lowveld Rhino Trust protects and translocates rhinos through translocations from high-risk locations, tracking and monitoring in the field, and treating rhino wounds from snares and bullets.

The trust protects rhinos and assists the local authorities with prosecuting poachers who kill these wonderful creatures and engaging the local communities in their conservation work of white and black rhinos.

Lowveld Rhino Trust is a nonprofit organization that rehabilitates poached Lowveld Rhinos. They also work to reduce the demand for rhino horns through on-the-ground education programs for local communities to combat poaching.

This project helped to prevent organized illegal groups of poachers slaughtered approximately a quarter of the country’s rhinos between 2007 and 2009.

Lowveld Rhino Trust is committed to the rhino conservation of Lowveld wildlife, and our work focuses on white and black rhinos, Lowland Gorillas, Giraffe, Zebra, and Wild Dogs.

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Rhino Conservation Efforts

Javan Rhinoceros walking in water

Lowveld Rhino Trust conserves Lowveld rhinos in the Lowveld region of South Africa. The white and black rhino, some endemic to Lowveld’s fragmented woodlands, was experiencing major population declines due to a lack of breeding opportunities – it had been 12 years since a female rhino calf was born when LRT began its efforts in 2008.

With the support of donor partners and years of treating and monitoring rhinos, LRT has created protected zones across more than 8,000 hectares along the Olifants River that are repopulated with up to 200 Lowveld rhinos through translocation.  

The Lowveld Conservancy is home to nearly 500 rhinos, hundreds of elephants, and many other species that have been re-introduced back into the Lowveld. Lowveld Conservancy is one of five conservancies in the Lowveld that provide critical conservation services in the Lowveld Rhino Management Areas.

Lowveld Conservancies are members of Lowveld Wildlife Trust, a coalition of private landowners in Lowveld committed to working together with government entities and other stakeholders to conserve wildlife and habitats for future generations in Lowveld Rhino Management Area.

The objective is to establish Lowvell as a Lowveld rhino sanctuary, a Lowvell breeding herd, and an insurance population of rhinos in the Lowveld.

Lowveld Rhino Trust has strong links with government conservation authorities and other non-governmental organizations to increase their effectiveness in the Rhino protection program. Lowveld Rhino Trust is a member of the World Wide Fund.

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Why do Rhinos need our help?

brown rhino in open field

Rhinos are threatened by illegal hunting, urban development pressure on natural habitats, grazing competition with livestock (particularly around protected areas), habitat destruction by mining activities, poisoning authorized for control of crop-raiding wildlife.

While poachers kill these animals by inflicting snares and bullets wounds, rhinos must relocate to safer locations or protected wildlife management areas to survive.

Also the increasing demand within the East Asian traditional medicine market, and insatiable demand for rhino horn by the consumer market in Vietnam and China.

Lowveld Rhino Trust has partnered with Lowveld Conservation Services (LCS) to establish an aerial surveillance system over South Africa’s Lowveld region, home to about 95% of this subspecies’ population. Rhinos are on the verge of extinction, which needs to be addressed.

Lowveld Rhino Trust works with communities and stakeholders by providing information about rhino poaching, poaching-related issues, and how you can help rhinos in Lowveld.

The Trust has already achieved many things: it has created awareness among communities and stakeholders about rhino poaching and how they can help.

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Where can I donate to help rhinos?

Lowveld Rhino Trust donation page
Lowveld Rhino Trust / Lowveld Rhino Trust

Rhinos need help because they are on the verge of going extinct. Thus Lowveld Rhino Trust is a nonprofit organization is established to save the rhino population – one of Africa’s great white hopes for conservation success. Their mission is to create a Lowveld where rhinos feel safe as individuals and as a species, but we cannot do this alone.

The Trust also allows individuals to become a sponsor, which helps them raise funds for projects such as Lowveld Rhino Reserve, Lowveld Rhino Trust Annual Sponsor Auction, and Lowveld Rhino Trust Adopt-A-Rhino Program.

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How to help

Closeup of Javan Rhino

If you want to support the work of Lowveld Rhino Trust to protect endangered rhinos in Zimbabwe, then click on the donate button and go to their website.

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