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Save the Rhino

  • Location: London, United Kingdom.
  • Founded: 1992.
  • Species: Black Rhino, Greater One-horned Rhino, Javan Rhino, Sumatran Rhino, and White Rhino.

What is the Save the Rhino?


Save the Rhino International is a United States 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization specializing in saving rhinos from extinction. Save the Rhino works to halt poaching and black markets, to provide an alternative source of income for people affected by the rhino horn trade and rhino poaching, to advocate public awareness campaigns, and to protect habitats.

Save the Rhino International has helped to save more than 850 rhinos from extinction, but so far, there are fewer than 25,000 remaining in Africa. The organization also wages diplomatic campaigns to fight illegal wildlife trafficking across borders and end demand for products like bush meat and rhino horns.

Among the rhinos under the organization’s wing were the White and Black Rhinos, Javan Rhinos, and Sumatran Rhino. Other rhino species, such as the Greater One-horned Rhin, are also among the rhinos the organization works to save.

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Save the Rhino’s Mission


Save the Rhino’s mission is to save the last of Eastern Africa’s rhinos by making them worth more alive than dead. The group does this by buying land and operating semi-wild sanctuaries that allow rhino populations to recover, increase their numbers, and sustain themselves into the future under safe human care.

They aim to reduce poverty by helping locals with alternative sources of income, such as establishing solar-powered water pumps or providing economic alternatives like crop substitution programs that focus on biofuels and other products.

Save the Rhino has partnered with more than 100 community groups, national parks, and reserves across Africa, including multiple programs and work with other conservation organizations in South Africa.

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Save the Rhino

Save the Rhino works internationally in Africa and Asia to increase the number of the five different rhino species and rhino populations in the wild, enhancing their ecosystems while ensuring local communities benefit from rhino conservation.

This is done through anti-poaching activities, monitoring, environmental education, community conservation, translocations, and captive breeding.

Save The Rhino has a range of different rhino conservation programs. Save the Rhino’s programs include:

  • Education and Awareness about Rhinos
  • WWF Save The Rhino Campaigns
  • Conservation Project
  • Rand Packages programs
  • Grants Programme
  • Offers Supporter Packages
  • Give as You Live Campaigns
  • Provide Vouchers for Gifts for Supporters
  • WWF Save The Rhino Desk

Save The Rhino is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting rhinos worldwide. The group has helped with projects in Africa, Asia, and North America. It works closely with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They also have a ‘Give as You Live Campaign’ that helps fundraise for their organization. It is also affiliated with Save The Rhinos International Day, which happens on September 22 yearly.

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Is Save the Rhino legit?

Close up of Javan Rhino

Save the Rhino is an organization founded to stop the poaching of wild rhinos. A legitimate wildlife conservation organization. The organization has been saving wild rhinos since 1992, and our work has never been more urgent.

The organization’s campaign is working to reduce demand for illegal horn products globally through awareness campaigns targeted at consumers in countries where illegal products are still available legally.

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Why is saving the rhino the right thing to do?

Saving the rhinos is among the most important and right things to do to protect them from going extinct. Today, there are only about 29,000 rhinos left on earth of four different species of which two types of white rhinos account for nearly 98%.

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How to help


If you want to support Save the Rhino, there are several options on their website. These include making a one-time donation, sponsoring a specific program, becoming a member, giving as you earn through your workplace, registering to hold a fundraising event, leaving a legacy in your will, visiting rhinos in Africa, volunteering, and shopping in the webshop.

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