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21 Five-Letter Animals to Know Around the World

There are a variety of animals with five letters. Can you name a few? Well, there’s no need to worry if you can’t. Here is a list of five-letter animals from all the animal groups. And, you might be amazed by some names you’ve never heard.

The world is full of beautiful animals and creatures, most of which we’ve never even seen. Ranging from mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, etc., browsing through the world of animals can be quite fascinating.

Some of these animals are beautiful, some scary, while others are just weird. However, each of them is unique and charming in its way.

But how many of these animals can you name? Well, today we are going to look at one group of animals – five-letter animals. That’s right! I’m pretty sure that not many of us have ever thought of the number of letters making up the names of our favorite animals.

Check out our list and see if you can identify some of these beautiful creatures. We’ll be exploring not only their names, but also their habitats, behaviors, diets, and other fascinating facts.

Mammal with 5 letters

1. Ratel

A ratel is the first 5 letter animal on our list. This animal, which is also known as a honey badger, usually has a black or grey back. And, it gives birth to live ones with an average gestational period of 8.5 weeks.

As the name suggests, their favorite food is honey but they also eat bee larvae. Some of the unique characteristics of the ratel are a flat body and thick skin.

Their skin is quite thick, such that it can withstand even the bee stings when eating honey. In addition, the animal also has claws that can dig up to 5 ft. deep.

Most of the ratels are found in Africa and Asia. They live a solitary life but meet once in a while to sniff each other. The newborns are born hairless with pink skin and their eyes are usually closed.

By six months they are full-grown and they can go out on their own. A ratel is part of the weasel family, and it’s related to skunks and ferrets.

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2. Zebra

zebra, 5 letter animals

A zebra is a black-and-white striped animal. I’m certain that most of us know or have heard of this beautiful creature.

It is a member of the equid family, which means that it is in the same group as a horse. One thing that makes the zebra quite unique is its strong hearing and eyesight capabilities. These two abilities are essential for the animal to survive predators in the wild.

Zebras are also known for their speed. They can comfortably reach speeds of up to 56km per hour. In terms of feeding, a zebra is one of the most versatile savannah animals. A zebra eats almost all the vegetation around it. Interestingly, a zebra is considered an endangered species since it has a lot of predators.

Its stripes are as unique as your fingerprints. This means that every animal is unique, with none of them matching the other’s stripes.

The newborn foals are born strong and will stand around six minutes after being born. This might be a mechanism to protect the animal from predators.

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3. Mouse


A mouse is a small mammal with long ears, fur, and a long tail. It belongs to the family of rodents and is pretty common in our homes (house mouse). But don’t think that this is the only type of mouse – there are thousands of categories.

The mouse might be a nuisance in the house but it is very useful in medical research and genetics. In most medical laboratories, the mouse is used in research, for the advancement of medicine.

Most of the time the mouse is confused with the rat. In fact, not many of us can tell the difference. However, although both of them belong to the same rodent family, a rat is larger and heavier compared to a mouse.

The house mouse has adapted to living in close contact with human beings. It can live in large houses and move easily to look for food. When on agricultural land it can move from one field to another looking for food. And, it can climb, jump, excavate, and even swim perfectly.

A mouse is also among the famous animals starting with the letter M.

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4. Sheep


A sheep is a domesticated animal mostly kept as livestock. Humans keep them for their wool, milk, and meat. The female ewe is a friendly mother to her young and spends most of the time eating together and cuddling. Generally, there is this misconception that a sheep is a stupid animal. But, this is far from the truth.

The truth is sheep stick together and forms bonds. That is why they are always moving in groups no matter what happens. And, to add to the intelligence part, a sheep can actually self-medicate when sick by looking for plants that make it feel better.

A sheep has a better vision than a human being. Its eyes can cover up to 320 degrees while human beings can only see 155 degrees. It is one of the most common domestic animals due to its ability to survive almost anywhere in the world.

5. Whale

whale, fish

Now, even the largest animal on the planet falls under the group of 5 letter animals. You heard that right! Whales are one of the few mammals that live in water. They are also the largest mammal on earth and can weigh up to 247,000 pounds.

Generally, we have two types of whales; toothed and baleen. The baleen whale is larger than the toothed one. Whales are not dangerous to humans except when threatened. They are also known to be curious and friendly to humans. In terms of intelligence, whales are pretty intelligent, displaying high levels of emotional intelligence.

Unlike fish, whales give birth to live young ones (calves), which they nourish with their milk for up to a year. Unfortunately, studies show that whales are likely to go extinct in the coming years. This is due to ocean pollution, human threats, and complex fishing activities.

The North Atlantic right whale is almost being wiped off the face of the planet, with only around 360 animals left.

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6. Sloth


A sloth is a small mammal that lives on trees. It is common in tropical rainforests of central and South America. A sloth has many physical characteristics of a monkey including a long tail and fur all over the body.

One of its unique characteristics is its slowness. It is one of the slowest animals and it’s even believed that algae grow on its fur due to the slow movement. However, the green algae on the fur are beneficial since it acts as camouflage when the animal is between the green leaves. 

The animal spends 15-20 hours of the day sleeping and even after waking up, they do not do much. Just like monkeys, at night they eat leaves, shoots, and fruits from trees.

Their natural habitat is on the trees in tropical rainforests. On land, they are not comfortable due to their long legs but in water, they are very good swimmers.

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Reptile with 5 Letters

7. Viper

viper, snakes

A viper is one of the deadliest snakes we have in the world. You will notice a viper by the hinged fangs and the stocky body. The fangs inject a deadly poison and can leave a very large wound on the body of its victim.

Viper’s prey is usually warm-blooded animals like rats and mice. It hunts during the day except for the pit viper which is active during the night. To identify the prey, a viper has a heat-sensitive area between the mouth and eyes.

Most vipers are found in the tropics and are rarely aggressive unless provoked. However, we have some vipers like the saw-scaled vipers that can be very aggressive.

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8. Gecko


Another animal featured in our list of 5 letter animals is the gecko. A gecko is a versatile reptile found almost everywhere in the world except Antarctica. This reptile can adapt to almost all environments from deserts to rainforests depending on the type of gecko.

A gecko is identifiable by its smooth skin, large head, and developed limbs. It is in the lizard family but one thing that sets it apart from other lizards is the way it lays eggs. Unlike other lizards, a gecko will lay eggs in pairs and not in large patches.

Geckos are adapted to climb even on smooth vertical walls and surfaces. They also move fast in the water and can float on water when running away from predators.

These small reptiles have a tail that serves as fat storage in extreme conditions when they cannot feed. The tail is retractable but grows back almost immediately.

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9. Skink


A skink is part of the lizard family, a shy reptile that prefers to hide in the ground. Skinks are available in a variety of colors and we have close to 1500 species. You will notice skinks are larger than geckos and have short limbs or no limbs at all.

Some have eyes resembling those of a snake, and they can be easily confused with snakes. Skinks are adaptable and they can live almost anywhere eating insects. Just like lizards, skinks can shed their tail when touched by a predator.

The reptiles are common in the tropics and the most common ones are the sand skinks that are found in the deserts of North Africa.

Amphibians with 5 Letters

10. Ranid


This is the most common type of frog that we have in the world. They are found everywhere in the world except in Antarctica and account for a fifth of all amphibians.

Ranids have well-developed limbs ideal for jumping and swimming. Also, their toes are webbed to help them float when swimming.

One thing that makes ranids stand out is their lack of ribs although they have an upper jaw with teeth and vertebrae. Their natural food is insects and they are common in wet areas hunting for insects.

Ranids have a pointed tongue that is instrumental when capturing insects for food. Since they spend some time in water their skin is lustrous and has a slippery metal look.

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11. Siren 

siren, salamander

A siren is an aquatic salamander commonly found in North America. Their physical characteristics include a slender body with tiny fore and hind legs. Most of the sirens are green, black, or dark gray.

Sirens feed on small aquatic animals or plants and are most active at night. These amphibians are quite passive and live mostly alone except when breeding. They have an average lifespan of 25 years.

The amphibians breed once a year in February and March. Their sexual maturity starts at the age of two years, and females can live up to 500 years. The eggs are laid in shallow water and by May they are ready to hatch.

Sirens are quite beautiful, and some people will even take them as pets.  However, you have to provide them with the right environment.

Bird with 5 Letters

Several birds also fit our list of 5 letter animals. These include:

12. Galah


A galah is a member of the cockatoo family commonly found in Australia. It is easy to distinguish a galah from other members of the cockatoo family by looking at its unique pink and gray feathers. Also, the female galah has pink-red eye colors while the male one has dark brown eyes.

In Australia, galahs adapt to almost any environment. You will find them in cities, parks, dense forests, and even agricultural lands.

Galahs are quite sociable animals so you will find them in huge flocks of up to 1000 birds. But during the hot weather, they disappear and hide in the shrubs. Galahs diet is mainly focused on grains, fruits, nuts, and buds.

13. Raven


A raven is a perching bird that is known for its intelligence. It is believed that ravens are as intelligent as chimpanzees or dolphins. They are also popular for their acrobatic activities that include doing rolls and summersaults.

If you thought parrots are good at imitating human speech, then you will be surprised at how ravens can do it. They can also imitate other familiar noises like flushing toilets or traffic sounds.

There is a myth in some European cultures that ravens are evil but this has since been passed by time. Since they are social birds, you will always find them in a group of ten or more. Also, they will always lay an average of four eggs.

14. Junco

dark-eyed junco

Junco is a type of sparrow that has gray and white feathers. It is a small bird that is approximately 15cm and is commonly found in northern America. This small bird is common in areas with thick bushy trees, and it moves easily due to its small size.

Unlike other birds that have their nests in trees, the juncos have their nest on the ground near a rock. They rarely reuse their nests and most of the time they will build their nest near a human structure.

15. Eagle


An eagle is considered the strongest bird of prey in the world. Eagles are powerful with strong heads and beaks designed to hunt and eat prey.

They have large eyes that take almost 50% of the head, which are as heavy as human eyes. And, various studies show that their eyesight is 5 times sharper than human eyesight. Eagles can be aggressive birds, with several instances of attacks on human beings. However, these attacks are usually not lethal.

The eagle is a popular animal and it has been used as the emblem of the United States since 1782. It is also used in many stories and inspirational talks where people admire the resilience and characteristics of the bird. There are currently over 60 species of eagles spread all over the world.

Interestingly, bald eagles feature on the list of 5 letter animals that mate for life.

Fish with 5 Letters

16. Trout


A trout is the first common fish in our list of 5 letter animals. It is a freshwater fish known for its mild taste. Generally, it’s a delicacy in many societies and a high source of protein.

Many people confuse a trout with salmon but there’s a difference – salmon is found in salty water. Trouts are long and skinny with a white underbelly although they come in a variety of colors. They have small scales so their body feels soft when you touch them.

Trouts are versatile feeders. For instance, the rainbow trout can eat everything including the small fish around. The female trout can lay up to 2000 eggs, although it all depends on the size of the fish.

Their natural habitat is the fresh water in the northern hemisphere although people have started farming this fish. The largest producer of trout is now Chile.

17. Sprat


Sprat is a common European sea fish. You can also find sprats in Australia or New Zealand. Their natural habitat is open oceans or inshore waters. Sprats are usually very small and they move in schools. Although sprats are used for consumption, they are mainly used for producing fishmeal that is used as food for other fish in ponds. 

Sprats feed on larvae or other small fish eggs. Their average lifespan is about six years and can lay up to 30,000 eggs in a year. The eggs will take about 15 days to hatch.

Sprats are active swimmers and swim throughout the day. They are not considered dangerous but at the same time, they are not kept at home as pets.

18. Grunt

grunt, fish

Grunts are almond-shaped fish popular for their silver bodies. However, you can also find other colors such as blue and yellow. Usually, you’ll find them in tropical waters or popular oceans.

The name grunt comes from the grunting noise that they produce. When observed underwater, they display kissing-like gestures when the two of them meet. 

The biggest grunt is as big as long as 46cm making them a delicacy for humans. They are social fish and move in schools, so it is difficult to find one alone.

This fish is a delicacy in many parts of the world but the only downside is that it goes bad easily.

Insect with 5 Letters

19. Midge


A midge is a small fly that resembles a mosquito. It is a damaging pest that’s known to destroy sorghum all over the world. Midges are also known for their bites that irritate the human skin.

In Australia, there are over 200 species available but they rarely cause any harm to human beings. Only the female midges bite human beings and they use the blood as a source of protein necessary for laying eggs.

Just like mosquitos, they breed around water bodies. They lay their eggs around damp soil or heaps of dirt. Adults can live anywhere from several days up to months.

Generally, they require calm conditions to be active although they bite during dusk. Although they bite, they are not known to transmit any diseases to humans.

20. Roach


Roaches invade human spaces and are considered pests. These insects can be carriers of a variety of diseases since they are found in areas where sanitation is poor. They are flattened and fast-running insects that always run away from humans.

Currently, there are over 69 species of roaches, which are unique based on their location. Unlike other insects, they do not live in colonies or one place. However, they hide in dark areas of the home and cracks in the house.

It is easy to identify the presence of roaches as they leave droppings that look like black pepper in different parts of the house. Roaches are mostly active during the night and during the day remain hidden.

21. Musca


Musca is commonly known as the housefly. It is common in rural and urban areas with decaying matter, heaps of dirt, or feces.

Houseflies go through a stage of development from egg, larvae, and finally to pupa. The eggs are laid in heaps of dirt and take approximately nine days to hatch. They are active during the day and sleep at night when the temperatures go down. 

Houseflies are fast insects and can fly at 15 miles per hour. Unfortunately, since they thrive in heads of dirt or decaying matter, they can spread germs to humans. They mostly eat liquids or solid food because they have sponge-like pallets that cannot take solid foods.


What is an animal with 5 letters?

An animal with 5 letters is a koala. Koalas are marsupials native to Australia and are known for their distinctive appearance, with fluffy ears and a round nose. They are herbivores and primarily eat eucalyptus leaves.

What animal begins with S?

Is an animal that begins with S? Yes, there are several animals that begin with the letter S, including the squirrel, the snake, and the shark. Some other examples include the spider, the seagull, and the swan.

What is the name of an animal with a lot of letters?

Is there a specific animal you are referring to? If not, I can provide a general answer.

The name of an animal with many letters is not a specific term used in zoology or biology. However, there are several animals with long names, such as the hippopotamus, which has 12 letters in its name.

Other animals with long names include the chinchilla, alligator, and rhinoceros.

5 letter animal words

5 letter animal words are common words used to describe various animals in the English language. These words can include “zebra,” “tiger,” and “giraffe.” Some 5 letter animal words, like “snake” and “shark,” can be used to describe both land and sea creatures.

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