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10 Best Greenhouse Fans to Buy Today

Does your greenhouse need some extra cooling? Which greenhouse fans are ideal for your type of greenhouse? This guide explores various types of greenhouse fans to help you make an informed choice.

A greenhouse needs proper ventilation for adequately cooling all year round. This ensures that you don’t lose your precious plants due to the heat that gets trapped inside the greenhouse, even in winter

Unfortunately, normal ventilation alone won’t be adequate. And that’s where greenhouse fans come in. These are crucial devices that help to ensure your plants are always in the best environment for growth

But how do you determine the best greenhouse fan for your greenhouse? Or is any fan ideal for any greenhouse? Certainly not!

Here is a compilation of the best greenhouse fans available in the market today that you should consider. However, ensure that you understand your greenhouse well to be able to determine the fan that best fits your requirements. 

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best for Ventilation J&D Manufacturing POW14 Indoor/Outdoor UL507 Certified Mount Fan
Best for Large Greenhouses Ipower 12 Inch Greenhouse Fan
Best Solar Powered Fan Galvanized Steel 70-watt Amtrak Solar System
Best for Small Greenhouses Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan by AC Infinity

Best Overall Greenhouse Fan

Deciding on the right fan for your greenhouse is a complex and overwhelming task. What’s more, It’s tedious to sort through tons of features and different brands in the market. 

But the good news is I will help you pick the best greenhouse fan. Check out these options:

1. J&D Manufacturing POW14 Indoor/Outdoor UL507 Certified Mount Fan

Pre-wired for instant operation, this 14″ premium outdoor waterproof fan by J&D Manufacturing is durable and waterproof. This fan is an excellent choice for greenhouses, where fans are subject to moisture and rain. You can remove dirt and dust from these J&D fans by spraying them down, making them ideal for agricultural applications.


  • UL507 certified waterproof for rain and humidity and outdoor installation.
  • Provides easy installation for walls, ceilings, workstations, and hanging applications
  • Direct-drive motor for maximum speed
  • A sealed motor with thermal overload protection
  •  Closed ball bearings that are long-lasting
  • J&D fans come with an eight-foot cord and pre-wired plug for instant operation.
  • The unit includes a 9’L power cord and a hanging wall/ceiling yoke bracket that allows tilt and change of direction
  • 3-speed pull chain for moving lots of air in multiple directions 
  • A powder-coated mounting frame for easy installation


  • High-performance output
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Quiet operation thanks to direct drive
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Simple to install
  • It’s versatile, can use for greenhouses, chicken coops, dog kennels


  • It has a great fan, but there is slight vibration from the blades
  • It may be a fire hazard if the motor gets extremely hot

Best Exhaust Fans for a Greenhouse

In your kitchen, an exhaust fan pulls smoke-filled air out whenever you burn food. A greenhouse could benefit from the same concept, though I hope nothing is burning in there. Usually, the HAF fans push air into exhaust fans, and the exhaust fans pull that air in and expel it through their vents.

Exhaust fans are good greenhouse humidity fans and work with vents or shutters on the other side of the greenhouse. As the exhaust fan pulls out the warm air in the greenhouse, the ducts on the opposite side pull in new cool air. 

With a high-quality exhaust fan, you can adjust the speed according to the size of the greenhouse, the plant’s needs, and the climate.

Here are excellent options:

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2. Ipower 12 Inch Greenhouse Fan

iPower 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan removes moisture, heat, and dust from greenhouses. This wall-mounted exhaust fan has automatic gravity shutters that open and close when the fan runs.


  • iPower comes with automatic shutters that cool your greenhouse 
  • It has a speed controller that optimizes cooling
  • iPower’s Fan Speed Controller will allow you to adjust the speed of your shutter exhaust fan accurately. The outlet is a 3-pole grounded plug. No extra wires are necessary.
  • The one control switch offers three-speed settings: OFF, HIGH, MED, and LOW.
  • Easy-to-install power cable kit 
  • Installing your ventilation system is made easier with a 3-foot strain wire connector and installation instructions.
  • The power cord kit makes it easy to operate the fan
  • Universal extension cord power kit works.


  • It comes fully assembled and ready to be installed right out of the box.
  • Ideal for smaller spaces.
  • The installation and wiring are super easy


  • This unit lets a lot of cold air in from outside. 
  • It’s noisy to operate.
  • The fan speed controller doesn’t change the speed of the fan.

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Solar Fans for Greenhouse

Similar to any other solar-powered device, solar-powered greenhouse fans take advantage of the sun all day to generate energy. You can hook up any type of fan to a photovoltaic panel to make it a solar-powered fan.

The purpose of a backyard greenhouse is to harness the sun’s power. Growing plants requires the sun, and you want to grow more plants. Technically, all greenhouses are “solar-efficient,” but let’s look at what you can do when your greenhouse’s electricity is generated from solar energy. In particular, how to control the airflow in your greenhouse. 

Here are a few ways to improve your greenhouse’s airflow with a few solar-powered exhaust fans.

3. Galvanized Steel 70-watt Amtrak Solar System 

This greenhouse fan has a 14-inch housing and a larger 10″ fan blade that makes cooling your greenhouse pretty easy. The system is designed to work with solar panels

When sunlight strikes the solar panel, the fan turns on and runs all day. Fresh air is circulated throughout the greenhouse all day long. 


  • It is made from galvanized steel that resists moisture build-up.
  • Compared to most competitors, a 70 Watt panel is three times more powerful
  • The fan housing is 14 inches wide and features a 10″ high-efficiency blade. Enough to open the louver. 
  • Installation is quick and easy thanks to the quick-connect wires 
  • High-efficiency fan blades with a thermally protected motor with a low noise level are long-lasting.
  • Z Brackets come with nuts and bolts for easy installation.


  • Installation is easy 
  • You can use the fan for several uses: A greenhouse, shed, or gable vent.
  • Fan Motor with High Torque
  • Free Thermostat on request that is easy to install.
  • A 25-year warranty
  • Designed to withstand hail and difficult weather conditions 


  • The fan blades are too small.
  • The fan blades are made from plastic, making them less desirable.

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4. Eco-Worthy Foldable Fan with 25W

This foldable Eco-Worthy Fan is an excellent solar-powered greenhouse fan that will cool your greenhouse from solar power. As the sun hits the solar panel, it powers the fan to circulate fresh air throughout the greenhouse, keeping it cool all day.


  • Solar-powered 12-inch greenhouse for high airflow
  • Stainless steel blades make this solar fan durable and prevent rusting. 
  • Installation is easier because the fan is cast and rolled in one process.


  • High Air Flow
  • Good Warranty of one year
  • Cost-Saving


  • Weak motor fan 

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Greenhouse Circulation Fans

You’re likely familiar with circulation fans from commercial greenhouses, those vast metal-caged fans. You can mount these fan systems on the ceiling, frame, or even on the floor. 

Circulation fans come in different sizes and have variable speeds. And while some might be large, they are usually lighter than exhaust fans. These fan types are the bulldozers among greenhouse fans, and blowing fresh air is all they do.

If you have a greenhouse with an area that can get hot, cold, or too moist, you could place a circulation fan there. These fans are ideal for breaking up air stratification in difficult-to-access places and corners.

5. The Schaefer Versa-Kool 12 VK12-B

This Versa-Kool fan provides greenhouse ventilation at the highest level. Versa-Kool fans are unmatched in the industry for their increased airflow and superior cooling. They also produce less noise to reduce heat stress and improve indoor air quality.

Product Description

  • Deep guard design ensures low noise levels, unmatched performance, and safety without sacrificing airflow.
  • High-quality motors and blades matched for maximum efficiency
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel guards
  • The VK12-GA and VK20-GA models come with hot-dipped galvanized guards for even better corrosion protection
  • Steel mounting bracket with powder coating and power cord included
  • Installation is flexible and easy, with a variety of mounting options available
  • Various speed control options are available
  • Has misting kits for even more cooling


  • High performance
  • Low noise
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Multiple mounting options for easy and flexible installation


  • Costly to install

6. Variable Ventisol 12 Inch

This VENTISOL 12 Fan can efficiently ventilate greenhouses, garages, gardens, or basements. It’s ideal for use in places where you need to transfer superior airflow for cooling and ventilation.

Product Description

  • You can adjust the fan speed separately according to your comfort with a variable speed controller included.
  • No power cord or plug. It’s hard-wired for easy installation
  • It runs on 120 volts at 70 watts making it efficient and powerful.
  • A self-closing shutter protects the fan from rain and snow when not in use.


  • Easy Installation
  • Long-lasting
  • Efficient and powerful


  • You need to cut the stud to install
  • Lots of gaps between shutters allow cold air to get into the greenhouse

Best Jet Fan

What’s a fanjet, anyway? A fanjet is different from a turbofan in that it can control airflow, humidity, and even heat. 

The airflow is controlled by a motorized exhaust fan, shutters, and specially designed tubes. In more enormous greenhouses and industrial fans, this can be helpful but is not commonly used by hobbyist greenhouse growers.

7. Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan by AC Infinity

This fan is designed to exhaust odors and stagnant air, transfer heat, and cool hydroponic grow rooms.

Product Description

  • It has an intelligent controller that comes with a temperature and humidity control timer.
  • A PWM-controlled DC  combines a mixed flow design for a tranquil energy-efficient performance.
  • Duct fans are designed to provide a quiet means of cooling
  • EC-motor for energy efficiency and quiet operation


  • Low noise
  • Energy efficient
  • Precise speed control


  • Complex to install
  • Costly

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8. LAYOND 4″ Carbon Filter for Grow Tent Ventilation

You can place the LAYOND 4″ Carbon Filter for the Grow Tent Ventilation intake fan and put it outside the grow tent. The ducting can be clamped to the flange, and the unit can either be hung casually or simply let stand on the floor.

Product Description

  • You’ll only hear a smooth wind sound from a DC centrifugal fan since it does not produce any rattling or buzzing noises.
  • It has an AC110V-DC24V adapter, which is safer than direct AC110V fans. A 30W, 200CFM fan powers it.
  • Carbon filters are made of pure charcoal, known for their excellent odor-control properties.


  • Easy to install
  • Quiet to operate


  • Complex to use

Greenhouse Thermostat Fan

A thermostat fan automatically turns on or off based on the pre-set temperature, like an automatic vent opener. 

With a greenhouse thermostat fan, your greenhouse will run more efficiently, lower your power bills, and make you feel more secure. They are the best greenhouse fans for temperature regulation.

Here is a great example of such a fan. 

9. AC Infinity AIRLIFT T10, Shutter Exhaust Fan 10″

For the best temperature control in your greenhouse, using a greenhouse thermostat fan is the ideal option. And this AC Infinity shutter exhaust fan is an excellent choice.

The high-flow greenhouse fan system is designed to suck out heat, odor, moisture, and even dust from your greenhouse, offering your plants the best growth environment.


  • It contains a programmable controller that helps adjust fan speeds according to temperature levels and humidity.
  • High-tech EC motors are designed to help maximize airflow at low energy consumption.
  • It is made from steel shutters and aluminum blades that are highly dust and liquid-resistant.


  • Produces minimal noise
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Offers automatic temperature control


  • It might be challenging to set your preferred temperature range.

10. Digital Temperature Controller, Inkbird ITC-308

While this isn’t a greenhouse fan, it’s an excellent way to turn your greenhouse fan into a thermostat-controlled fan. This way, you can be sure that your greenhouse receives optimal cooling for your plant’s best growth. 

Product Specifications

  • It helps to cool the temperatures based on the pre-set levels.
  • Displays temperature levels in °C (Centigrade) or °F (Fahrenheit).
  • Has a maximum output load of 1100W(110V)
  • Can easily set low or high-temperature alarms
  • It comes with a sensor to detect over or under-temperature and device malfunction.
  • Displays both measured temperature and set temperature simultaneously.
  • A dual reading mode allows you to read with Centigrade or Fahrenheit.
  • The WiFi smart controller works with Android &IOS supports a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router-free APP “InkbirdSmart” that monitors the temperature whenever needed. 


  • Easy to use
  • Has safety alarm
  • 2-year warranty


  • Complex to use

How to Set Up Fans in a Greenhouse

A greenhouse’s size determines how many fans it needs. You should install an interior fan every 40 or 50 feet of the greenhouse’s length. 

It’s crucial to align the fans with the most extended greenhouse length to ensure rotational air patterns necessary for healthy air circulation. Air forced down one side of the greenhouse will return on the opposite side.

However, installing interior fans at the correct height will not be enough; they must also be appropriately angled.  The greenhouse will achieve rotational air patterns most effectively by turning the fans toward the middle of the greenhouse. Angles between 10 and 15 degrees are sufficient for air movement. 

Also, besides tilting the fans sideways, tilt them down so that a slight breeze touches the plants. The result is a well-balanced temperature throughout the structure as the cooler air near the ground mixes with the warmer air above.


How Many Overhead Fans for a Greenhouse?

Always ensure optimum performance. The fan capacity should be double the floor area. A 30′ x 100′ greenhouse, for example, should have a fan capacity of 30′ x 100′ x 2 = 6000 cubic feet per minute. 

A slightly larger capacity is needed to handle additional turbulence created by tall crops such as tomatoes or hanging baskets.

How Long Can Greenhouse Fans Run For? 

While we want to cool the greenhouse, we should also avoid overdoing it. Therefore, installing a thermostat to control the greenhouse’s temperatures would be a great idea.

This way, when the ideal temperature is reached, the fan can stop running to avoid overcooling. It will also help reduce energy wastage which usually leads to high energy bills. 

You can also reduce the greenhouse fan operation time, especially during summer, using greenhouse shading

What’s the Best Fan for a Greenhouse?

When it comes to choosing the best fan for a greenhouse, it all boils down to the type of greenhouse and cooling needs. Different greenhouses will have different cooling needs. Meaning you’ll choose a greenhouse fan based on the type and size of your greenhouse.

Therefore, while one might choose the J&D Industrial 14″ fan for their greenhouse, another might prefer the Schaefer VK12 Versa-Kool 12″ circulation fan.

The most important thing is to know what kind of greenhouse you have and what type or size of fan would be ideal. 

What is the best way to ventilate a greenhouse?

The best way to ventilate a greenhouse is to use a combination of natural and mechanical ventilation methods. Natural ventilation involves opening windows, doors, and vents to allow air to circulate, while mechanical ventilation uses fans and exhaust systems to actively move air in and out of the greenhouse.

It is important to monitor temperature and humidity levels inside the greenhouse to determine the optimal ventilation strategy for your specific plants and growing conditions.