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How to Install a Greenhouse [Step-by-Step Guideline]

Installing a greenhouse by a professional can prove to be a herculean task. Not just that, greenhouse installation services can cost you a good chunk of money. 

But there’s always an alternative way around it. And DIY greenhouse installation is the best alternative route you can take. 

However, it’s a baffling job if you have no prior experience. I found it a labyrinth myself when I first experienced it.  Therefore, I have come up with my experience of greenhouse building ideas. Stay tuned till the end of this write-up. 

Why do you need a Greenhouse?

inside a Green house

There are various reasons why you should have a new greenhouse garden. Here are the five reasons for building greenhouses. So if you have any hesitation, you might shake it off. 

  1. No seasonal barrier

The first reason is to get fresh veggies and fruits all year. You don’t need to wait for spring to grow your favorite fruits. You can grow it in winter. Even exotic fruits can be produced in a greenhouse. 

  1. Protection from Insects

The second most stark reason is the protection from pests and insects. Don’t you find insects irritating when they harm your plants? Well, a greenhouse prevents animals and insects from entering your garden. 

  1. Increased Production

It is a well-known phenomenon that a greenhouse yields more fruits than a usual garden. This is because here, the heat remains almost constant. Therefore, you can expect a whopping harvest. 

  1. Affordable and safe

A greenhouse is expensive in the first place. But if you consider the fruits and veggies you can produce over the years, the cost is worth spending. Moreover, a greenhouse is safe and environment-friendly. 

  1. Weather protection

An unexpected rainy day or severe winter night can harm your best-loved plants. But in a greenhouse, you can protect your garden from any adversity. 

However, protection from storms might need a strong structure. We shall unravel the installation process now. But let’s gather our tools first. 

Tools You Need to Install a Greenhouse

Tools to install a Green house

These are the necessary pieces of equipment you should have to assemble a greenhouse. Depending on your greenhouse model, there may be slight variations in the required tools. 

  1. Greenhouse kits from any trusted buyer (Aluminum frame recommended)
  2. Tape measurement for the exact size
  3. Sharp knife or scissors for cutting objects
  4. Drilling machine
  5. Foundation layer (either brick or concrete)
  6. A good screwdriver
  7. Two pliers, if possible.
  8. Spanners that can be adjusted
  9. Working gloves for hand protection
  10. Protective goggles for eye safety

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How to Install a Greenhouse: A Comprehensive Roadmap

Well, we have got our tools and safety equipment. Before starting the project, check local building codes (in some places, it is required). Otherwise, let’s move on to the process. 

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Place

Place to build a greenhouse

Pick a suitable location that has enough sun exposure. Remember, big plants and buildings can block the sun’s rays. Also, trees can fall into the greenhouse on a howling stormy night and damage it. 

There should be no big obstacles near the site! 

Moreover, it is better if the location is protected from the wind. Choose a flat ground for the optimal foundation. If the floor is rough and uneven, you have to level it out. Using a spirit level for this can be freaking awesome. 

If you can put a waterline and lighting source inside the greenhouse, it is better. But if not, then choose a location with a water source nearby. Also, there should be enough space around the greenhouse for inspection. 

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Step 2: Take measurements and Prepare the Base

Land Measurement of the green house

Now take the measurement tape and calculate the ideal area. Then, you have to make the base in such a way that it fits the greenhouse frame. Mismatched frames will give you a headache. 

Now dig out a few inches of the measured area. Of course, you can choose to insert the greenhouse frame on the grass directly. But delving a few inches of grass can give the frame better support. The area must be square. 

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Step 3: Lay the Foundation Frame

Land foundation of the greenhouse

Before jumping off the cliff, take safety measures like wearing gloves, goggles, etc. Now it’s time to make a perfect greenhouse frame foundation. 

As per your measurement, make a wooden frame. You can choose concrete or brick if you want for secured use. I’m taking lumber materials for the demonstration.  

The lumber should be screwed properly. Use enough bolts and brackets across the frame. Now set the base into the previously prepared ground. Fill and level the earth if necessary. 

Use anchors and place the frame firmly. You can use several tools to keep the anchors in the ground. Attach the screw eyes for better protection. Now your structure has been laid. 

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Step 4: Install the Greenhouse Kit

Green house kit

Well, this is perhaps the most tricky part. To cope with unfamiliar kits (or familiar ones, if you are experienced enough), check out the instructions carefully. Usually, you get the full description of the process from the instructions. 

Now take all the pieces. Then, assemble the smaller parts of the frame with the greenhouse frame.

Then you need to assemble the door and roof ridge parts. Most importantly, make sure you have connected the wood frame and the aluminum frame with screws. Now position the sidewall and back wall, respectively. 

Use a sharp knife or scissors to trim the wall panel and put the gutter in the wall. Next, assemble the door frame and tighten the nuts. After that, put the roof ridge in place and secure it properly.  

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Step 5: Finalize the Frame

Green house install

Now our mainframes are set. You should start adding support braces now. Next, start covering the roof with glass panels or polycarbonate panels. 

Make sure you place every single panel in place so the frame becomes tight and solid and no heat loss happens. 

Remember the gutter? Now you need to seal it all along. Next comes the roof vent opener. Some brands might not offer that. A vent panel is essential for ventilation

After you create the vent panel, look forward to the final task of door positioning. You might need a drill, screws, sealant, and a wrench for the task. Then Check and recheck the door installation process. 

If everything is okay, the door will be perfect to close and open. For a finishing touch, circle the whole greenhouse and see if any flaws are there or not. If not, then Voila! 

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Greenhouse Glazing: How to put Glass in a Greenhouse Roof?

Greenhouse glazing is the most important part of the proper structure. Here’s how you can put glass in your greenhouse roof in detail. 

Step 1: Put the Roof panels

Green House roof panel

Glazing requires at least two men. You should have your goggles and gloves on for safety issues. First, take a roof panel. Slide the first panel into the groove of the top. Let the panel fit into the ridge properly. 

Then secure the bottom of this panel with gutter clips so they won’t fall down. Then put the cappings over the ridge and screw them with the right brackets. When you are done with the first one, move on to the next glasses. 

Make sure the cappings are in a good position to hold the panels. Then, repeat the process for the rest of the roof save for the vents.

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Step 2: Put the Roof Vent

Green house roof vent

Now fit the vent hinges rail into position. Next, fix the hinge by using SC027 screws. Next, glaze the glass panel before putting it into the hinge. 

The panel should be well-fitted and then screwed properly. Now get the roof vent through the opening and put the vent at the previously installed hinges. You can use chairs to do so. 

Now check if the vent is in the correct position or not by opening and closing it a few times. If everything is okay, then you are done with the roof assembly. 

Do the same with the side wall panels to put the glasses. Again, don’t let go of the corners without capping. Finally, add finishing touches to the doors. 

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Things to consider while Assembling a Greenhouse 

  • Even though it’s a DIY task, you need a pair of helping hands for the process. So don’t start working alone while building a greenhouse. 
  • Always wear safety gloves and goggles to protect yourself from injury. 
  • You should build the whole frame in a single day. Otherwise, the wind might damage the half-complete frame. 
  • Make sure you have tightened the screws and nuts well. Don’t overtighten, however. It may make the bolts obsolete. 
  • Use polycarbonate panels for greenhouse glazing. Replace any broken glass panel asap. 
  • Don’t forget to position a vent panel on the roof ridge. It will serve you greatly during the warmer period. 
  • Take help from a professional if you feel like you are messing up. A professional person will easily fix any flaws within a couple of minutes. 

Final Thoughts

So, that’s all you need to know about how to put together a greenhouse. If you find anything difficult, just let us know. That’s all for today. Hasta la vista, buddy!


Is it cheaper to build a greenhouse or buy one?

To be frank, assembling a greenhouse by yourself can cost a bit less than buying a ready-made one. When you are building a greenhouse, you can modify and customize it to the fullest. But it’s a long process to do it yourself and any mismanagement might make the greenhouse weak.

If you buy greenhouse kits, it may cost you more. But they are hassle-free to install.

Where’s the best place to put a greenhouse?

The best place to put a greenhouse is where it gets the most sun exposure throughout winter. It is the best option to site your greenhouse south to north, and the second-best option is east to west. And you should put a greenhouse in a sunny area, away from shade or frost.

How much does it cost to build a greenhouse attached to a house?

Building a greenhouse attached to a house is a cost-effective way to extend the growing season and provide fresh produce year-round. The cost of building a greenhouse attached to a house can vary depending on factors such as size, materials, and location. On average, homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 for a basic attached greenhouse.

What time of year should you install a greenhouse?

Installing a greenhouse is a process that requires careful planning and consideration, and choosing the right time of year is crucial to ensure success. The best time to install a greenhouse is typically during the spring or fall, when temperatures are mild and consistent. This allows for optimal growing conditions and gives plants time to establish before extreme weather conditions occur.

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