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International Elephant Foundation

  • Location: United States
  • Founded: 1998 by a corporation of individuals and institutions.
  • Species: African elephants and Asian elephants.

What is the International Elephant Foundation?

International Elephant Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization committed to protecting Elephants. They do many things and they see themselves as an umbrella organization encompassing the International Elephant Society, International Animal Rescue, and International Veterinary Dental College.

The organization aims to support elephant conservation and protection. The International Elephant Species through education, conservation, research, veterinary programs, and the International Elephant Sanctuaries.

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International Elephant Foundation’s Mission

International Elephant Foundation has many initiatives such as rescuing elephants, improving habitats for elephants in range countries, bringing awareness about mitigating human elephant conflict, and informing people about natural elephant history.

The foundation’s Education Initiatives is to teach the grassroots of education communities on elephants, like students and teachers as well as conservationists and decision-makers on elephants and their living landscapes.

Here are the goals of the International Elephant Foundation:

  • End ivory poaching
  • End ivory markets and black market
  • End endangered Asian elephant trade
  • End the increasing human elephant conflict
  • Help human elephant coexistence
  • Save critically endangered Sumatran elephant
  • Conduct scientific research about elephant diseases and it cure
  • Educate people about elephant care and wildlife conservation education programs

International Elephant Foundation has an International Animal Rescue program that aims to create a safe space for animals that do not belong in captivity.

The nonprofit organization also aims to build a sustainable future for elephants, build conservation response units, use trained elephants patrol forests units, and have education programs with the help of the organization’s community partners on its conservation projects.

International Elephant Foundation’s goals are to support the protection of elephants threatened by habitat loss or increasing human elephant conflict; end illegal wildlife trade; advocate for life before death (euthanasia), and promote sustainable livelihoods to empower communities with whom elephants coexist.

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International Elephant Foundation supports different projects and operates directly in many countries throughout Asia and Africa.

Since its beginnings, International Elephant Foundation has been a leader in the area of elephant conservation.

The International Elephant Foundation manages the International Elephant Research and Management Center, International Elephant Awareness Day, International Center for Asian Elephants, International Elephant Conservation Centers, and International Conservation of Asian Elephants.

Their focus is on management and elephant protection, such as anti-poaching activities and scientific research, but they also support outreach programs to encourage peaceful coexistence with local communities.

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Elephant Conservation

The International Elephant Foundation is a global organization that helps to protect the existing elephant habitat. It is an organization that also works to save the endangered Asian elephant and other extremely endangered species.

The International Elephant Foundation has been working on several aspects of elephant conservation in the past few years to ensure a vibrant future for Elephants.

One of their projects is to operate elephant conservation, train park rangers in Tanzania about how to protect the country’s elephants from poachers. Another project they are involved with is providing freshwater sources for wildlife in central Kenya.

The International Elephant Foundation is also working on educating the community about elephant conservation, including teaching children about the importance of protecting these endangered species.

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How can I donate to Elephants?

International Elephant Foundation provides rescue and cares for elephants that have been victims of the illegal wildlife trade, elephant tourism, or other abuses. International Elephant Foundation educates about the culture, biology, and conservation challenges facing wild elephants in their natural habitat as well as those in captivity.

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How can we save elephants?

There are many wildlife organizations that help endangered species and management programs worldwide on wildlife conservation.

The International Elephant Foundation is among these wildlife organizations that work tirelessly to save elephants by funding international conservation projects, education programs, and producing original content about elephant-related topics.

In addition, it protects existing elephant habitats and partnering with zoos worldwide. Supporting the wildlife organization of the International Elephant Foundation is among the best ways to save elephants.

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How to help

Do you want to support the different research projects and conservation efforts of the International Elephant Foundation to protect Asian and African elephants, then click on the donate button and go to their website to make your contribution?


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