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14 Best Sustainable Subscription Boxes

These days, being eco-friendly is more crucial than ever. With trillions of plastic particles in our oceans, many people feel they can do nothing to protect the environment. Fortunately, there are some ways to start a greener lifestyle—especially when it comes to subscription boxes. 

With these sustainable subscription boxes, you can deliver eco-friendly products to your home. It combines the excitement of monthly subscriptions with an eco-friendly twist, so it’s a win-win. 

There are many types of green subscription boxes to choose from. Ethical clothing subscription boxes, sustainable monthly boxes for vegans, and eco-activism kits are just a few examples of what I’ve found. 

So, you may be wondering—what are the best sustainable subscription boxes? The answers lie just ahead! These fourteen subscription boxes are sustainable and unique so they won’t disappoint. 


To determine the best sustainable subscription boxes, I considered a few key factors: reviews, eco-friendliness, and item quality. 

Before adding any subscription box to this list, I ensured that most reviews were positive. I also browsed the negative reviews to ensure no serious recurring complaints. 

Eco-friendliness was another essential factor. Package-free items, recyclable wrappers, eco-friendly materials, and ethical practices are just a few traits you’ll find in these subscription boxes. 

Finally, I made sure each subscription box had quality items. Each box on this list provides safe, useful, and durable eco-conscious products. 

With these factors in mind, you can rest assured that I’ve chosen the best eco-friendly subscription boxes. 

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best Sustainable Subscription Box Overall Greenup Box
Best Sustainable Beauty Box Love Goodly Box
Best Sustainability Subscription Box for Dog Owners Pure Earth Pets
Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Box for Children Green Kid Crafts
Best Vegan Meal Subscription Box Purple Carrot
Best Plastic-Free Beginner Box Life Without Plastic Box
Best Eco Activist Subscription Box Planet Post Box
Best Sustainability Box for Home Goods Grove Collaborative
Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Box for Gardeners My Garden Box
Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Box for Parents A Mommy and Me Box
Best Sustainable Snack Box Snacksack
Best Seasonal Eco-Friendly Subscription Box Earthlove
Best Sustainable Subscription Box for Self-Care Nature’s Wellness Box

Best Sustainable Subscription Boxes

1. Greenup Box – Best Sustainable Subscription Box Overall 

Greenup Box Homepage
Greenup Box / Greenup Box

If you want a fantastic eco-friendly subscription box, the Greenup Box is the way to go. This is the best box on the list for all types of lifestyles! 

There are four different plans for the Greenup Box: the three-box set, the year of boxes, the seasonal subscription, and the single box. So whether you want a steady income from boxes or want to try it for a month, Greenup Box has a plan that’ll work for you. 

This no-waste subscription box offers quality, eco-friendly products. Cruelty-free personal care products, all-natural dish soap, and reusable alternatives to plastic are just a few of the items you can expect in your delivery. 

Greenup is my highest recommendation for anyone who wants to try eco-friendly subscription boxes. It’s a significant first step toward a low-waste lifestyle! 


  • You can expect new products every month. 
  • Each box has between six and nine items. 
  • These eco-friendly subscription boxes have a different theme every month.  
  • Greenup offers eco-friendly products from both large and small businesses. 
  • All products come in zero-waste packaging. 


  • Greenup only ships to the United States and Canada. 
  • It does not offer refunds or returns for any items. 

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2. Kiwi Eco Box – Best Sustainable Monthly Box for Beginners 

Kiwi Eco Box Homepage
Kiwi Eco Box / Kiwi Eco Box

Since 2021, the Kiwi Eco Box has been delivering sustainable products to people across the United States! It’s an excellent option for people who yearn for an eco-conscious lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start. 

Each Kiwi Eco Box contains five to seven eco-friendly items for a sustainable life. Expect products such as bamboo toothbrushes, silicone food containers, and beeswax candles. 

The products Kiwi Eco Box provides are recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable. If you’d like to reduce waste in your household, this zero-waste subscription box is the way to go. 

Overall, this is the best eco-friendly subscription box for beginners. It can make an excellent gift for family or friends who want a more sustainable lifestyle. 


  • Subscribing to this box can help support small businesses. 
  • All of its products are 100% zero-waste. 
  • This subscription box is constantly changing its products. 
  • Kiwi Eco provides practical, sustainable alternatives to everyday necessities. 
  • These eco-friendly subscription boxes arrive on the same day every month. 


  • You cannot get refunds or return items. 
  • If you are outside the United States, Kiwi Eco may not ship to your country. 

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3. Love Goodly Box – Best Sustainable Beauty Box 

Love Goodly Box Homepage
Love Goodly Box / Love Goodly Box

If you’re trying to go green but don’t want to give up your skincare routine, the Love Goodly Box might be the subscription service you need. 

This eco-friendly subscription box provides cruelty-free personal care products. Some common items you’ll receive are facial cleansers, makeup, and face mists. You may also find fun additions like scarves, jewelry, and vegan vitamins. 

Love Goodly has two eco-friendly subscription boxes: the Essential Box, which contains four or five items, and the VIP Box, which contains one or two additional products. 

Even if you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, you can still enjoy self-care and beauty products—and this box is a great place to start. 


  • Some of the Love Goodly Box’s profits go to charities. 
  • This subscription box only uses organic, non-toxic ingredients. 
  • You can purchase boxes from previous months. 
  • It offers a referral program that can help you save money on future boxes. 
  • These products are fair trade, which is good for the environment and workers. 


  • Love Goodly does not ship outside the United States. 
  • Because there’s no personalization option, you may receive products unsuitable for your hair or skin type. 

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4. Pure Earth Pets – Best Sustainability Subscription Box for Dog Owners 

Pure Earth Pets Homepage
Pure Earth Pets / Pure Earth Pets

Do you want your furry friend to join you on your journey to eco-friendly living? Pure Earth Pets is the perfect subscription box for that! 

These monthly deliveries will provide you with eco-friendly items for your dog. You’ll receive goodies like all-natural dog treats, toys, and biodegradable waste bags

Each box offers between four and six items. If you want more of a specific item that made your dog’s tail wag, you can check out the retail shop

Don’t own a dog? Pure Earth Pets can make a thoughtful gift. So, if you’re seeking eco-friendly gift boxes for dog owners, consider trying this one. 


  • You can get free shipping on orders over $35. 
  • Some of this company’s proceeds go to charities. 
  • Each product comes in waste-free packaging. 
  • This service offers products from cruelty-free brands. 
  • It has products suitable for dogs of any breed or age. 


  • It does not offer products for cats or other types of pets. 
  • You cannot refund or return any items. 

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5. Green Kid Crafts – Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Box for Children 

Green Kid Crafts Homepage
Green Kid Crafts / Green Kid Crafts

Caring for the earth is one of the most important things a kid can learn. If you’re seeking eco-friendly subscription boxes for kids, look no further than Green Kid Crafts

Each month provides a box filled with environmentally-friendly crafts and activities for children. These crafts encourage your kids to turn household items like recyclable paper cartons into something fun! The boxes also come with twelve-page educational magazines. 

If you have children between three and five, the Junior Box is the best option. If your kids are over five, you’ll want to pick the Discovery Box instead. 

Anyone seeking eco-friendly subscription boxes for families, schools, or daycares will want to try Green Kid Crafts. It can teach your little ones about science in a fun, eco-friendly way. 


  • The crafts in this box are educational and child-appropriate. 
  • There are many box themes, so you can pick something tailored to your child’s interests. 
  • For every box you buy, Green Kid Crafts will plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted. 
  • These activities can help children develop a passion for the environment. 
  • It offers shipping in several countries, including Australia and most of Europe. 


  • The products are not entirely plastic-free. 
  • There are no options for children under three years. 

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6. Purple Carrot – Best Vegan Meal Subscription Box 

Purple Carrot Homepage
Purple Carrot / Purple Carrot

If you’re struggling to make dinner on a plant-based lifestyle, Purple Carrot may be the perfect eco-friendly subscription box. 

This meal service offers a wide selection of delicious vegan recipes. Simply select the meals that catch your eye, and they’ll be delivered to your door. 

The most popular way to use this service is to order recipes with ingredients you can prepare yourself. But if you want to save time and effort, you can opt for reheatable pre-made meals. So, even if you’re too busy to cook, you can still benefit from this eco-friendly subscription box. 

Choosing vegan products can have many benefits for your health and the environment. So whether you’re a beginner vegan, a long-time vegan, or a meat eater who simply wants more veggies in your diet, Purple Carrot might be worth a try. 


  • Purple Carrot offers plenty of gluten-free meals. 
  • The menu includes options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  • Purple Carrot’s shipping and production have a low carbon footprint. 
  • The menu changes weekly, so you’ll try many unique recipes. 
  • Purple Carrot’s meals are nutritious and cholesterol-free. 


  • The packaging is not plastic-free. 
  • It does not offer meal sizes more significant than four servings. 

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7. Life Without Plastic Box – Best Plastic-Free Beginner Box 

Life Without Plastic Box Homepage
Life Without Plastic Box / Life Without Plastic Box

Because plastic doesn’t decompose, reducing our plastic waste is incredibly important. While it may seem complicated, a life without plastic is possible, and when you subscribe to the Life Without Plastic Box, your zero-waste journey can be a breeze! 

This no-waste subscription box supplies plastic-free products. Expect biodegradable floss, natural laundry detergent, stainless steel straws, and more. 

The Life Without Plastic Box has three subscription options: a one-time box, an annual subscription, and a quarterly box. So whether you want a single zero-waste starter kit or a steady income from plastic alternatives, Life Without Plastic has something that’ll work for you. 

Overall, Life Without Plastic is the best zero-waste subscription box for anyone wanting to lower their plastic waste. 


  • This monthly subscription box makes it easy to reduce personal waste. 
  • Life Without Plastic products never contain BPA or phthalates. 
  • Life Without Plastic obtains all its materials from sources with ethical working conditions. 
  • It offers many plastic-free kits in different themes, such as shopping necessities and zero-waste lunch kits. 
  • It has a Green America gold seal of approval. 


  • Life Without Plastic only accepts United States currency. 
  • Some products may contain small traces of plastic. 

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8. Planet Post Box – Best Eco Activist Subscription Box 

Planet Post Box Homepage
Planet Post Box / Planet Post Box

While buying eco-friendly products is a great way to protect the earth, engaging in environmental activism is just as important. If you’d like to become a better eco-activist but aren’t sure where to start, the Planet Post Box is your subscription box. 

Every monthly box contains information on a current issue and writing supplies, stamps, and addresses. It also has a teacher box if you’d like to help your students learn about protecting the earth. Overall, it’s a great way to connect conscious consumers passionate about eco-activism. 

In addition, each box comes with a fun, eco-friendly surprise, such as reusable household products or sustainable snacks. 

If you want to do your part in protecting the earth, consider ordering a box from Planet Post—it can be your first step toward a greener path! 


  • There’s a Planet Post Packet option that’s more affordable than the standard box. 
  • It has “A la Carte” boxes focusing on specific environmental issues. 
  • This eco-friendly subscription box is suitable for all ages. 
  • This box directly impacts protecting the environment more than most other options on this list. 
  • This subscription box can help you better understand the causes behind environmental issues. 


  • It does not have as many items inside as other boxes on this list. 
  • These subscription boxes are not zero waste. 

9. Grove Collaborative – Best Sustainability Box for Home Goods 

Grove Collaborative Homepage
Grove Collaborative / Grove Collaborative

While it’s essential to have a clean home, many cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. Fortunately, Grove Collaborative can provide natural products that can do the job while still being kind to the earth. 

Grove Collaborative’s monthly box offers eco-friendly products such as natural cleaning solutions, walnut-based sponges, and reusable soap dispensers. 

Grove Collaborative also offers skincare products like reusable beauty swabs. These sustainable items are just as good for your well-being as for the planet. 

Grove Collaborative is one of the best eco-friendly subscription boxes around. It offers everything you need for a sustainable everyday life! 


  • You can get free shipping on your first order. 
  • You can customize your boxes to ensure you’re not getting items that’ll go to waste. 
  • All of its products are 100% cruelty-free and plastic-neutral. 
  • This subscription service only provides products from ethical and sustainable brands. 
  • Grove Collaborative allows price matching.  


  • Grove Collaborative’s products are not yet plastic-free. 
  • There is a minimum cost for online shopping orders. 

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10. My Garden Box – Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Box for Gardeners 

My Garden Box Homepage
My Garden Box / My Garden Box

Do you have a green thumb and a passion for sustainable living? My Garden Box might be the perfect subscription box for you. 

Each My Garden Box delivery has one beautiful live plant to add to your garden or home. They also come with a matching planter! 

There are several plant box options to choose from. If you’re not outdoorsy, the House Plant Box might be right for you. And if you know a little one who loves gardening, consider the Tikes Garden Box. 

The My Garden Box can also make an excellent eco-friendly gift box! If you need a birthday present for someone who loves gardening, this ethical subscription box is a safe bet. 


  • This sustainable box is suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners. 
  • Each box comes with helpful tips for raising your plants. 
  • My Garden Box ships plants any time of year, including winter time. 
  • You will not get the same plant twice a year, so you can expect a lot of variety. 
  • My Garden Box has plenty of pet-friendly plants on its online shopping list. 


  • My Garden Box does not ship to Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. 
  • The quality of the plants and planters is not always consistent. 

11. A Mommy and Me Box – Best Eco-Friendly Subscription Box for Parents 

A Mommy and Me Box Homepage
A Mommy and Me Box / A Mommy and Me Box

Even the tiniest babies can enjoy eco-friendly products! A Mommy and Me Box is the best eco-friendly subscription box for moms who want to raise their children in an environmentally conscious environment. 

This monthly box provides sustainable items for both you and your little one. Customize your subscription to match your child’s age and gender for a more personal experience. A Mommy and Me provides gifts for children up to 5 years old. 

Each box contains between four and six items. Stylish clothing, eco-lifestyle toys, and natural self-care products are a few products you’ll find in the Mommy and Me Box. 

A Mommy and Me Box can make a thoughtful gift for a baby shower. It’ll help a lucky mom bond with her baby and adhere to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s also a tremendous sustainable clothing subscription for parents. 


  • The products in this box are long-lasting and practical. 
  • A Mommy and Me Box is an easy way to introduce an eco-friendly lifestyle to a young child. 
  • It offers boy, girl, and gender-neutral box options. 
  • It’s a modern and trendy sustainable fashion subscription box. 
  • A Mommy and Me Box uses eco-friendly materials in its packaging and products. 


  • It’s one of the most expensive options on this list. 
  • The packaging is not plastic-free. 

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12. Snacksack – Best Sustainable Snack Box 

Snacksack Homepage
Snacksack / Snacksack

Many of our daily snacks contain unnatural, unsustainable ingredients. If you want to feel better about your eating, consider subscribing to Snacksack

You can get up to 13 snacks in a single Snacksack box delivery. Expect delicious treats such as granola, cookies, and chips! You can also get a Snacksack reusable tote bag with your order. 

Snacksack sources its products from sustainable brands. It offers plenty of vegan, GMO-free, and Fair Trade Federation-approved snacks. 

If you want some more natural food in your pantry, Snacksack might just be what you need. It can be a great way to introduce a healthy lifestyle to your household. 


  • Snacksack provides both vegan and gluten-free box options. 
  • It offers a wide selection of products, so even picky eaters might find something they love. 
  • Snacksack products are healthy and all-natural.  
  • The price of Snacksack is lower than the retail value of its items. 
  • Its customer service is very responsive. 


  • Some snacks may include plastic packaging. 
  • Snacksack often repeats products in its monthly boxes. 

13. Earthlove – Best Seasonal Eco-Friendly Subscription Box 

Earthlove Homepage
Earthlove / Earthlove

If you’d prefer quarterly boxes rather than monthly boxes, Earthlove may be the eco-friendly subscription box for you! It can help you maintain a sustainable life from spring to winter. 

Each Earthlove box contains a variety of products to suit the current season. You’ll receive home decor, snacks, beauty products, and many others from responsible and sustainable sources. 

Earthlove products are fair trade, cruelty-free, and packaged with zero waste. It also supports small businesses that meet its ethical standards. 

Consider treating yourself to Earthlove’s quality sustainable products. Earthlove also makes a great eco-friendly gift box for a loved one. 


  • Earthlove offers both vegan and “beegan” boxes. 
  • Each box contains between six and eight items. 
  • This no-waste box only contains reusable or recyclable packaging. 
  • All products are full-size. 
  • Earthlove provides carbon-neutral shipping. 


  • The packaging is not plastic-free. 
  • Earthlove does not ship outside the US. 

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14. Nature’s Wellness Box – Best Sustainable Subscription Box for Self-Care 

Nature’s Wellness Box Homepage
Nature’s Wellness Box / Nature’s Wellness Box

Taking care of the earth and yourself is essential. If you’ve been struggling with self-care lately, Nature’s Wellness Box could be your perfect eco-friendly subscription box. 

Nature’s Wellness Box offers several aromatherapy-centered self-care items. Additionally, you’ll receive natural skincare products and home goods. It’s a sustainable way to improve your skincare routine! 

Nature’s Wellness products are always cruelty-free and vegan. This company prioritizes ingredients and products from local, sustainable sources. 

If you need an all-natural way to relax and care for your body, Nature’s Wellness Box might be worth a try. It can make an excellent gift for someone in your life who could use a little more self-care, too! 


  • It has a referral program that can save you money on future orders. 
  • Each box includes between five and seven wellness products. 
  • It has a great retail value compared to the box price. 
  • All ingredients are sustainable and plant-based. 
  • You can choose between monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly box subscriptions. 


  • It focuses on essential oils, some of which can trigger allergies or harm pets. 
  • Shipping to the United States is fairly expensive. 

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