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7 Best Things to Grow in AeroGarden

AeroGarden models come in many shapes and sizes. To choose the right model for yourself, you’ll have to pick the plants you want to grow first. Read through this list of the best things to grow in AeroGarden to make an informed decision.

Do you have a passion for gardening but lack the time or space to maintain a conventional garden? If you want to explore your green thumb despite the obstacles, modern indoor AeroGardens are the way forward for you.

These compact aero gardens work just like space-saving hydroponic gardens; only, they thrive on mist and vapors instead of using a single water body. The best part is that they have an accessible learning curve.

All you have to do is pick the things to grow in an aero garden, buy your required AeroGarden seeds, and AeroGarden pods, and get started. You can choose aesthetic AeroGarden designs and colors that fit your home decor and give a natural touch to your home.

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Ready to get started? I have listed down the best things to grow in AeroGarden to help you out.

Why Grow Plants in an AeroGarden?

When you think of setting up a garden using natural soil and water in your backyard or terrace, the options you have are limitless. You can plant anything from fruits, vegetables, flowers, and greens.

However, with AeroGardens or hydroponic gardens, that’s not the case. These modern gardening gadgets have a list of plants that grow well in the environment they offer.

But that doesn’t mean using AeroGardens is no good. There are many best things to grow in an AeroGarden, including fruits, vegetables, and even flowers, which I will discuss further in this article.

Before I get to my ultimate list, here are some benefits of using an AeroGarden to help you make a final decision regarding this gardening technique.

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  • Provided the optimum amount of artificial light, an AeroGarden requires only a small amount of water to sustain its plants. This way, you can enjoy home-grown vegetables and fruits using minimal resources and cut maintenance costs as well.
  • Unlike indoor hydroponic options, some AeroGardens expose their plants’ roots to the air instead of burying them in the soil. This means the roots do not directly contact pests and parasites, decreasing the risk of plant damage and demise.
    In the case of AeroGardens, you don’t have to deal with a water body that sustains your plants. This not only keeps your roots from getting water-logged, but also produces less mold and mildew. Consequently, you can keep your AeroGarden near your living space without worrying about any hygiene issues.

How to Grow Plants in an AeroGarden?

Now that you know the fantastic benefits you’ll get from using an indoor aero garden, you’re probably ready to get started. These indoor pods can help you grow your favorite vegetables even off-season and enjoy the recipes you love.

best things to grow in aerogarden

However, if you fail to operate them correctly, you might not get the expected outcome. That’s why I have included a brief guide to using the device before listing down the best things to grow in AeroGarden.

This way, you’ll get a clear idea if the technique works for you or not. After you’re familiar with the process, all you’ll have to do is choose the plants from my list and get started.

Step 1 – Select The Plant Assortment You Want To Grow

Remember that the plants you saw thriving and healthy in your friend’s hydroponic garden will not work well in your aeroponic garden. That’s why, if you’re using an aero garden, the ideal way is to stick with the best things to grow in AeroGarden.

However, that doesn’t mean you will restrict yourself by choosing an AeroGarden over a hydroponic garden. You can use the indoor garden to grow anything from leafy greens to herbs, vegetables, and even fruits.

To check out which plants grow exceptionally well in aeroponic conditions, choose from the list I have included later in this article.

Step 2- Choose Your Type of AeroGarden

After you decide the range of plants you want to grow using aeroponic or hydroponic technology, it’ll become easier for you to choose the perfect product. Meaning, you’ll be able to identify the best AeroGarden in terms of size and model.

As far as the AeroGarden model is concerned, you can choose from either countertop or floor AeroGardens. If you’re short on space, a countertop AeroGarden is an ideal choice.

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However, these models only accommodate around two to nine AeroGarden pods, limiting the number of plants you can grow. Similarly, these models come in different heights, so if you’re going for plants that tend to grow higher, you’ll have to select your model accordingly.

On the other hand, AeroGarden floor models are larger than their countertop counterparts. These models have up to 12 to 24 pods that let you grow multiple plants at once.

Step 3 – Plant Your Seeds

Once you have acquired the seeds of the plants you want to grow and chosen your ideal AeroGarden model, it is time to start gardening.

The trick to planting seeds that bring healthy plants is to avoid overcrowding your garden. Yes, you do have 24 holes in your AeroGarden model, but that doesn’t mean you should use them all.

You see, initially, everything will look good even if you plant too many seeds in your AeroGarden. But, as time passes and the plants grow, your garden will turn into an unorganizable mess.

To ensure healthy growth, leave alternate holes free while planting your seeds.

Step 4 – Clean Your AeroGarden Regularly

As I mentioned, aeroponic gardens are a breeze to maintain as they don’t have any water bodies integrated to help the plants grow. However, the tray beneath your plants can still accumulate debris and plant food which needs regular cleaning to ensure healthy plant growth.

Furthermore, you should conduct a full deep-clean after every harvest when you intend to plant new seeds in your AeroGarden.

Step 5 – Prune Your Plants

Plants are sensitive living things that cannot thrive without proper attention. Although your indoor plants won’t need as much pruning as your outdoor garden, they’ll still require some attention now and then.

Remember, your AeroGarden offers limited space for your plants to spread out. That’s why trimming off unnecessary overgrowth will help them grow to their maximum potential.

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Best Things To Grow In AeroGarden

After going through the brief details provided above, you probably know whether you want to go for an AeroGarden or not. Going back to the first step, your aeroponic garden cannot sustain any plant that strikes your whim.

For example, delicate flowers like roses cannot survive in aeroponic gardens with low water levels. That’s why it is essential to pick out suitable plants to avoid going through all the hard work in vain.

Here’s my list of the best things to grow in AeroGarden so you can start setting up your indoor garden.

    1. Lettuce

Vibrant, crunchy, and full of nutrients, lettuce is not only a great addition to your diet but also a suitable plant for your Aerogarden. It is one of the best vegetables to grow in an Aerogarden.


That’s because these leafy greens require less special attention and do not grow to enormous sizes even at their maximum growth potential. This means it can grow well even in countertop AeroGardens and won’t create spacing problems for you.

Besides that, lettuce has a shorter harvesting period than any other leafy green. You can get your first lettuce harvest within a month of planting your seeds. Just regulate the amount of light and heat the plant receives to ensure the ideal texture and flavor.

What’s more, you can create an assortment of lettuce plants in your AeroGarden. You can grow multiple kinds of lettuce successfully, including butter king lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, romaine, and garnet rose lettuce.

Apart from lettuce, you can grow other salad greens in your AeroGarden. These include,

  • Kale
  • Arugula
  • Bok Choi
  • Collard Greens
  • Mustard Greens

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    2. Strawberries

It might sound surprising, but you can actually grow strawberries in your aeroponic garden. Although these fruits are slightly trickier to grow than leafy greens, who wouldn’t like to have some fresh berries on their countertop?

Unlike vegetables, strawberries need attention during every growth stage, especially during the flowering and fruit stage. The easiest way is to purchase a ready-made nutrient solution to meet the plant’s needs for every stage.

Besides that, you’ll have to be patient while growing strawberries in your aeroponic garden.

First, let the runners develop to increase the volume of your strawberry garden before you aim for the fruits. Trim the runners at their buds to ensure a plentiful harvest at the fruiting stage.

    3. Tomatoes

If you cook regularly at home, tomatoes are ingredients you’ll need almost every day. Luckily, if your family loves a flavorful tomato sauce, you can whip it up at any time with home-grown tomatoes from your aeroponic garden.

While cherry tomatoes are the best things to grow in small AeroGarden, the aeroponic technique can facilitate larger varieties. These include red heirloom, cream sausage, and peron tomatoes.

Make sure you conduct proper research on the nutrients and solutions needed for aeroponic tomato plants. If treated with the proper nutrients and appropriate care, tomatoes can flawlessly move from the flowering to the fruiting process within months.

    4. Mint and Basil

As I mentioned, leafy greens are some of the best things to grow in AeroGarden. That’s because apart from producing speedy harvests, these vegetables don’t require any special care or attention.

Most importantly, greens like mint and basil are great to plant choices for your countertop aeroponic garden for two main reasons. Firstly, they’re used in many recipes and give a fresh touch to your indoor aesthetics. Secondly, they make your home smell heavenly.

You can grow any kind of basil ranging from sweet Thai, Genovese, and dark purple opal basil.

While these plants will grow pretty well on their own, you can ensure a plentiful harvest every time by regulating the pH levels in your solution. Keeping your pH level slightly on the acidic side increases the plant’s leafiness, resulting in vibrant and flavourful mint and basil leaves.

    5. Fresh Herbs

Apart from mint and basil, there are many other herbs you can grow in your aeroponic garden. A great idea is to develop an assortment of herbs in your aeroponic garden and harvest any herb you need in your recipes anytime. It’s like having your own mini-salad bar.

Moreover, research shows that an average aeroponic garden can produce anywhere from $100-$150 worth of herbs every four months. Think about the money you would save on those flavorful herbs; at this rate, you will pay off the investment in your aeroponic garden in no time.

The list of leafy herbs you can grow in your AeroGarden include,

  • Dill
  • Thyme
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Tarragon
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Chives

To increase your plants’ leaf quality, make sure you use the right solution and maintain an ideal pH level to produce the flavor and freshness you’re looking for.

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    6. Bell Peppers

If you’re going for larger AeroGarden models that supply more light and growing space to your plants, you can easily grow bright, fresh bell peppers.

Make sure your plants are adequately spaced out and follow the necessary aeroponic guidelines to produce high-quality peppers indoors.

Apart from sweet bell peppers, you can grow chili peppers and jalapenos. However, If you intend to keep your indoor garden in your living room, these plants can produce a spicy scent that might not be favorable for you at all times.

However, if you have a secluded space where you can keep your AeroGarden, you can easily grow peppers and save up considerably on grocery costs.

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    7. Flowers

If you’re not enthusiastic about home-cooking, you can grow many other things in your AeroGarden apart from fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. Provided the optimal amount of light, heat, and nutrients, you can grow beautiful flowers to enhance your home decor in your AeroGarden.

When planting flowers, make sure to avoid plants that grow tall or bushy, like sunflowers or roses. The ideal flowers to grow in your AeroGarden include petunias, lavender, and snapdragons.

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Final Words

In a nutshell, there are a plethora of plants you can grow in your AeroGarden. However, each plant needs its specific set of nutrient solutions and environment to thrive to its optimal level.

Besides that, always remember that if you’re growing plants with diverse needs, don’t overcrowd your pods. This might lead to inefficient nutrient distribution and result in feeble harvests.

Mainly, the best things you can grow in AeroGarden include vegetables, salad greens, herbs, seeds, and flowers. If you’re ready to try them out, follow my guide on how to use an AeroGarden and get started.

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