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7 Best Greenhouse Irrigation Systems in 2024

Irrigation is an essential tool to ensure the successful growth of a greenhouse garden. While choosing the right greenhouse irrigation system is crucial, newbies often get stuck with various available options. I was stuck too at the beginning of my journey. 

You know, there are mist, sprinkler, mist, sub-irrigations, drip systems, and whatnot. They all have certain distinct advantages of their own. But which one is suitable for your greenhouse gardening is a tricky business to deal with.

Therefore, I have selected the best greenhouse irrigation systems to ease up the manual, time-consuming job of researching. But first, let’s have a quick glance over the selected products. 

A quick summary of the best irrigation systems for greenhouses

As we all have busy schedules, it is difficult to read and analyze all the reviews.

Isn’t it?

But you don’t have to worry about that, mate! Quickly look at the comprehensive features of these irrigation systems in this here table.

BrandStyleMaterialColorBest For
1. MIXC 1/4-inch Mist Irrigation System Micro, automaticPlasticBlackAgriculture, garden, patio, lawn, greenhouse
2. Bosmere L451 Automatic Watering Irrigation System24 irrigation unitsDupont TyvekGreenPots, hanging baskets, raised beds, greenhouses
3. MIXC 226FT Greenhouse Micro Drip Irrigation KitMicro, automaticPlasticBlackGarden, lawn, greenhouse, patio
4. Raindrip R560DP Automatic Watering KitDrip, automaticAlloyBlackHanging baskets or planter beds, potted bed
5. Fixget Drip Irrigation KitAutomatic, adjustableNylonBlackGreenhouse, lawn, patio, agriculture
6. Geevon Automatic Watering SystemMicro USB, batteryPlasticWhiteIndoor, greenhouse
7. NNAA Drip Irrigation SystemMicro, automatizationPlasticBlackRoof cooling, outdoor, greenhouse

Best Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

1. MIXC 1/4-inch Mist Irrigation System

MIXC Mist Irrigation System Kit

If you are looking for the best automatic water system for a greenhouse, you should check out the MIXV mist irrigation kit. The noteworthy part of this irrigation system is that you will get several accessories with the water hose.

According to reviews, most of the customers are happy with this kit. Nonetheless, the kit comes up with 39 pieces of barbed fitting and support stakes. Apart from the quick adapter, it includes different shapes of nozzles to spread a fixed amount of water on the plants.

For the mister flow rate, it offers 6.7 to 7 liters per hour. Furthermore, the watering system provides a 0.3-meter spray diameter and adjustable nozzles with two modes. You can use irrigation water management for lawns, swimming pool misting systems, patios, and greenhouses.

This ingenious kit includes 50 feet 1/4 inches tube, a universal-size faucet connector, ½ or ¾ inches faucet connector. Also, you will get a quick connector, Teflon tape, 20 pieces of mist nozzle, ¼ inches single barb, barbed tee, and support spray stakes.


  • Easy to use and excellent flowrate
  • Great for greenhouse and patios 
  • Improves crop quality
  • Cost-effective and durable


  • Doesn’t come with a timer

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2. Bosmere L451 Automatic Watering Irrigation System

Bosmere Automatic Watering Irrigation System

Bosmere introduces the L451 automatic irrigation system. Alongside, it helps to get rid of over and under watering problem. The kit can work on more than 12 to 24 pots and hanging baskets. It requires three rechargeable AA batteries to keep going on.

Yet, you can drip the water nozzle more than five meters above from water tank. Beyond eco-efficiency, it reduces 90% of water usage and therefore water bills. You can connect this solar-powered system with the irrigation anti-siphon device.

What’s more attractive about this kit, is this is a wireless greenhouse irrigation system it operates the equipment with solar power. It is a perfect choice for indoors, watering plants, wide or medium gardens, allotments, outdoor patios, and greenhouse soil.

Bosmere L451 comes up with different kits such as seep hose, dripper extension, micro-porous hose, and vertical kits. Thus, it can be a good idea to irrigate your greenhouse soil with such kits. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable installation
  • Works fantastic for holiday watering
  • Outstanding workability
  • Helps to water plant roots


  •  Some reviews note battery issues

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3. MIXC 226FT Greenhouse Micro Drip Irrigation Kit

MIXC Greenhouse Micro Drip Irrigation Kit

You might be wondering why I am suggesting another MIXC. To be honest, MIXC is an excellent option for watering greenhouse plants. MIXC 226FT can cover a good chunk of an area with the same amount of water. 

You can easily install this micro drip irrigation kit. The irrigation kit comes up with an adjustable nozzle emitter, two sizes of blank distribution tubing hose, sprinkler barbed tee fittings, and other greenhouse irrigation supplies.

MIXC micro drip system has a 4×6 way robust connector that can spread with more than 16 tributaries. With the feature, you can increase the water force and your crop can thrive more.

Isn’t it a great idea?

Apart from all these, you can save 70% of water wastage while using this irrigation kit. It is compatible with roof cooling, swimming pool misting, potted plant, flower or vegetable beds, lawn, agriculture, greenhouse, and atomization.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for DIY irrigation
  • Flawless watering capacity
  • Perfect water filtration mechanism


  • Reviews mention some issues with the tubing

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4. Raindrip R560DP Automatic Watering Kit

Raindrip Automatic Watering Kit

Raindrip is one of the best drip irrigation systems because it comes up with many helpful features and durable materials. Also, it is easy to install with your water tank.

Do you know what the best part of this kit is?

Well, this drip system offers a timer and supply tubing. There are many advantages of the watering mechanism. It will save your time, money, and energy. Yet, the kit promotes plant growth 49% faster than other systems.

Once you install the kit, it will water greenhouse plants even if you are not present. You don’t have to hold the water tank and water the plants individually. Now you can enjoy your holidays without worrying about your greenhouse.

Using this kit, you can water the seedlings, growing crops, and succulent plants in the greenhouse. It helps with the evaporation process of the excess water and keeps the moisture balance perfect. Therefore, it is highly suitable for watering greenhouse plants.


  • High-quality materials
  • Included accessories
  • Can promote crop growth


  • Reviews speak of poor quality timer

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5. Fixget Drip Irrigation Kit

Fixget Drip Irrigation Set

On our fifth recommendation, we come up with a Fixget drip kit.

Why do we pick this for you?

Because it comes up with all dripping accessories that help irrigate your greenhouse. 

After installing this automatic mechanism drip irrigation kit on your greenhouse, you can save around 70% to 80% of water. With two water outlet control modes, you can adjust the process and you won’t be needing too much water. 

The inundation system has a proper Y value and four irrigation tubes for sprinkling water into the soil. It is necessary to dig or make plumbing holes to install the watering kit. 

Beyond that, you can use it for balcony cooling, balancing excessive moisture, and mist cooling on the patio, lawn, backyards, and greenhouses. You will get PE tubing, hose splitter, several connectors, nylon tapes, Teflon tape, nozzles, drippers, support stakes, and a user manual.


  • Easier to install
  • Heavy-duty connectors
  • Includes nozzles and drippers
  • Top-notch tubing capacity


  • No noticeable cons!

6. Geevon Automatic Watering System

Geevon Automatic Watering System Device

We keep the Geevon watering system on our recommendation list for the battery-operated option. However, you must fill up your water tank and install it in your greenhouse. Geevon automatic kit can water around ten potted plants and seedlings.

Hereafter, you can set up the watering schedule on the timer from 6 to 59 seconds, 1 to 30 minutes. Also, it helps to set up the schedule from 1 to 24 hours and 1 to 30 days with fixed intervals even in the winter months. So you don’t have to worry about when to water or how much water to use. 

Even when you are on a holiday trip, you can have some relaxation. Because irrigating plants and crops with Geevon helps to provide the optimal environment and water for your greenhouse. 

This watering kit will require 1.5 voltage AA batteries to operate the system. Furthermore, you have to purchase the batteries separately. But you will get a water pump, different joint connectors, drip stakes, USB cable, filter, and user manual in the package.


  • Great water flow capacity
  • Control panel buttons
  • Offers timer and USB cable
  • 32.8 feet garden hose included


  • Can be difficult to assemble

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7. NNAA Drip Irrigation System

NNAA Drip Irrigation System Kit

Introducing the NNAA drip kit comes up with accessible installation capacity. Moreover, you can purchase this with or without a timer. It works excellent on flower beds, greenhouses, and agriculture fields.

Along with the water timer, it offers adjustable water volume capacity. The irrigation device can fill up the source with normal temperature water. Regardless it is not suitable for winter. But it is an excellent choice for summer and spring.

Yet, the overhead micro sprayer can keep your greenhouse cooler than other watering systems. You need to connect the faucet with the timer. Also, assemble the connectors and taps with the device.

Thus, you should keep the water pressure between 25 to 45 psi.

What’s more?

This irrigation package offers a BSP water timer, tubing quick connector set, wall peg, tee barb, elbow barb, and straight barb. Besides, it is one of the best watering systems for small greenhouses.


  • Includes timer
  • C0mes up with all accessories
  • Good for summer


  • Not suitable for all-weather

Things to consider while buying the best irrigation system for greenhouse

If you decide to install an inundating system for your plant, you have to look for some specifications. It will help you understand the irrigation system’s compatibility with your greenhouse.

Types of watering systems to choose from

The first thing you should consider is the types of water systems. Wondering how to choose the right kind of watering system, right buddy?

Let us explain. However, the standard watering systems are overhead sprinklers, micro-irrigation, and sub-irrigation.

Overhead Watering/sprinkler

In ideal conditions, the overhead sprinkler is best to hydrate the plant. It is suitable for plants in small containers. You can fill up your water tank and connect it with the hose. Sprinkle the water into the plant containers.


The most effective watering system for the greenhouse is micro-irrigation (aka drip or micro-spray system). This system can minimize certain pests and erosions. Thus, it requires less water than an overhead sprinkler.


Installing wet capillary mats on the containers is the sub-irrigation system. Capillary mats are thick plastic mats that automatically generate water into the greenhouse plants. It is well known as a gravity-fed system.

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A connecting kit comes up with a long garden hose. Yet, it includes primary and feeding tubes to connect one pipeline to another. You have to choose the best tube material for connecting the pipes. Durability depends on the connectors.

Pressure controller

Not all kit offers water pressure controllers. Thus, you need to pick up the system with a water pressure controller, be it drip irrigation systems or misting systems.

Sometimes, you might require full force water pressure or less water force on your greenhouse. In these cases, a pressure controller helps you increase or reduce the water pressure to reach the root zone of plants.


Some watering kit provides a timer to track the watering time. Regardless it isn’t always necessary. But if you are using a dripping or sub-irrigation system, you should have a water timer. This feature will support you in operating the system properly.


An automatic water tank system typically offers a battery. You need to check the battery life of the water tank system. Looking into the battery size for the water pumps.

Cost effectivity

When investing in a greenhouse watering kit, you want it to last longer than a manual watering system. Right, buddy? 

If it doesn’t serve you for a long time, it wouldn’t be worth the cost.

How do you understand the cost-effectiveness?

For this purpose, you should check the user’s review and your budget. You can check our recommendations as well.

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Final Thoughts

After all, you can choose any of the best water systems greenhouse needs. We suggest making a budget for purchasing the most suitable kits. Besides, you can consider the NNAA systems for smaller and growing medium ground.

If you want a commercial greenhouse water supply, look into the MIXC irrigation kits. Fixget, Raindrip, and Geevon will be the best choice for in-home greenhouses.

Got any of your own tips to get water for greenhouse irrigation systems?

Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is condensation in a greenhouse bad?

Yes. Condensation will mess up your greenhouse humidity mechanism. You can use a good quality watering system in your greenhouse to avoid condensation. It will help to absorb the humidity. Also, insulating your greenhouse can be a solution.

2. How to set up a greenhouse drip irrigation system?

Begin with assembling the faucets and connectors with the water hose. Connect the timers, batteries, or cables if required. However, you have to keep the nozzles on the greenhouse plants. You can set up a schedule with intervals for better nutrients.

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