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How to Grow Sugar Cane Indoors

Almost everyone loves sugar – so imagine if we can grow a sugar source right in our homes. To those who may not have space outdoors or do not have gardening experience, this may seem like a pipedream.

However, there are ways to grow sugar cane indoors. Read more to find out what you need and where to start growing sugar cane indoors!

Materials for Growing Sugar Cane Indoors

Before actually learning how to grow sugar cane indoors, we must first have the materials needed to execute the steps.

There are a couple of basic things you may need to get started. Here is a list of the most important things you need when learning how to grow sugar cane indoors:

Hydroponic Garden

To those who are just starting out, an excellent way to help your sugar cane start growing is through the help of a hydroponic garden. This in-home garden system helps households grow fresh vegetation indoors without occupying too much space at home.

In the case of sugar canes, we can make sure that they grow indoors with the help of a hydroponic garden. Place the cuttings in the hydroponic garden until they grow bumps that signal to sprout.

For seeds, they should be properly situated in the garden until they have properly sprouted.

However, since sugar canes do grow tall, we must transfer them to bigger pots or containers once they’ve outgrown the hydroponic gardens.

In any case, starting out your sugar cane indoors with hydroponic gardens will help beginners have a better chance of helping fresh sugar cane survive indoors.

Here are some hydroponic gardens you may want to consider:

·         AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

This hydroponic garden is one of the best ones anyone can purchase. It has control panels that tell us when to add water and when to add plant food. It also automatically turns the lights on and off for the hydroponic system.

This hydroponic garden can host up to 6 plants at a time and can handle plants up to 12 inches tall. Its LED lights are fine-tuned to maximize rapid and natural growth, and it even comes with a gourmet herb seed kit.

·         AeroGarden Farm

 AeroGarden Farm

For plants that grow on the taller end like sugar cane, the AeroGarden farm is a good item to have.

This one is designed to grow full-sized plants, and the 24XL version comes with room to grow 24 plants as much as 36 inches tall. It comes with motorized LED light panels and reminds owners to add water and plant food according to schedule.

Pots and Planters

Once the sugar canes have sprouted roots, it is time to transfer them to pots and planters with soil. When it comes to picking a container, the most important thing to consider is the size of the pot.

Ideally, we should get containers that are about 12-14 inches deep. On average, a 12-inch pot can hold two plants. The pot or planter material doesn’t actually matter much, but we’ve still prepared a couple of options you can order online:

Peach & Pebble Black Ceramic Planter

If you want pots that look nice and pretty, these Peach & Pebble ceramic planters are the way to go. They offer planters as much as 15 inches high, so they’re going to be able to accommodate sugar cane.

These have drainage holes and rubber stoppers to protect the surfaces of the home.

·         Bloem Terra Pot Planter 12″ Living Green

Bloem Terra Pot Planter

This type of planter is made with durable and lightweight material. It has pre-drilled holes to prevent over-watering, and it can also come with accessories like saucer models to prevent water leakage on the floor.

This plastic material can withstand extreme water conditions and is BPA-free.

Seed Tray

Seed trays are needed when growing sugar cane indoors, whether the method is through planting seeds or using fresh cuttings.

Here are some types of seed trays one can use when planting sugar canes:

·         10 Plant Growing Trays

Plant Growing Trays

If we’re going to plant sugar canes using cuttings, getting large trays with longer lengths (and without sections) is required. This type of seed tray will be able to accommodate the length of the cuttings to be placed and planted horizontally.

·         Biodegradable Seed Starter Trays

Biodegradable Seed Starter Trays

This type of seed-started tray may be used by those who will plant their sugar canes using the seedling method.

This specific model is made with paper, so this can be easily transplanted once the starter shoots have sprouted. It is important to note that sugar canes do grow high, so transplanting is essential.

Having an organic seed tray like this would make the transplanting process easier. You may want to consider using a small indoor hose to ensure you can adequately supply enough water, consider using one of these best expandable hoses to make your life easier.

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Plant Lights

Sunlight is needed when growing sugar canes. However, there are times when the weather doesn’t go with the plan, or the actual climate where you live isn’t conducive to planting sugar cane.

The beauty of planting sugar cane indoors is we can control the plant’s environment. To mimic sunlight, we can get plant lights for indoor plants. Here are some of the plant lights you can get for your home:

·         LBW Led Grow Light

LBW Led Grow Light

This plant light is designed to help people grow plants indoors. It has different light settings, all designed for different purposes.

Its blue LED lights help plants with chlorophyll synthesis, while its red LED lights contribute to germination and photosynthesis. The warm and cold lights also help supposed light intensity and aid in photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis.

Apart from its spectrum, this also has an adjustable height of up to 47 inches. This helps when lighting plants that grow tall like sugar cane.

This can be situated with a tripod, or it can be hung using zip ties or any other type of tie.

·         Felmann Grow Light

Felmann Grow Light

This plant light has a dual-head design, which means that it covers many more territories when lighting plants.

It can extend up to 63 inches high, so it can handle sugar canes that grow tall as they mature. This offers different lights that help in growing plants, from red lights, and cold white, to warm white colors.

It also has 6 types of brightness levels to suit the needs of the plants it is lighting. It has 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% brightness levels, making it suitable for all plants at different growth stages—from rooting, germination, seedling, flowering, and fruiting, to finally being mature.

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To aid with moisture, having humidifiers in the room where you have indoor plants is advisable.

Watering plants consistently is still necessary, but placing your plant in a room with enough humidity will lessen the possibility of them drying out from heat or too much light.

Note that if you are getting humidifiers for your plants, you should make sure not to place essential oils in it.

This is to make sure that the plant grows well and is safe for consumption.

Here are some humidifiers you may want to buy for your indoor plant:

·         Portable Mini Humidifier

Portable Mini Humidifier

This humidifier is easy to use and has two mist modes— a 12-hour mode and an 18-hour mode.

This type of humidifier works well with plants, as it is not to be used with essential oils or perfume.

·         Small Humidifier Plants

Small Humidifier Plants

This humidifier can last for 5-7 hours, and it can be used anywhere from rooms at home to even cars.

When using this for plants, it is essential to avoid placing essential oils or perfume before use.

The materials listed above are some of the items you need to have before planting sugar cane indoors.

Other more basic items include soil, shears or blades, spray containers, fertilizers, and protective clothing and gloves.

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How to Grow Sugar Cane Indoors

Growing sugar cane indoors is not something most people think is possible. When it comes to sugar cane, we probably imagine huge farmland overflowing with sugar cane yield. Growing one at home would be the last thing on our minds.

Yet, it is possible, and it’s not complicated to do. Armed with the right equipment and correct instructions, all of us can start growing sugar canes in our own homes. Here’s how we can get started:

1.      Determine if you want to grow sugar cane from seeds or from cuttings

We can start growing sugar cane in two ways: we can get seeds and set them up so they can germinate, or we can get sugar cane cuttings and plant them once the roots have sprouted.

In this instructional guide, we will choose to plant with sugar cane cutting since it is the easier way to grow the plant.

2.      Find a sugar cane and cut them accordingly

You must find a sugar cane about 2 meters long. It should have buds that look like bamboo rings and make sure that you have about 10 of those rings.

Cut the cane into two equal pieces.

3.      Prepare a seed tray and plant the sugar cane

To start preparing the seed tray, make sure to:

  • Fill it with a mixture of one-part sand and one-part compost.
  • The two pieces of sugar canes should be placed on the tray horizontally, and the layer of compost should be placed over them.
  • Keep the soil moist and place it in a place with sunlight.
  • Keep on watering the tray, and new shoots should grow after a few weeks.

4.      Transplant the shoots to their own pots

After the shoots have grown about 3 inches long, we may start transplanting them in their respective pots.

It’s better to start planting them in pots with drainage holes as sugar canes grow tall and require effective drainage systems.

The pots must be placed indoors in place sunlight reaches, with an average temperature between 21 to 32 degrees Celsius.

5.      Water your sugar canes two to three times a week

Once you’ve transferred your sugar canes to their own pots, you may water them around 2-3 times a week. That way, the soil will remain moist without the danger of drowning the plant.

6.      Maintain your sugar canes until they’re ready for harvest

Maintain your sugar canes consistently, and take out bugs and weeds frequently. After a year, the sugar canes will at least be 3 feet tall and ready for harvest.

Make sure to wear appropriate gloves when harvesting sugar canes since their leaves are sharp.

If you want, you can set aside fresh sugar cane cuttings and start the process all over again.

Start Growing Your Own Sugar Cane Indoors!

Try growing sugar cane indoors if you have the time and space. Imagine having your own sugar source at home?

Get the materials necessary and get started on growing your own sugar cane indoors. Not only is this a novel project to have, but you can actually use the sugar cane to process your own sweets in your home.

Have fun!


How long does it take to grow sugar from a cane?

Sugar cane typically takes 12-18 months to grow from planting to harvest. During this time, the sugar cane plant undergoes several stages of growth, including germination, tillering, and maturation. The length of time it takes for sugar cane to grow can vary depending on factors such as climate, soil quality, and agricultural practices.

Is sugar cane hard to grow?

Sugar cane can be challenging to grow due to its specific climate and soil requirements. It requires a tropical or subtropical climate with temperatures ranging from 20-30°C and a lot of sunshine. Additionally, sugar cane needs well-draining, fertile soil with a pH range of 5.5-6.5. Despite these challenges, sugar cane can be a rewarding crop to grow for those with the right growing conditions.

How long does it take to grow sugar cane from seed?

Sugar cane is a tropical grass that can be grown from seed, but it is more commonly propagated through cuttings. If grown from seed, sugar cane can take up to two years to mature. During this time, it requires warm temperatures, high humidity, and consistent moisture to thrive.

Can you grow sugarcane in a bucket?

Sugarcane can be grown in a bucket. To grow sugarcane in a bucket, you will need a large container, soil, and sugarcane stalks. Sugarcane requires warm temperatures, plenty of sunlight, and regular watering to thrive.

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