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Save the Manatee Club

  • Location: Florida, United States.
  • Founded: 1981 by renowned singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett, and former U.S. Senator, Bob Graham during his time as governor of Florida.
  • Species: South American Manatee, West African Manatee, and West Indian Manatee (Florida Manatee).

What is the Save the Manatee Club?

Save the Manatee Club Logo

The Save the Manatee Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving manatees and their habitat. They primarily work on projects in Florida but are an international organization with over 50,000 members worldwide.

The organization works to Save, Restore, and Care for Florida’s endangered manatees and their aquatic habitat. Save the Manatee Club is devoted to saving and protecting manatees and their aquatic habitat. It was founded by the former Florida governor Jimmy Buffett who was concerned about local waterways and manatees being destroyed by development.

Save the Manatee Club works collaboratively with diverse communities and experts on a science-based approach to Save lives and Save our waterways by restoring natural water flow, reducing harmful contaminants, and re-establishing viable seagrass beds and beaches that offer critical contact cooling opportunities for these gentle giants.

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Save the Manatee Club’s Mission

A manatee swimming near the ocean's surface on the Save the Manatee Club webpage.

Save the Manatee Club was established to Save The Manatees through Government Action, Education, Research, and Awareness. The organization focuses on bringing awareness about Save the Manatees, knowing the manatees’ plight firsthand.

The organization uses its mailing list to collect updates of new findings for members to be up-to-date on developing more information about conserving aquatic habitat, saving injured manatees, and protecting imperiled manatees and other manatee species.

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amazonian manatee

Save the Manatee Club focuses its efforts on the protection of manatees throughout the world by reducing the negative impact caused by humans on manatees and their habitats. This is done through increasing public awareness, extensive manatee research, and education.

They sponsor US research, rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts and assist scientists and educators in the Wider Caribbean, South America, and West Africa.

The Save the Manatee Club advocates for stronger protection measures, such as boat speed zones and sanctuaries, and they initiate legal proceedings when required.

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Is Save the Manatee Club legit?

Florida Manatees

Yes, Save the Manatee Club is legitimate. It focuses on research, education, and conservation of manatees and their habitats.

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Why does Save the Manatee Club help Manatees?

Manatee Swimming Underwater
Ramos Keith, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Save the Manatee Club has always been fighting to stop the dangers that manatees face. The Save the Manatee Club is an organization that has been lobbying for years to protect manatees and other species of marine mammals.

One of the main threats to these animals is boat collisions when they are struck by fishing gear or caught up in it. This can lead to death, injury, or entrapment. The Save the Manatee Club’s mission is to create awareness about these dangers and promote research on how these animals can be saved.

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What does Save the Manatee Club do?

African Manatee Eating Underwater

Save the Manatee Club is an advocacy group that:

  • Promote public awareness about manatees and their natural habitats
  • Collect data about manatees and share it with researchers
  • Educate and empower beachgoers to help save those majestic beasts, those giant gentle giants, and shy behemoths who now survive by only one percent of what they used to.

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How to help

You can help Save the Manatee Club by going to their website and making a one-time donation, becoming a member, adopting a manatee, purchasing merchandise in their webshop, or signing up as a volunteer.

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