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5 Best Solar Panels for Greenhouse: Top Picks of 2024

You cannot expect your greenhouse garden without solar energy, can you?  A greenhouse garden must have a suitable, ambient temperature to give you the best outcome. That’s why you need the best solar panels for your greenhouse. 

But choosing suitable solar for a greenhouse is a tricky affair, isn’t it? You have to consider several factors before finally jumping into buying a solar system

We have researched the best solar panels for a greenhouse to ease your hair-raising choice.  So do not leave the sofa until you finish this write-up.

solar panels for greenhouse

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best Overall Solar Panel for Greenhouse ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kits for Greenhouse
Best Portable Solar Panel for Greenhouse EF ECOFLOW Portable Solar Panel for Greenhouse
Best High-Power Solar Panel for Greenhouse Newpowa 210W Solar Panel for Greenhouse
Best Monocrystalline Solar Panel for Greenhouse Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel for Greenhouse

Best Solar panels for Greenhouse: A comprehensive Summary, 

This summary section is for those busy folks who don’t have enough time to go through all the details. The table can give you a quick view of the strong zone of the chosen solar panel system. 

Voila, here we go. 

Brand Name DimensionWattageBest For
Eco-Worthy 39.8×20.1×1.4 inches200WOverall heavy use
EF Ecoflow26.8 x 16.5 x 1 inch160WPortability
Topsolar46.5x 21.8×1.37 inches100WValue for Money
Newpowa64.57 x 26.57 x 1.38 inches210WWarranty and customer service
Renogy42.2 x 19.6 x 1.38 inches100WCompact and lightweight design

1. ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kits for Greenhouse

ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Kits for Greenhouse

Lemme introduce to you one of the best solar panels for greenhouse gardening– Eco-Worthy 200 watts. It is an all-in-all solar system with a high capacity for storing renewable energy. 

Do you know why I chose it in the first place? Well, it can cover up to massive 800Wh power output on a daily basis. Sounds freaking awesome, ain’t it? 

Moreover, its aluminum frame has also made it a considerably good option, for it can survive all sorts of natural adversity for years. But what if it becomes invalid within a year? 

You get a warranty during this time span. That makes ECO-worthy the most suitable heat energy source for greenhouses

The battery of this solar greenhouse panel kit is of 20Ah lithium-ion. Interestingly, you can adjust the panel with a lead-acid battery as well, and even connect several batteries in a parallel circuit. 

The solar panel system may seem a bit pricey in the first place. But all you are getting with the package–from the battery to the power inverter–is really worth the money. 


  • Excellent power output from the sun’s rays
  • The optimal option for Greenhouse, RV, and whatnot
  • 10+ years of uninterrupted service
  • Adjustable to both Lithium and Lead-acid battery


  • Sometimes Shipping performed in multiple packages

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2. EF ECOFLOW Portable Solar Panel for Greenhouse 


Bang! This is the second-best solar system we have got for you–EF Ecoflow 160W. And guess what? It’s a foldable and easy portable solar panel that you can set almost anywhere. That’s pretty awesome, right? 

EF Ecoflow gives you another dimension of the sun’s power. You can use it in your greenhouse garden, or you can take it on a charming car or boat ride anytime. I was awed by its compact design and lightweight facility when I first saw it. The design ensures minimized heat loss for a small greenhouse

This eco-friendly 160W panel is no more than 7kg. And setting up is an easy-breezy task if just have a glance at the user manual. Therefore, you can install solar panels like this by yourself. It’s a durable product for its corrosion-resistant and waterproof facility. 

Moreover, we got a nearly 22% energy conversion rate, a pretty high standard for a solar heating system. The package comes with a universal connector. That means it can be connected to any sort of panel. And even you can add multiple panels in a row. 

Interestingly, the kickstand of this kit provides the best dynamics. So you can set up the panel in any direction suitable. What more do you want for your garden? Well, you can get a longer lifespan with the monocrystalline silicon cell. 


  • Can operate at any temperature
  • Rugged, compact construction yet lightweight
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Excellent for hiking and outing
  • Comes with a warranty


  • A frail kickstand case

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3. Topsolar 100W Solar Panel Kit for Greenhouse

Topsolar 100W Solar Panel

To be frank, Topsolar 100W will impress any greenhouse gardener. Every single feature it offers is eye-catching and worthy of attention. 

This can be a complete package for your greenhouse garden with solar greenhouse cables, mounting brackets, and whatnot. The main cables are massive 16ft long to connect with the MC4 converter. That’s a pretty good advantage, isn’t it? 

Moreover, you shall get brackets for keeping the panel mounted. So, it can fit almost any angle of your greenhouse roof for better heat access. Therefore, you don’t have to buy any separate tools with it. 

Topstar provides this solar kit with a combo of 100W and 12V. It can provide long-lasting heat storage and standby mode. The aluminum frame and glass coating on the surface also make this passive solar heating panel super-duper durable.

I found the versatile feature of this monocrystalline solar panel pretty impressive. Because, apart from the greenhouse, it can be used in homes, cars, boats, and almost every possible place. 

However, the most eye-catching feature that I found here is its charge controller of intelligence nature. It provides all-embracing safety from overheating or overcharging.  I bet it can’t be a loss project. Topsolar is worth every single penny of your wallet.  


  • All-in-all solar panel kit
  • Easier mounting process and installation
  • Can work on little sunlight
  • No serious maintenance needed
  • Cost-effective in cold climates


  • Non-standard packaging

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4. Newpowa 210W Solar Panel for Greenhouse

Newpowa 210W Solar Panel

What if your greenhouse garden needs more energy? Well, you have Newpowa 210W to deal with that. It has a maximum power output of 210W that can produce a freaking huge energy source for your garden.

For larger area coverage, this can be an optimal choice. Unlike polycrystalline solar panels, it is bigger in dimension and therefore a bit bulky to carry and set up. However, this ensures better solar cell efficiency. 

Like most other panels, Newpowa also provides maximum protection from water, snow, and winds. Therefore, you can expect a long-lasting service. 

The standard package comes with a junction box and MC4 cables for connection. Setting this greenhouse panel is also trouble-free. 

The best thing about Newpowa is its warranty. For example,  Newpowa 21oW offers a huge warranty of 25 years(only for the power output). What more can we expect than this? 


  • Massive power output
  • Highly suitable for greenhouse garden
  • Pre-installed diodes for easy setup
  • Superb customer support response


  • Shorter cables for MC4
  • Tough to reach maximum output

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5. Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel for Greenhouse

Renogy Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Down the line comes another great solar greenhouse panel, and it’s from Renogy. It would have been an incomplete venture to talk about solar panels without Renogy on the list. 

Renogy monocrystalline is a 100W passive solar panel with an incredible efficiency rate of power supply. Like other solar panels, it is also rugged aluminum built. That means Monocrystalline solar panels from Renogy are also corrosion-resistant. 

It can withstand all adversaries of climate. The IP65 box protects the panels from any liquids. And the IP67 connector has made it waterproof to the crust. 

Moreover, it is made out of silicon cells and several laminated coatings. So you can expect years of service from this passive solar greenhouse panel. 

The bypass diodes make it possible for the panel to hinder overheating and accidents. It gives a better conversion rate of energy in comparison to other brands. 

One of the best features that I found amazing is the pre-drilled holes for easy-peasy installation. You can install solar panels from Renogy almost anywhere and in any direction. 

Renogy, therefore, provides the ultimate solar kit with unrestricted flexibility. That makes it a viable option for an off-grid system. You can fit it into your greenhouse roof from any required angle. 

That’s pretty cool, ain’t it? Let’s now peek through the advantages and drawbacks. 


  • Compact and lightweight yet powerful output
  • Compatible in any angle and situation 
  • Great customer support
  • No microcracks with grade A+ photovoltaic cells


  • Cannot cover up to 100W normally

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How to choose the best solar panels for a Greenhouse? Buying Guide in 2022

Choosing the right solar greenhouse panel is a matter of utmost importance as it will determine the outcome of your efforts. There are several factors you should consider before purchasing a solar system.

What are these factors, by the way?

Well, we shall unravel them here in broad detail. 

1. Power Output and Efficiency

Solar greenhouses are all about power, isn’t it? So, you have to opt for the most powerful one. How much energy it can produce depends on the wattage. Most single solar panels are of 100-200 Wattage. So you need a number of panels to power the whole garden.  

Look for the customer ratings about the energy-efficient rate. If the energy conversion is satisfactory enough, you shouldn’t hesitate to go for it. The efficiency of a solar panel should not be lower than 18%. The higher, the better. 

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2. Durability

Well, it is a must to have a durable and enduring solar greenhouse heater. If you have to change the panel time and again, your peace of mind will be lost. 

What’s more, you need to consider the weather in your area. The places with heavy snowfall and repeated gales must require a solid solar panel frame. And make sure that the panel you are buying are corrosion and water-resistant.

Otherwise, it won’t last long. Usually, aluminum frames are durable and withstanding. 

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3. Budget and Area Coverage

There is a common notion that greenhouses with solar panels are expensive to have and maintain. It is true to some extent, as solar panels need some handsome amount to purchase. If you need to cover a large area, you need bigger panels. So you have to spend some extra bucks.

For a smaller area, it is better if you purchase panels with a higher efficiency rate. This may cost you more, but that shall ensure the growth of the plants. For a tight budget, you can go for a mediocre panel like Topsolar

4. Compatibility

Compatibility of panels with the AC inverter/DC inverter is another matter to probe into. If you have a DC and your panel is AC that will be a complete mess, ain’t it? And remember, the panel should be adjustable to the northern hemisphere or to your north wall. 

Moreover, you should choose expandable panels so that you can expand them when required. Non-compatible and non-expandable solar panels are always a bad choice. 

5. Warranty

Warranty can tell us how confident the manufacturer is about their product. The average given warranty for a regular greenhouse panel is about 10-25 years. Before purchasing a panel, first look into the warranty years. 

If the warranty is less than 8 years, it is not a premium quality product. Of course, there will always be some exceptions.

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Final Verdict

So now you have a comprehensive view of the solar heating systems, don’t you? And all the best solar for greenhouses is above. Now it’s your turn to choose and decide. 

I would personally recommend Eco-worthy 200W if you have a high budget. Or you can go with the Topsolar 100W with a lower budget. Find out which one suits your purpose better and then hit the purchase button. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Power is needed for a greenhouse? 

Well, the amount of required power isn’t fixed. And it can vary exponentially as per your garden. But in general, a normal greenhouse requires 2KWH energy for one square foot of the area. That means you need a couple of solar panels to cover up the whole area.

Do solar panels help with greenhouse gases? 

Yes, solar panels do. Solar panels use solar power instead of CO2 emitting fossil fuels. So the carbon emissions would take the edge off.
Moreover, solar radiation has no detrimental effects on the environment. And as a result, it reduces greenhouse gasses.

Can solar panels store energy inside?

Well, solar panels can store the energy in the battery cells within. The energy capacity depends on the panel dimension and battery capacity. However, solar heaters for greenhouse don’t store energy. They just keep the solar-powered greenhouse warm and plants grow naturally. 

Does a greenhouse need to be in the sun? 

It is a well-known phenomenon that solar greenhouses must need sunlight. Six hours of exposure to sun rays is a must for keeping the garden in good condition. Studies show that limited sun exposure hinders the growth of the plants and full sunlight produces better outcomes. However, in recent times, electrical energy also can run a greenhouse. That’s a bit expensive though.

Active vs Passive solar energy: Which one do I need for my traditional greenhouse?

Well, active solar systems are used for storing more power for future use. You can use their active energy as battery backup and they can power electric equipment. Therefore, they are suitable for home use.

But the passive solar design works according to the thermodynamics law and it relies on direct sunlight. The sun’s energy spread across the plants inside. And it remains warm for hours on winter nights. 

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