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Wildlife Conservation Society

What is the Wildlife Conservation Society?

Wildlife Conservation Society is one of the leading conservation organizations working in over 60 countries, with four zoos or National Wildlife Sanctuaries, three parks or reserves, and six community Wildlife Corridors that span across India’s western Himalayan region.

Most experts agree that human consumption has quadrupled the rate at which wildlife endangered species are dying off, placing them at risk of extinction. The organization recognizes this urgency and works to protect biodiversity by recognizing it as an important factor of ecosystem health for all life on Earth.

Wildlife Conservation Society is committed to reversing the disappearing wildlife trends and its actions involve protection, restoration, and conservation of global biodiversity hotspots such as South Asia.

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Wildlife Conservation Society’s Mission

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s mission is to save wildlife, conserve wild habitats, manage and offer services to various zoos like the flagship Bronx zoo. The organization believes that, given the opportunity, wildlife will survive and coexist with the environment.

They strive to protect wildlife by finding solutions to human-wildlife conflicts, driving global policy change to create world sustainability for all living things. Wildlife conservation society believes in saving elephants from extinction by stopping ivory poaching and ending demand for ivory products.

Wildlife Conservation Society is committed to bringing people together through innovative partnerships to address the most pressing threats facing our planet today. Wildlife conservation society connects people to nature with an emphasis on personal experience, responsibility and leadership.

The organization’s goal is inclusive of all living beings with all of their ability and integrity, meaning they advocate for the protection of threatened species like leopards, cheetahs, tigers, and elephants.

Wildlife conservation society invests in the future of wildlife by empowering communities to take good care of their natural world through innovative science programs that ensure the continuity of wildlife conservation.

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Wildlife Conservation Society currently manages around 500 projects in more than 60 countries worldwide that aim to conserve wildlife and the world’s largest wild places.

With five parks in New York City, they also help the city educate children about science and conservation issues. These parks include the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, and Queens Zoo.

They have a Wildlife Corridor Program that has been instrumental in conservation efforts throughout India. The Wildlife corridors, which connect natural habitats across urban areas, allow wild animals to safely pass between fragmented habitat loss patches and access resources.

Wildlife Conservation Society works with local communities to identify corridors, secure land rights, and minimize human-wildlife conflict.

Wildlife Conservation Society has been successful in establishing Wildlife Corridors as a key concept in India’s Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. However, Wildlife Corridor Program faces challenges from the lack of awareness about wildlife corridors among

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s projects are focused on reducing the impact of climate change, supporting global conservation, wildlife conservation, food safety issues, habitat fragmentation, and over-exploitation.

The group works with local communities to eliminate market hunting for wild meat while developing sustainable alternatives. They do this in order to conserve animal populations while simultaneously providing jobs to locals.

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The Wildlife Conservation Society partners with various organizations and nonprofit organizations that fight climate change and support conservation. They also support urban wildlife parks that work to save wild places worldwide.

The group has a whole portfolio of organizations including the Wildlife Alliance, Fauna, and Flora International, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Wildlife Works Peru-Huachipa Tambo ZOO LTD., National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA, and Plaza Natural Wildlife Refuge.

It is a global organization, so it partners with Wildlife Works Peru-Huachipa Tambo ZOO LTD. And Fauna and Flora International in the South America region, Wildlife Alliance in Southeast Asia as well as Wildlife Works Tanzania.

Wildlife Conservation has been working with the National Aviary since 2012 which houses over 500 birds from around the world.

Wildlife Conservation’s partnership with the Wildlife Works began in 2010 and the Wildlife Alliance was partnered with Wildlife Conservation from 2007 to 2011 before Wildlife Conservation partnered with Wildlife Works Perú Huachipa Tambo ZOO LTD.

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Is Wildlife Conservation Society Legit?

Yes, the Wildlife Conservation Society is a legitimate organization that helps to save wildlife and their habitats.

The Wildlife Conservation Society saves wildlife and wild places around the globe through science, applies governance practices in conservation actions, education, inspiring people to protect nature, and protecting zoological parks and conservation areas.

Their projects cover more than 600 million acres nationwide and involve at-risk animal populations from 3,700 different species – all endangered or threatened in the United States Of America and beyond.

The organization headquarters generally operates as a hub for our North American operations: including research centers focused on jaguar conservation in Belize and Prairie Wildlife Research Center that studies white-tailed deer habitat management.

Also in Genome Center for Wildlife; Wild Cat Institute which focuses on the jaguar, puma, and ocelot research; Wildlife Health Center that provides veterinary care for wildlife at the Wildlife Conservation Society as well as other zoos all across America.

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Where Does the Money Go for the Wildlife Conservation Society?

The Wildlife Conservation Society works in dozens of countries around the world to help wildlife thrive. They support scientific research, wildlife conservation, and public education programs essential to our mission where the money from the donations the organization receives goes.

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Where Can I Donate to Supprot Wildlife Conservation?

There are a plethora of wildlife conservation organizations where you can donate and one of these organizations is the Wildlife Conservation Society. The organization accepts donations through its website and partner organizations.

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How to help

You can help the Wildlife Conservation Society by going to their website and making a donation, or you can visit one of their five parks in New York City.

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