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18 Best Greenhouse Accessories | Must-Haves in 2024

What accessories do I need with my greenhouse? This is one question that almost every greenhouse owner has asked. Well, here is a list of all greenhouse accessories you must have this year for optimal production.

Greenhouses are an excellent farming method, especially in areas with fluctuating harsh weather elements or where space is scarce. Also, people have adopted greenhouse farming to ensure year-round produce, even in minimum spaces and indoors.

But what do you need to make your greenhouse farming a success? For you to enjoy fresh produce from your favorite plants, whether vegetables, fruits, or even flowers, you need to have certain greenhouse accessories and equipment. These will depend on various factors such as the type and size of the greenhouse, climate, or the plants you intend to grow.

While some of these accessories will be installed later after installing the greenhouse, others will need to be bought before. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best greenhouse accessories that will make your indoor farming simple, enjoyable, and fruitful.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best Eco-Friendly Accessory Biodegradable Peat Pots
Best Energy-Efficient Accessory LED Grow Light
Best Solar Powered Accessory Solar Greenhouse Fan
Best Conservation Accessory Rainwater Collection Barrel

Best Greenhouse Accessories

  1. Shelves and Benches

For farmers dealing with space problems, shelves or benches would be a perfect way to solve the problem. These space-saving greenhouse accessories will ensure that you can grow more plants in your limited space. Sounds incredible, right!

Some excellent examples of such equipment include:

Gardman R691 4-Tier Greenhouse Staging

This metal greenhouse staging is sturdy, durable, and offers you more space for your plants. It is made from sturdy steel and polyresin material that is both rot and rustproof.

The equipment is easy to assemble, has meshed shelves to allow easy water flow, and requires zero maintenance. Even better, it contains four 35’’ by 11’’ by 42’’ shelves for more space in your indoor garden.

Amazon Basics Three-Shelf Unit

This is another incredible shelf, especially for medium-sized greenhouses. While you can still use it to store things in your garage kitchen or office, its structure also makes it a perfect fit for greenhouses.

It’s made of strong material, with each shelf having a capacity to hold a weight of up to 250 pounds. And, you don’t even need tools to assemble this staging. It is easy to assemble and guarantees more space for your plants.

Alise 4 Pcs 4mm-Thick Stainless Steel Brackets

If you want to mount more shelves to your greenhouse, these heavy-duty shelf brackets make the work pretty easy. It comes in two pairs of 12’’ by 6.4’’ brackets, which allow you to attach wooden shelves to your greenhouse.

The brackets are quite strong and are made to perfectly attach to your greenhouse’s aluminum glazing bars, using the provided screws. Better still, the surface of these shelf brackets is drilled to make the attachment of shelves easy and effortless.

The package contains four shelf brackets, plus 16 screws. They are made of a stainless steel material that is both oxidation and corrosion-proof.

Greenhouse accessories: Palram skylight shelf kit

These heavy-duty greenhouse components are also a great choice when it comes to greenhouse shelving. The structure can easily support up to 66 lbs, making growing your crops quite a bliss.

It is designed to clamp to the aluminum glazing bars on your greenhouse’s framework. And, if you have a Palram greenhouse, it’s even better. These shelves can fit in any of Palram’s models.

It is a 33’’ by 12’’ shelf, made from aluminum material, to offer you more space, for long.

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  1. Thermometers and Hygrometers

Keeping track of your greenhouse’s minimum and maximum temperatures is crucial. This will help you keep the right conditions for your crops’ optimal growth. Through these thermometers, you can also measure humidity in the given area, meaning that you’ll provide your crops with the desired environment.

Some of the thermometers you can consider for your greenhouse include:

Govee Smart Hygrometer Thermometer

This is one of the best greenhouse thermometers, and that allows you to know the precise temperature and humidity of your greenhouse. Even better, this gadget comes with several other incredible features such as remote control, notification alert, LCD display, Bluetooth, and free data storage.

The thermometer is not only easy to connect and use, but it also has a large display that provides real-time temperatures and humidity readings. This way, you can know for sure, what the conditions in your greenhouse are, and how you can set them to the desired levels to ensure optimal results.

Take control of your greenhouse conditions with this smart hygrometer/thermometer.

greenhouse accessories: digital greenhouse thermometer

Digital greenhouse thermometer is a low-high thermometer by Thermometer World, designed to help you measure the current high or low temperatures in your greenhouse. This gadget is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Whether using it in your house, greenhouse, or outdoor garden, this thermometer will not disappoint.

It is easy to operate, offers quality, and ensures that any change in your greenhouse temperatures doesn’t go unnoticed. The gadget is one of Amazon’s first choice, enjoying a 4.3 stars rating from user reviews.

AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse

This is yet another excellent greenhouse hygrometer that you can try out. Being one of Amazon’s first choice and enjoying a 4.6 stars rating from over 4,400 reviews, the product has certainly earned the customer’s trust.

With AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse, you can comfortably determine both the humidity and the temperatures in your greenhouse or even your house. First, it has indicators for low, ok, and high humidity levels. Also, it detects even the minor changes in temperatures every 10 seconds.

This means that you can’t stay for long without identifying any changes in the air conditions that might affect your plants. You can calibrate the thermometer to suit a certain environment, like your greenhouse, so as to offer more accurate information.

With any of these thermometers, you can be sure to maintain the ideal conditions for your plants’ optimal growth.

  1. Ventilation and Coolers

If you want your indoor plants to thrive, proper air circulation must be ensured. And, since these plants are mostly growing in an enclosed environment, you must install greenhouse accessories that ensure fresh air at the right temperatures.

One way to ensure that the greenhouse temperatures are right and that there is adequate air circulation is the use of ventilation and coolers. A greenhouse without sufficient ventilation might lead to the plants’ deterioration and subsequently poor yields. This is the same case with too much heat in the greenhouse.

So, which are some of the best greenhouse ventilation and cooling accessories?

ZUZZEE Solar Panel Powered Fan Mini Ventilator

Too much heat in your greenhouse might damage your plants. This 10W 12V mini ventilator comes to solve that problem. And besides offering proper air circulation for your greenhouse, you can also use it in your chicken or dog’s house, pet’s house, or even an RV.

This ventilator uses a solar panel to power its cooling fun, connected using a USB cable. It is pretty easy to install, energy-efficient, and portable. Also, it’s light to carry, environmentally friendly, noiseless, and doesn’t even require batteries – it’s solar power all the way.

The package consists of one solar panel, one USB fan, a cigarette lighter, and a DC alligator clip. The best thing about this ventilator is that it offers refunds or replacements if you encounter any problems with the solar fan. This means that your money is guaranteed.

Check out these other top greenhouse fans to ensure your greenhouse is properly circulated.

MistKing 5th Generation Starter Misting System

If you want a cooling system for your rooms, patio, greenhouse, or terrariums, this gadget from MistKing serves you best. It is a reliable misting system that comes with a robust pump, fitted with a high-tech timer, to offer optimal results.

With a custom design that works well for your greenhouse, this gadget includes features that guarantee your plants the ideal growth environment. It has enhanced timer electronics that efficiently tackle power outages, as well the high power demand for pumps, guaranteeing better results.

When it comes to creating the right temperatures for your indoor plants, you certainly need such greenhouse accessories.

VENTISOL 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan

If you want strong and durable, this VENTISOL vent fan might just be what you need. This vent fan works well in various situations, including a greenhouse, home attic, shop, or even garage ventilation.

The heavy-duty ventilator is strong, efficient, and will offer your plants maximum air circulation. It is made with a corrosion-resistant material, ensuring that it’s not affected by chemicals or other harsh elements.

Also, its motor is fully enclosed and thermally protected. This means that you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by water or heat.

And, to ensure that you get the best value for your money, the product is CETL Safety Listed and offers a one-year limited warranty.

Rion Hobby roof vent

For natural air circulation in your greenhouse, a vent kit would be a great idea. This hybrid vent kit from hobby greenhouse accessories offers additional air ventilation for your greenhouse, ensuring optimal growth conditions for the plants.

It is designed to improve air circulation and regulate temperatures inside the greenhouse, without any need for power. If you desire it manual, this one works best. You manually adjust the vent to allow a varied flow of air into your greenhouse.

This vent kit works perfectly with various Rion hobby greenhouses including, gardener 2, prestige 2, and grand gardener 2, greenhouses.

  1. Lighting Systems Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse grow lights are must-have greenhouse accessories, if you want maximum yields. Light is a major growth element in plants, as it facilitates photosynthesis. Without sufficient light, the plants would become pale, feeble, and produce minimal yields.

Since greenhouse plants mostly don’t have access to natural sunlight, greenhouse grow lights become the best alternative. But, with all the available models out there, how do you get the best lights for your greenhouse?

Here are some of the best alternatives, based on our in-depth research and customer reviews.

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best greenhouse accessories: grow lights

This is a full spectrum LED greenhouse light, with white, blue and red, lights. It offers the correct wavelengths for optimal plant growth. These grow lights are ideal for almost every kind of indoor crops, whether in the seeding or flowering stage.

As for the benefits, Hytekgro LED grows lights are lightweight and easy to set up, meaning that you can even install them yourself. In addition, they are efficient, produce minimal heat, and come with a two-year warranty.

With this type of greenhouse grow lights, your plants are guaranteed sufficient light for healthy and faster growth. Also, their low power consumption feature saves you power bills while still offering maximum results.

4 Pack LED Grow Light with Timer

A grow light, professionally designed with a spectrum that offers both blue and red lights, which plants most need for growth. These grow light strips work perfectly in various plant’s growth stages, whether germination, flowering, or fruiting.

The grow lamp includes a four-level brightness feature, dimmable for the best use indoors. It is ideal for greenhouses, indoor plants, as well as hydroponic farming.

With the custom blue and red light spectrum, you can be sure that your plants will receive all the light they need for maximum growth. This helps to ensure that you have fresh crops all year round, no matter the season.

One of the main advantages of this grow light is that it has a timer. This means that you can set the number of hours it should be on, as well as when it should go off. The settings will entirely depend on the need for light by your plants.

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shengsite LED grow light

This type of grow light is ideal for almost every type of indoor plant. Whether succulents, vegetables, or hydroponics flower, this grow light is an excellent choice. It offers a full light spectrum, meaning that it’s ideal for more plant varieties than just the blue and red light spectrums.

In fact, the LED chips are designed to offer a light spectrum almost similar to natural sunlight. It includes the red, blue, UV, IR, and warm white 500k. This way, the plants get everything they would have gotten from the sun, if they were growing outdoors.

Another benefit of this grow light is that it’s easy to install and use. It also emits minimal heat, meaning that it won’t harm your plants in any way.

  1. Greenhouse Tools

To properly manage your greenhouse and care for your crops, you need to have the right tools. These will include greenhouse accessories such as:

After setting up your greenhouse, these tools will help you start your farming. This kit includes 51 pieces of almost everything you require to do indoor gardening. You’ll get everything from a hand rake, transplanter, trowel, cultivator, pruner, weeder, sprayer, glove, garden seeder, etc.

It also includes an additional set of succulent tools, ideal for digging, watering, transplanting, cleaning, and pruning, for succulents and other small indoor plants. This tool kit is one of the greenhouse accessories that will certainly make your indoor farming enjoyable and easy.

All the tools in this 4.7 star rated garden tools kit are made from rust-resistant material, adding to its durability. The tools are also packed in a heavy-duty storage bag, making them easy to carry around and store.

Greenhouse Plant Starter Kit

This is a complete plant germination kit. It comes as a set of peat pots, germination trays, plants growing trays, and some gardening tools. If you are starting a small or average greenhouse project, this greenhouse planter kit will certainly come in handy.

With this kit, you have everything to start growing plants in your greenhouse, as well as tools to care for them during growth.

  1. Greenhouse Sheeting

When building a greenhouse, the type of sheeting you use determines how well protected your crops are. Some of the best greenhouse panels you can try include:

greenhouse sheeting

This type of greenhouse covering is made of aluminum mesh weave, providing maximum protection for your plants. It is heavy-duty, 10 mil in thickness, and rust-proof.

It is also clear, allowing maximum light to penetrate for healthier plants. If you are looking for a durable way to cover your greenhouse, then here you have a winner. Even better, it comes with a 30-days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

greenhouse accessories

If you want it light but sturdy, this polyethylene-made greenhouse covering offers the ideal solution. Firstly, it is foldable, making its installation pretty easy.  Secondly, it’s made of clear material that guarantees maximum light penetration.

It comes as a roll of clear plastic sheet, 12ft by 25ft long.  It’s incredibly tough and UV treated to minimize damage from the sun. This means that your crops will be protected for long, without worrying about replacing the sheet.

In fact, you have a guarantee of 4 stress-free years after this installation. It’s one of the most crucial greenhouse accessories that can either guarantee success or spell doom for your plants.

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