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14 Companies & Brands That Use Palm Oil

You probably have heard of many oils and fats used in daily cooking, baking, frying, and as a spread. Hundreds of products, such as oilseeds, nuts, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc., are usually added to food to make it more tempting and energetic. Many of these oils are also used in cosmetics and other products by various popular brands.

Among multiple oils, palm oil is one of the most commonly used oils in food, cosmetics, and other industries. However, brands that use palm oil in their products have faced a massive drop in sales over the past few years.

Consumers are turning back on brands that use palm oil for several reasons.

For instance, people are becoming increasingly aware that palm oil contains exceptionally high saturated fat content, which poses significant health risks. Also, the rapid production of palm oil is tremendously contributing to the climate crisis and has devastating consequences on wildlife.

There are several products we use in our daily lives that contain palm oil. Here is a detailed review to learn more about the companies that use palm oil in their products:

List of Companies and Brands that Feature Palm Oil Products

1. Nichols PLC – Beverages

brands that use palm oil

Nichols PLC is one of the most popular global beverage companies, with its headquarters in the UK. Its market for soft drinks and juices, including Starslush, Vimto, Sunkist, and ICEE, is all over the world.

Palm oil is used in beverages as a sugar alternative and a replacement for hydrogenated vegetable oils and other emulsifiers. Research has proven that using palm oil in drinks is associated with various health risks.

Other brands that use palm oil in beverages, such as Redbush Tea Co and SHS Group (Schloer, Bottle Green Drinks), also feature palm oil products.

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2. Skippy’s Peanut Butter

Jar of Skippy's Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the most commonly used types of butter in most households. However, many peanut butter brands use high levels of palm oils that are unsuitable for our health. According to United States Food & Drug Administration restrictions, companies cannot use artificial trans fats to make butter, so many peanut butter companies have turned to palm oil.

Skippy’s Natural Peanut Butter Spreads do contain certified sustainable palm oil as their ingredients.

Other brands that use palm oil in Peanut Butter, Tesco and Sainsbury’s include palm oil production.

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3. Max Factor – Cosmetic Company – Lipsticks

smetic Company Lipsticks

Lipsticks are one of the most demanding cosmetics women use in their daily makeup routine.

Max Factor cosmetic company uses palm oil in its lipsticks and other cosmetic products. Palm oil has wide applications in cosmetics for its texturizing and moisturizing properties, and it holds the color well in lipsticks.

At the same time, palm oil in beauty products can make them more likely to cause irritation and sensitivity to the skin.

Other brands that use palm oil in Lipsticks are Revlon, MAC (which contains ingredients derived from palm oil), and Rimmel, which uses regular palm oil in most of their makeup products.

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4. No7 Beauty Company – WBA (Shampoos and Soaps)

No7 Beauty Company

No7 Beauty is a consumer-led beauty company launched by the well-known WBA – Walgreens Boots Alliance. It is being noticed that many of their beauty products, such as shampoos and soaps, contain palm oil.

Palm oil is commonly used as the foaming ingredient in most shampoos and soaps. 

Other brands that use palm oil in soaps and shampoos, such as Dove, Radox, Head and Shoulders, Baylis and Harding, and Herbal Essences, feature palm oil products.

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5. Wall’s Soft scoop Ice cream

Wall's Soft Scoop Ice Cream

You might be surprised that various ice cream brands also use palm oil, one of which is Wall’s Soft Scoop. Palm oil is usually used to thicken the consistency of ice cream and enhance its taste. A suitable replacement for dairy fats, it can also improve the melting point of ice cream.

However, since palm oil has a high saturated fat content, which is unfavorable for our health, it is not a safe substitute.

Other palm oil brands that avoid palm oil production are Nobbly Bobbly and Fab ice creams, which contain palm oil.

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6. KLK and IOI


Do you love instant noodles? According to the facts, they could contain 20% palm oil, which is generally used to pre-cook the noodles.

KLK and IOI are big multinational companies with global business in different divisions. They are major suppliers of palm oil to brands such as Toyo Suisan, Nongshim, Nissin, and Sanyo Foods, which use this oil in instant noodle manufacturing.

As instant noodles are used in almost every household, people can come together to demand a better alternative and derive a change globally.

Other brands that use palm kernel oil in instant noodles, such as Batchelor’s SuperNoodles and Pot Noodles, contain regular palm oil.

7. Soho Coffee Company

Soho Coffee Company

This is a popular coffee brand, and its stores are open in different regions worldwide. This company has been in business since 1999 and has a good reputation. The company claims to use 100% Fairtrade and 100% Organic coffee, but they have failed to provide sufficient information on palm oil usage.

Other brands that use palm oil in coffee: Caffè Ritazza, Coffee Republic, Caffè Nero AMT Coffee, Muffin Break, Esquires, Boston Tea Party, Bewley’s, Harris and Hoole, and Puccino’s are involved in palm oil supply chain.

8. Garfield Weston (Jordans, Dorset)


Do you ever pay attention to ingredients when you buy your breakfast cereal? Many brands use high levels of palm oil in cereals and other food products.

Unsustainable palm oil is the primary reason behind massive deforestation. Still, many well-known brands use palm oil just to make monetary profits.

Other brands that use palm fruit oil in Cereals are Associated British Foods (Primark, Jordans, Kingsmill) and Eat Natural Post Holdings (Weetabix).

9. Dr. Schar Bread

Dr. Schar Bread

Companies like Dr. Schar, which produces white bread, use palm oil as an ingredient to improve the texture and loaf volume of end products.

Packaged bread usually contains palm oil because it is cheap. It keeps the bread fresh and solid for a long time at room temperature. However, due to its high saturated fat content, palm oil can be harmful to cardiovascular health.

Other brands that use palm kernel oil in bread are Braces Bakery, All About Food Limited (Cranks), and Roberts Bakery.

10. Pacifica Beauty (Perfumes)

Two Bottles of Pacifica Perfume

This makeup and cosmetic company offers a wide array of perfumes and colognes at affordable prices. It also provides its consumers with a whole range of other beauty products.

But did you know palm oil is widely used in fragrances? It acts as an emulsifier, and its derivatives lurk in 70% of global cosmetics.

Other brands that use palm oil derivatives in perfumes are Shiseido Company (Gabbana perfume), Holland and Holland (Chanel perfume), L’Occitane, Bliss, and Coty ( Wella, plus perfumes for Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Burberry), and ​​Inter Parfums (Karl Lagerfield, Banana Republic perfumes, Jimmy Choo, Paul Smith, Gap).

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11. Butcher’s Pet Care

Butchers Pet Care

This Pet food company is based in Northamptonshire, England, and specializes in natural pet food for cats and dogs. Its products are available online throughout the UK and in various markets around the world.

They claim that their pet foods and treats are made with natural ingredients and beneficial oils, which are 100% naturally balanced and help pets stay healthy.

However, reports say the brand uses palm oil to produce pet food. Palm oil is highly toxic for pets, especially dogs. It takes the form of propylene glycol or glycerin, and its inclusion is certainly not good.

12. Domino’s Pizza

Dominos Pizza

Founded in 1960, Domino’s Pizza is a world-leading pizza company. They offer different pizza flavors and some bread sides that people love to eat. However, it has been observed that the cheese they use on their pizzas is usually made of palm oil.

Compared to other oils, palm oil has relatively high saturated fats, about 34 percent, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

There has always been a debate on using palm oil in the food industry. Therefore, many brands are trying to adopt a new approach to prepare better and healthier products. However, it entirely depends on big-name brands, such as how they eliminate palm oil from their ingredients and what alternative they use to prepare their food products.

Other fast food and takeaway brands that use palm oil are Yo! Sushi, Leon, Subway, Greggs, Itsu, and KFC.

13. Mcbride (Cleaning Products Suppliers)


McBride is the leading manufacturer and supplier of domestic and professional cleaning products. Its wide range of cleaning products is divided into different divisions: Aerosols, Powders, Unit Dosing, Asia Pacific, and Liquids.

Palm oil is one of the most environmentally unfavorable ingredients used as an effective foaming agent in several household and commercial cleaning products.

Other cleaning products that contain palm oil are Enpac (Simply), Mcbride (Surcare, Frish, Planet Clean), Lilly’s Eco Clean, and Procter and Gamble (Head & Shoulders, Fairy, Pampers).

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14. Colgate Company

Oral Care Products

Millions of people worldwide trust Colgate products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, cleaners, and oral care resources.

This is a company that uses palm oil and its derivatives to manufacture their oral care and cosmetic products.

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15. Chocolate Brands

Chocolate with palm oil

Food products that require a fat component commonly use palm oil as one of the major ingredients. Many chocolate companies use palm oil in the chocolate-making process to ensure smooth texture and appearance.

Chocolate brands that use palm oil: Dairy Milk, Mars, Cadbury’s Roses, Ferrero Rocher, Aero, Nutella, and Kinder claim to use sustainable palm oil.

Palm oil is available in nearly everything; it appears in almost half of the products sold in household and commercial markets. Palm oil is obtained by cutting down rainforests, which adversely impacts communities worldwide, unleashes climate pollution, damages ecosystems, and pushes many animal breeds to the brink of extinction.

Many countries, including Iceland, have restricted the use of palm oil in the manufacture of various products. Several big companies have also decided to take certain eco-friendly steps in manufacturing their products.

More and more brands are making efforts to switch to organic or sustainable palm oil, but many big, influential brands have yet to make responsible decisions.


Does Dove still use palm oil?

Dove, the personal care brand, is committed to sourcing palm oil sustainably and has pledged to use 100% sustainable palm oil by the end of 2020 (source: Dove). According to their website, they have achieved this goal, and all of the palm oil used in Dove products is now certified sustainable.

What company uses the most palm oil?

The company that uses the most palm oil is Nestle. Nestle is a multinational food and beverage company that uses palm oil in many of its products, including chocolate, snacks, and instant noodles. The company has faced criticism from environmental groups for its palm oil sourcing practices and has pledged to use sustainable palm oil in all of its products by 2023.

What American companies use palm oil?

American companies that use palm oil incorporate the oil into their products, including food, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. Some of the largest American companies that use palm oil include PepsiCo, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble. Palm oil has been controversial due to its environmental impact, including deforestation and habitat destruction for endangered species.

Does ice cream contain palm oil?

Ice cream is a frozen dessert typically containing milk, cream, and sugar. Some ice cream brands use palm oil as an ingredient, although not all do. Palm oil is often used as a stabilizer in ice cream to prevent it from melting too quickly and to improve its texture.

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