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How Much Environmental Damage is Israel’s War on Gaza Causing: Assessing the Devastation to Gaza’s Built and Natural Landscapes

The conflict in Gaza has resulted in significant destruction of both manmade and natural environments. The area endures profound adversity with a high toll of casualties and injuries. The recent bombings, unparalleled since World War II, extend beyond human tragedy, inflicting enduring harm on the physical setting.

Vital infrastructure, including water and sanitation systems, now lies in ruins. The bombardment has introduced a myriad of pollutants into the atmosphere and the land, layering Gaza’s soil with new toxic substances atop the remnants of past conflicts.

Gaza’s recovery prospects raise concerns, as this beleaguered strip grapples with the compounded environmental hazards. Experts on the ground, such as representatives from EcoPeace Middle East and the Palestinian Water Authority, alongside authorities in climate change, assess the extensive damage and seek pathways to rehabilitation and environmental resilience.

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