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Is Parchment Paper Compostable?

You are probably familiar with baking parchment paper if you’re always in the kitchen and love to cook. It has always been essential cooking and baking tool, primarily since it makes everything easier. It is one of the most important things to have in the kitchen.

Is parchment paper compostable? This might be your question if you environmental-friendly. This kitchen product assists you in keeping the mess that you tend to make while cooking to a minimum.

Along with assisting you into your kitchen, does parchment paper also assist the environment? This raises the topic of whether parchment paper is compostable.

Everyone is now choosing to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, to live off-grid, trying a zero waste habit.

The fact that you have a composting item in your home implies that you may use it in any way you want while also helping the environment at the same time.

Parchment paper’s remarkable and multipurpose nature has made it quite popular in most households due to its many uses. If you cook and bake regularly, we are confident that you go through a significant amount of parchment paper each year.

Because you use parchment paper regularly, you must be concerned about whether it is dangerous to the environment, asking if parchment paper is compostable? Continue reading to find out more.

What is Parchment Paper?

As a result the silicone coating on the parchment paper is made with a nonstick surface and is heat-resistant, whereas typical parchment papers are safe to be used in ovens up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout history, professional bakers, chefs, and even home cooks have kept rolls of parchment in their kitchens, which they used frequently and for a variety of purposes.

The most significant distinction between parchment paper and waxed paper is their coating.

The waxed paper is covered with paraffin wax, which will melt or even burn if exposed to high temperatures. Parchment paper is also available in pre-cut sheets, which makes everything easier.

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Types of Parchment Paper

There are two types of parchment paper is available: bleached and unbleached. While both bleached or unbleached can be used for the same functions, a significant difference between the two distinguishes them from one another.

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Bleached Parchment Paper

Bleached parchment paper is white paper parchment that has been treated with chlorine to give it a shining white appearance. A Bleached parchment paper has been automatically changed, and as a result, it will not decompose at the standard rate. Bleach itself takes hundreds of years to disintegrate,

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Unbleached Parchment Paper

Unbleached is a brown-colored parchment paper that is untreated and completely free of chlorine odors. Unbleached brown paper is among the best choices of baking paper to use and an eco-friendly product to own.

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Is parchment paper compostable?

The Montana State University Extension’s Home and Garden Information Center indicated that parchment paper should not be composted since it is coated with non stick surface and compounds such as silicon, which makes it difficult to compost.

As a result, it is unable to compost despite several companies claiming that their paper is compostable.

Is this the end of the debate over whether the product is compostable? Is it compostable?

How to tell if parchment paper is compostable? You can compost these products from other sources, but you will have to put in a little extra effort to do so, such as cutting it into small pieces, for example, to expedite the composting process and make it more efficient.

Is parchment paper with silicone compostable? As the parchment paper is not covered with wax but silicone, it will decompose more quickly than wax paper.

So, is the product a compostable material? The answer is yes. In most situations, the compostable and biodegradable characteristics are only applicable to the unbleached type, which is the brown one. Not all parchment papers are compostable. However, it will vary depending on the brand you choose to purchase and use in your kitchen.

There are several brands that are dedicated to developing biodegradable products for use in your home. 

Several businesses, including Raynolds and If You Care, have supplied information suggesting that their parchment paper is compostable that is ideal to add to your compost pile.

Following that, their parchment paper is FSC certified and compostable and unbleached and chlorine-free, which you will also see on their packaging.

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Is it safe for the environment?

Are parchment papers safe for the environment? This must be a question in your mind especially when you shifting into living more sustainably. The answer is no. It is compostable like the unbleached brown paper type of parchment paper in the market.

Silicone oven sheets are safer for Earth than other materials namely aluminum foil. Parchment papers coated with silicone and have tin foil are non-stainable. Most are made from wood thus do not have toxins.

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Best Compostable Parchment Paper

Have a look at these great compost parchment paper options which are most promising to devote our efforts on if we wish to save our environment. You should have a compostable parchment sheet available in your kitchen so that you may use it for cooking and baking while also contributing to the environment.

Is parchment paper biodegradable? Yes! There are lots of parchment baking paper options available that are compostable. Please take a look at our list of the top compostable parchment papers.

1. If You Care, Parchment Baking Paper, 70 Square Feet

If You Care Parchment Baking Paper

It is among the best products to use if you are seeking compostable parchment paper. If You Care, Parchment Baking Paper is one of the best products to use. When you look at the package of If You Care, you will see a tree and the words “quality with integrity,” which further establishes their product’s reliability.

It is nonstick because the parchment baking paper has been silicone coated. Heavy grade, greaseproof, nonstick paper is used in its construction, and the paper is chlorine-free and compostable.

They also have it in the shape of 12.5 x 16-inch baking sheets from If You Care.

If You Care paper products, including their Parchment Paper, are completely chlorine-free, ensuring that no chlorine or chlorine derivatives are thrown into lakes, rivers, and other water sources that cost harm and pollution and that no chlorine or chlorine derivatives go to these streams.

Using the If You Care parchment baking paper, you can bake, roast, reheat and wrap your food easily. As an alternative, parchment baking sheets from the same company are available, pre-cut parchment pieces designed to fit standard baking tools. 

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2. Beyond GourmetUnbleached Non-Stick Parchment Paper, 71-Square-Feet

Beyond Gourmet Unbleached Non-Stick Parchment Paper

Beyond Gourmet also excels in delivering high-quality Parchment Paper, which can be used in both culinary and baking applications. It prevents foods from clinging to baking pans without the need for grease or oils, and it helps keep the environment clean because it is compostable.

It is also proudly manufactured in Sweden from natural unbleached paper with a nonstick and water-based silicone coating that allows foods to be released quickly from the pan after cooking. It can also withstand temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven.

If you like to recycle parchment paper the Beyond Gourmet Unbleached Non-Stick Paper is not for you. It is a single-use product and disposable, which makes cleaning it more manageable. It is also completely biodegradable and compostable. If you are interested in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, this is an excellent thing to have in your home.

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3. Baklicious Unbleached Baking Sheets, 220 Pieces

BAKLICIOUS Unbleached Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

If you’re looking for a pre-cut baking sheet, Baklicious Unbleached Baking Sheets are an excellent option to consider purchasing. The baking sheets are 12 x 16 inches in size, and there are a total of 220 of them in a package. Based on the fact that we receive 220 pieces, the price is really reasonable, not expensive at all, and it saves you the time and effort of having to cut your own vegetables during the cooking process. 

The Baklicious product is obviously waterproof and greaseproof, allowing food to be easily slipped off the baking tray without sticking to it. Unlike conventional parchment paper with a wax coating and silicon base, Baklicious natural parchment paper sheets are made entirely from natural wood pulp. The product is also unbleached and is free of BPA.

On the other hand, the manufacturer did not mention the possibility of reusing the same baking sheet for many baking sessions.

The temperature resistance ranges it can withstand when used is from 68 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the baking sheet is made of heavy-duty usage. The product is also multipurpose, meaning that it may be utilized in a variety of cuisines and delicacies that you may enjoy cooking or baking.

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4. HIWARE KITCHENS Unbleached Parchment Paper for Baking

HIWARE KITCHENS Unbleached Parchment Paper

When looking for a product that is both affordable and environmentally friendly, the Unbleached Parchment Paper from HIWARE is one of the greatest options to include in your kitchen basics. The paper is 15 inches wide and 200 feet long, making it broader than 12 inches and longer than other varieties of parchment.

It is simple to tear and cut, and there is no need for laborious manual cutting or edge-trimming before you use the product. This makes it easier to add parchment paper on a pan or in any baking tool.

This parchment paper is also more affordable than the other types, making it a good choice for those on a tight budget. It is also made from heavy-duty materials that are unbleached and do not include any dangerous pollutants, making it a healthy choice for you and the environment.

While it is unquestionably nonstick, it is also more durable and waterproof, thanks to its thickness, which makes it less brittle and longer-lasting.

HIWARE Kitchens unbleached parchment paper is heat resistant, so you may use it in the refrigerator as well as in the oven or a stove for cooking without the worry of burning your food. Although it can withstand temperatures as high as 450°F, it will not catch fire. It is perfect to use for baking, roasting, and a variety of other cooking applications.

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5. Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper Roll

Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper Roll

This is an example of white parchment paper that can be composted, which is uncommon. And it’s one of the most excellent options available, as well as extremely popular. However, the price is a little costly for this size, but it is an environmentally friendly parchment paper alternative that is available on the market.

Reynolds Kitchens also sells a parchment paper roll that has not been bleached. In terms of size, its bleached paper is available in the roll that measures 90 square feet, whereas its unbleached paper is available in the roll that is 45 square feet.

Both types of Reynolds Kitchens Rolls baking paper are compostable and environmentally friendly. When food is cooked in a pan prepared with this adaptable cooking paper, it will not cling to the pan, and ist paper will fit nicely into most conventional baking pans thanks to its 12-inch width.

When asked if parchment paper is compostable? The answer to Reynolds parchment paper is yes because it can ease your clean-up by using parchment in your kitchen; it can also be conveniently composted in residential and commercial composting sites.

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Why choose compostable parchment paper?

One advantage of employing compostable parchment paper in the food industry is that it reduces food waste. When food waste is combined with compostable packaging, using composting products is a step in making one waste stream diverted from landfills and on waste streams.

While using a non-compostable product in your kitchen is terrible for the environment. Using such a compostable paper product in your kitchen helps you cook more smoothly and conveniently and contributes to your ability to live more sustainably and adhere to composting habits by reducing waste.

If you are concerned about the environment, finding out whether the baking paper is also compostable is an important step to take. For those who live sustainably and stick to an environmentally conscious lifestyle, you might be interested in using compostable parchment paper and incorporating it into your home, as well as adding it to your compost pile.


Can you put parchment paper in the compost?

Is compost parchment paper biodegradable? Yes, compost parchment paper is biodegradable and can be added to a compost bin or pile. It is made from natural materials such as wood pulp and is free from harmful chemicals, making it a safe and eco-friendly option for baking and cooking.

However, it is important to note that parchment paper coated with silicone should not be composted as the silicone coating is not biodegradable.

Is Betty Crocker parchment paper compostable?

Betty Crocker parchment paper is not compostable. It is made from bleached white paper and coated with silicone, which makes it non-biodegradable. While it is heat-resistant and non-stick, it cannot be composted and should be disposed of in the trash.

What kind of paper Cannot be composted?

Compostable paper is paper that can be broken down by microorganisms into nutrient-rich compost. However, paper products that are coated with plastic or wax cannot be composted. These materials do not break down and can contaminate the compost, rendering it unusable for gardening and farming purposes.

Additionally, paper that has been contaminated with food waste or other organic materials may not be suitable for composting, as it can attract pests and emit unpleasant odors.

Can you compost Reynolds parchment paper?

Reynolds parchment paper is not compostable because it is coated with silicone, which does not break down in the composting process. However, it can still be recycled with other paper products. It is important to note that only uncoated paper products, such as paper towels or coffee filters, should be composted.

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