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9 Best Biodegradable Clay Pigeons of 2024

Are clay pigeons biodegradable? Not all! So, where can you get biodegradable clay pigeons? Read through this list to find out.

Two fun facts about clay pigeons: they neither look like pigeons nor are they made of clay. How contradicting is this! Well, the name clay pigeons were coined from the original shooting targets, which were actual pigeons.

So what are clay pigeons made from, if not clay? Initially, clay pigeons were made from a mixture of talc and petroleum pitch or resin. However, with environmental conservation concerns being raised every day, there was a need to start making eco-friendly clay pigeons.

That’s when biodegradable clay pigeons were born.  Biodegradable clay targets are also made through the same process as non-biodegradable ones. However, the process uses 100% natural resin instead of petroleum pitch/resin.

This way, both the talc and the natural resin can be assimilated back to the environment with time without causing any harm.

 Now, the challenge comes when trying to choose the best biodegradable clay pigeons. With so many options available online, we have decided to make the job easier for you.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best Value Biodegradable Clay Pigeons 2 Cases of White Flyer Biodegradable Clay Pigeons
Best Color Variety Targets VisiChalk 3 Multi-Color Targets, 48ct
Best Gender Reveal Shooting Targets BlastCloud Gender Reveal Targets
Best Environmentally Friendly Target Disks Daisy Shatterblast. 4 Target Stakes and 8 Breakable Target Disks

Best Biodegradable Clay Pigeons Options

If you are looking for eco-friendly shooting clay targets, here are some incredible options.

1. 2 Cases of White Flyer Biodegradable Clay Pigeons

2 Cases of White Flyer Biodegradable Targets

Product details

  • Color: orange
  • Brand: White Flyer
  • Customer reviews: 3.7

White Flyer is arguably the biggest producer and distributor of clay pigeons globally. The company has operated since 1892, making it one of the oldest manufacturers in the clay pigeons industry.

White Flyer’s philosophy is straightforward; producing superior clay targets and delivering only products that meet and exceed customer expectations. With these quality White Flyer biodegradable clay pigeons, environmental concerns won’t have to halt your fun.

The product has a rating of 3.7 stars out of possible 5 stars, outshining many competitors out there.

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2. Daisy’s ShatterBlast

Daisy Shatterblast Clay Targets

Product information

  • Size: 2” diameter, 1/8” thick
  • Customer reviews: 4.2

This is another incredible non-toxic, biodegradable clay shooting product. The discs are hunter orange, making them quite visible, and measure 2” in diameter. They easily shatter when shot with BB guns or pellet rifles.

ShutterBlast targets are a great choice for new shooters as they can easily see whether or not their shot was on point. These discs are made from natural clay, which is also non-toxic and biodegradable.

A ShutterBlast Target Holder is sold separately. The packet contains 60 2-inch biodegradable targets that will make your shooting experience amazing.

If you are looking for quality and reliability, ShatterBlast clay discs are among the best choices. The product has a 4.2 stars rating on Amazon, meaning that shooters love it.

3. VisiChalk 3 Multi-Color Targets, 48ct

VisiChalk 3 Multi-Color Targets

Product information

  • Size 2.5” diameter
  • Weight 2 pounds
  • Brand: champion
  • Customer reviews: 4.3 stars

VisiChalk clay discs from Champion are also quite popular with shooters. They come in four bright colors (white, blue, yellow, and orange), and each pack contains three targets.

Their bright colors make them quite visible during the shooting sport, making them one of the favorites for many shooters. This is evident by the high ratings on Amazon, of 4.3 stars out of 5.

In addition, these clay pigeons are biodegradable and non-toxic. Their biodegradable nature allows you can continue enjoying the sport without worrying about environmental impact.

VisiChalk clay discs are designed to fit all ages. Their explosive action ensures that shooters get immediate feedback on whether or not they hit their target. Once the disc is hit, it explodes into a cloud of chalk, allowing the players to enjoy the game even more.

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4. Gender Reveal Skeet Shooting Target Filled with Pink or Blue powder

Skeet Shooting Target

Product Information

  • Size: 5.94” by 5.94” by 5.83”
  • Weight: 1.37 pounds
  • Customer Review: 3.4 stars

This is an excellent shooting target for shooters and outdoorsmen, especially during gender reveal parties and other Skeet or Trap Shooting games. When hit, the target explodes with a spectacular cloud of beautiful colored powder, making the game exciting.

The targets contain a vibrant powder that explodes on impact. This powder is 100% safe, as it’s both non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment and the people playing the game. It is even approved as a food color, meaning that it’s safe for use.

Each clay target is marked with a blue or pink sticker to make them more identifiable from afar. However, unlike most other clay targets, these are not ideal for use in mechanical skeet throwers.

The package comes as a set of two, meaning you can use one set for practice before the reveal.

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5. Gender Reveal White Target Ball | Pink & Blue Kit | Powder 6 Inch Shooting Ball |

Gender Reveal White Target Ball

Product details

  • Size: 6” by 6” by 6”
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Customer reviews: 3.8 stars

This white target ball is filled with brilliantly colored powder that explodes upon impact. This way, every time you hit the target, a cloud of bright colors fills the atmosphere, prompting more enjoyment for participants.

The package contains a 6” ball shell, plus two color packets. The color packets contain blue and pink powder, which you pour into the ball shell depending on your pick.

These shooting targets are ideal for gender reveal parties, as they allow you to give everyone quite an exciting surprise. The targets can also be used in other recreational shooting activities.

One good thing about these shooting balls is that they are durable and easy to break when hit. They won’t just break for falling on a soft surface. However, you should also not go dropping them on harder surfaces.

If you buy the product and are not fully satisfied with it, for any reason, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about receiving sub-standard products.

6. BlastCloud Gender Reveal Targets

BlastCloud Gender Reveal Targets

Product details

  • Size: 3” by 3” by 3.25”
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Customer reviews: 3.8 stars

If you have a gender reveal party, or are planning some exciting outdoor games for Christmas, sports teams, or any shooting range event, BlastCloud targets are an excellent choice. They not only promise total fun, but they are also ready to shoot and safe.

The pack contains a pink target, a blue target, and a mystery one.  The mystery target might contain a single or a blend of colors, but not blue or pink. Mostly, the mystery target is used for any adjustments or last-minute practice before the reveal.

You can use a shotgun slug up to 100 yards for the best results. And, if you are using birdshot, 10 to 20 yards work best. You can also use large caliber rifles and still maximum powder dispersion.

These targets are both launchable and throwable and can be an excellent source of fun for the entire family.

7. Gender Reveal Ceramic Target Ball 2 Pack | Pink & Blue Set

Ceramic Target Ball 2 Pack

Product details

  • Size: ‎6.54” by 3.5” by 3.31”
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces
  • Customer reviews: 4.2 stars

These ceramic target balls, by Ultimate Party Supplies, are ideal for gender reveal parties. However, they can also be used in many other recreational shooting games.

Like most other gender-reveal shooting targets, these also contain vibrant powder inside, which magnificently explodes when shot. They contain blue or pink colors, forming a beautiful cloud puff upon impact.

The good thing with these targets is that both the ceramic targets and the cloud of colors they leave behind are environmentally friendly. And for this reason, no harm is caused to the environment or the party attendees.

In addition, the targets are sturdy and not easily broken when they fall – unless they hit the hard ground like a concrete floor. However, when shot, they easily break, leaving a stunning colored cloud.

The pack is sold as a set of two, allowing you to practice with one set before the reveal party. Targets have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

8. Daisy Shatterblast. 4 Target Stakes and 8 Breakable Target Disks

Daisy Shatterblast: biodegradable clay pigeons

Product details

  • Size: 2” diameter, 1/8” thickness
  • Customer review: 3.5
  • Brand: Daisy

This product comes as a set of four (high-impact) target holders and eight (breakable) shooting targets. The breakable targets are sturdy enough to withstand a fall on soft grounds but easily break when shot.

With these ShatterBlast targets, you only need to fix the holders into the ground and place targets on them. From here, you are all ready for your shooting game. The targets are available in bright orange, adding more fun to the game.

9. White Flyer BLACKOUT® Trap and Skeet Targets 90ct

White Flyer BLACKOUT®

Product details

  • Size: 108mm
  • Weight:20 lbs
  • Customer review: 4.6 stars
  • Brand: White Flyer

With this set of 90 trap and skeet targets, shooters can enjoy the same quality of White Flyer clay pigeons, seen in all their targets. These clay pigeons are ideal for skeet, trap, and other clay recreational shooting.

The targets can be used in a handset or automatic trap machines, which makes the game quite breathtaking. They are ideal for shooters who want to improve hand-eye coordination, especially with a moving target.

White Flyer BLACKOUT targets come with an orange-colored top and a black underside. They are environmentally friendly and cause no harm to the players.

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Best Clay Pigeon Throwers

Clay pigeon shooting isn’t complete without a good target holder or launcher. Here are some quality products that you can check out:

1. Champion Range and Target Wheelybird


For the best experience in clay pigeon shooting, Wheelybird 2.0 from Champion Range and Target is an excellent choice. This target launcher comes fitted with a remote and pedal shooting control, aimed at making launches much easier and efficient.

Other incredible features of this product include:

  • Sturdy rubber tires that make transportation easy
  • A quicker motor that allows fast 1.75 cycles
  • Upgraded stack holder
  • 70 yards’ maximum launch
  • Flexible shooting angle and arrangement
  • Over 3000 throws when fully charged

With the remote control feature, you can enjoy automatic launches with just a button press.

2. SME Clay Target Thrower No Battery Required

SME Clay Target Thrower

If you want something simple, this manual clay target thrower from SME will do it. It requires no battery, meaning that you can use it anytime you feel like going clay pigeon shooting.

Other features of the thrower include:

  • Made of strong aluminum and steel material
  • Weather resistant finish
  • Flexible throwing arm spring
  • Can throw singles or stacked, parallel double targets.
  • Uses string release thus no need for power

In addition, the throwing arm has a cushioning pad that prevents breakage of the targets when launching.

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3. Do-All Outdoors – Competitor, Full Cock Trap

biodegradable clay pigeon throwers

Do-All Outside offers another simple clay targets launcher that will help you hone your shooting skills or enjoy a great shooting game. The full-cock trap can launch either single or double targets, giving you an excellent challenge.

In terms of durability, the launcher is made of strong alloy steel and aluminum, which guarantees long use. In addition, the weather-resistant finish ensures that this clay thrower isn’t disfigured by harsh weather.

Key qualities:

  • Portability: It is small, light, and has wheels that favor easy transportation.
  • Warranty: The roller-bearing clutch has a one-year warranty while other parts include a two-year warranty.
  • Efficiency: It’s easy to cock, making it fun to play for hours.

Are Champion Clay Pigeons Biodegradable?

Generally, not every clay pigeon is biodegradable. Traditionally, companies used clay and petroleum resin to make these shooting targets. When petroleum resin is used, the clay target becomes non-biodegradable. Remember, petroleum is one of the major causes of land, air, and water pollution.

However, several companies have devised ways to protect the environment. For instance, Champion clay pigeons are made of talc (a clay mineral) and natural resin.

The company makes biodegradable shooting targets since natural resin comes from plants. Therefore, the simple answer to this question is yes. Champion clay pigeons are biodegradable.


Will clay pigeons dissolve?

Clay pigeons are not designed to dissolve. They are typically made from pitch and limestone and are used as targets for shooting sports. While they may break into smaller pieces upon impact, they will not dissolve in water or break down naturally over time.

Are clay pigeons safe for livestock?

Clay pigeons are not safe for livestock. Clay pigeons are targets for shooting sports and are typically made of limestone, pitch, and tar. These materials can harm animals if ingested and cause blockages in their digestive systems. Therefore, it is important to dispose of used clay pigeons properly and keep them away from livestock.

Are clay pigeons poisonous?

Clay pigeons are not poisonous. They are used in shooting sports as targets. Clay pigeons are typically made of non-toxic materials such as limestone and pitch.

Are white flyers biodegradable?

White flyers are biodegradable clay pigeons that are commonly used in shooting sports. They are made from a mixture of limestone and pitch, which allows them to break apart upon impact and decompose naturally over time.

As a result, they are an environmentally friendly option for shooting sports enthusiasts who want to reduce their environmental impact.

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