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23 Incredible Animals That Start With the Letter E

Embarking on an exploration of the animal kingdom, one might be intrigued by the diversity presented by those species whose names begin with the letter ‘E.’ This alphabetically organized approach offers a window into various organisms’ fascinating traits and characteristics, from the well-known elephants and eagles to the lesser-known echidnas and eels.

The letter ‘E’ encompasses species from various classes of vertebrates, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians, each occupying a unique niche within their respective ecosystems.

In assessing the breadth of animals that start with ‘E’, one encounters species demonstrating the vast range of adaptations and behaviors that have evolved. The emperor penguin, known for its impressive stature, highlights the adaptability of life in frigid climates.

At the same time, the electric eel is a testament to the natural world’s ability to harness energy in extraordinary ways.

Eagle on flight

These species of E animals, along with others starting with the same initial, serve as excellent examples of the planet’s biodiversity and offer numerous insights into the complexity of life forms sharing our world.

Key Takeaways

  • Species starting with the letter ‘E’ exhibit various adaptive traits and inhabit diverse ecosystems.
  • Both popular and lesser-known animals populate the list of species with names that begin with ‘E’.
  • This classification spans various vertebrate groups, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.
Mother and child elephant

Animals That Start With E

The animal kingdom is diverse, with a vast array of species whose names begin with the letter E. From soaring eagles to elusive echidnas, each animal plays a unique role in its natural habitat.



Eagles are large birds of prey found worldwide. Known for their keen eyesight, they are formidable hunters and hold symbolic significance in many cultures.

Earless Monitor Lizard

Earless monitor lizard
kuritafsheen / Adobe Stock

This rare reptile is native to Borneo and thrives in humid, tropical environments. It is distinctive for its lack of external ears and its secretive nature.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Eastern lowland gorilla

The Eastern Lowland Gorilla, a gentle giant, is one of two subspecies of the Eastern Gorilla. They are predominantly herbivorous and live in the forests of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Eastern Box Turtle

Indiana eastern box turtle
Jamie / Adobe Stock

The Eastern Box Turtle is a North American species of turtle recognizable by its domed shell. It prefers woodland terrains and is known for its long lifespan.

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Eastern Chipmunk

Eastern chipmunk resting on a branch
George Schmiesing / Adobe Stock

The Eastern Chipmunk is a small, nimble mammal found in North America. Its cheek pouches allow it to transport food and it plays a significant role in seed dispersal.

Eastern Coral Snake

Red coral snake
Radiant Reptilia / Adobe Stock

This snake is famous for its brightly colored bands and potent venom. The Eastern Coral Snake is native to the southeastern and eastern United States only.

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Diamondback Rattlesnake
Ari / Adobe Stock

As one of the largest rattlesnakes, the Eastern Diamondback is notorious for its lethal bite and the distinctive rattle at the end of its tail.

Eastern Phoebe

Beautiful Eastern Phoebe
Tilra / Adobe Stock

The Eastern Phoebe is a small passerine bird known for its ‘phoebe’ call. This bird is a migratory species found in North America.


Spiked Echidna
Jarrod / Adobe Stock

Echidnas are unique egg-laying mammals found in Australia and New Guinea. They are one of only two mammals in the Tachyglossidae family, known for their spiny coats.


Adult conger eel

Eels are elongated fish, found in both freshwater and saltwater, with some species like the electric eel capable of generating an electric charge.


Elephant herd walking towards camera in Savuti in Botswana
stuporter / Adobe Stock

Elephants, the world’s largest land animal among mammals, are intelligent creatures with complex social structures. The family Elephantidae includes both the African and Asian species.

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Emperor Penguin

Four King Penguins

The Emperor Penguin is the tallest and heaviest of all penguin species. They are native to Antarctica, known for their endurance in extreme conditions.


Many living earthworms
bukhta79 / Adobe Stock

Earthworms are essential invertebrates that aerate the soil, enhancing its fertility. They are found worldwide and are crucial for healthy ecosystems.


Earwig on a leaf
David Daniel / Adobe Stock

Earwigs are small insects with pincers on their abdomens. They play a role in the decomposition process but are also known to be agricultural pests.

Edible Frog

Pelophylax green edible frog sitting on a water lily / Adobe Stock

Also known as the common water frog, the Edible Frog is found in parts of Europe and is an amphibian that thrives in wetlands and ponds.


Elk in morning sun
Kavindu / Adobe Stock

Elk, also known as wapiti, are large mammals noted for their impressive antlers. They inhabit forest habitats in North America and eastern Asia.


Emu mother and offsprings
Ken Griffiths / Adobe Stock

The Emu is a large, flightless bird from Australia. It is the second-largest bird by height, after the ostrich, and has a diversified diet.

Eastern Gorilla

Gorilla staring and giving a look

Eastern Gorillas are one of the two species of gorillas, mostly found in the mountainous forests of Central Africa. This majestic ape is known for its robust build and social behavior.

Electric Eel

Spotted electric eel swimming under water

Despite its name, the Electric Eel is actually a type of knifefish and is known for its ability to generate electricity for hunting and defense.

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Emperor Tamarin

Emperor Tamarin at a tree
Will Howe / Adobe Stock

Named for its elegant white mustache, the Emperor Tamarin is a small monkey native to the Amazon rainforest, recognized by its sociable and playful nature.


Mustela erminea like a state in winter snow
Milan / Adobe Stock

The Ermine, a small predator known as a stoat, is known for its white winter fur. It has a wide range in the Northern Hemisphere but is particularly associated with the tundra.

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Eastern Bluebird

Eastern bluebird male on fence post near flower garden
Danita Delimont / Adobe Stock

With its vibrant blue plumage, the Eastern Bluebird is a songbird found in North America. These birds are cavity nesters and are often seen perched in open fields.

Eagle Ray

Eagle ray swimming underwater
Kevin Drew Davis / Adobe Stock

Known for their flattened bodies and wide fins, eagle rays glide through warm seas. They are often spotted near coral reefs, hunting for mollusks and crustaceans.

Popular Animals Starting With E


Among the diverse group of animals beginning with the letter ‘E’, several species stand out due to their distinct characteristics and popularity. Eurasian beavers (Castor fiber) are notable for their dam-building skills and contributions to ecosystem engineering. They profoundly impact their habitats, creating wetlands that benefit other species.

Eurasian wolves (Canis lupus lupus), sometimes called the grey or common wolf, roam across Europe and Asia. They are apex predators, playing a crucial role in maintaining the health of their ecosystems by controlling prey populations.

Amphibians like the eft, the juvenile stage of the Eastern newt (Notophthalmus viridescens), boast vivid colors warning predators of their toxicity. These newts are found in North America, often in moist, forested environments.

Small mammals also feature prominently in this list. The Eastern rat is a general term that can refer to various species of rats native to Eastern regions. Meanwhile, the Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is a freshwater species admired for its vibrant fur and bushy tail, native to woodlands across Europe and parts of Asia.

Prehistoric creatures such as the Euoplocephalus, a dinosaur renowned for its armored body and clubbed tail, provide insight into the ancient past where reptiles dominated. Bird enthusiasts often recognize the Emperor goose (Anser canagicus) with its distinctive white head and gray body, found in Alaska and northeastern Siberia.

The English shepherd is a versatile herding dog breed in the realm of canines, valued for its intelligence and work ethic on farms. Subterranean animals like the Eastern mole (Scalopus aquaticus) are seldom seen but play a significant role in aerating soil and controlling pests with their insectivorous diet.

Bird-watchers might spot the Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius), an adaptable, acorn-stashing bird with a striking plumage and a talent for mimicry. Lastly, the elusive Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx), with its tufted ears and spotted fur, is the largest lynx species, stalking the forests of Europe and Siberia in solitary silence.

Newest Animals That Start With The Letter E


The Eleonora’s Falcon thrives in the Mediterranean and is recognized for its late breeding season, timed with bird migrations for feeding its young. The Eurasian Wolf, a Canis lupus subspecies, inhabits Eurasia’s vast forests and plains. It’s among the largest wolf subspecies, showcasing a complex social structure.

Birdwatchers might spot the Eastern Kingbird in open areas across the Americas. This flycatcher is known for its striking white-tipped tail and assertive behavior. Reptile enthusiasts may encounter the Eastern Rat Snake, which is beneficial for rodent control in Eastern U.S. habitats.

For exotic bird aficionados, the Eclectus Parrot stands out with its vivid sexual dimorphism—males being green and females bright red and purple. Eel Catfish inhabit African rivers, displaying unique hunting techniques by bending their mouths into a hook shape to capture prey.

Birdlife is rich with species like the Egret, a symbol of purity, and the Egyptian Cobra, often depicted in Egyptian iconography. Waterfowl such as the Egyptian Goose and the endangered Egyptian Vulture are also named for their geographical ties.

In the deserts of the Americas, one might encounter the elusive Elf Owl, the world’s lightest owl species, or the Emperor Goose with its distinctive call. The English Shepherd is a versatile herding dog, embodying intelligence and agility.

Conservation attention goes to the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, an Australian marsupial facing habitat loss. Australia’s Eastern Brown Snake ranks among the world’s most venomous. Other Eastern natives include the Eastern Dobsonfly, with its impressive mandibles, and the Eastern Fence Lizard, which can be found basking in sunny habitats.

Herpetology reveals unique finds like the Eastern Glass Lizard, a legless lizard often mistaken for a snake, and the Eastern Hognose Snake, known for its dramatic defensive display. The song of the Eastern Meadowlark graces North American fields, while the fast-moving Eastern Racer is a sight to behold.

Turkey hunters know the Eastern Turkey, a subspecies with impressive plumage. The Eastern Woodrat plays an ecological role as both prey and seed disperser. Those exploring the aquatic realm might study the eelpout, an often-overlooked freshwater fish with an eel-like appearance.

Special attention is given to species like the Egyptian tortoise, which faces critical habitat challenges, and the electric catfish of African rivers, known for its ability to produce an electrical charge. Lastly, the peculiar Elephant Fish — not an actual pachyderm — intrigues scientists with its long snout and electroreception abilities.

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