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The Sumatran Tiger Trust

  • Location: Cumbria, United Kingdom.
  • Founded: TDB.
  • Species: Sumatran Tiger.

What is the Sumatran Tiger Trust?

Sumatran Tiger Trust Logo

The Sumatran Tiger Trust (STT) is a non-profit organization that works to save endangered Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae). The organization is committed to preserving this threatened species of the magnificent beast for the future, forming National Parks, and restoring habitats where possible.

The Sumatran Tiger Trust helps to monitor and conserve wild tigers. In doing so, the trust is able to monitor prey population levels as well as map out areas where tigers travel. This information allows for better conservation efforts to be carried out.

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Sumatran Tiger Trust’s Mission

Two Sumatran Tigers Sitting

Globally there are an estimated 2000 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, but populations rise in areas protected by the organization’s guards who stop poachers – poaching rates plummet to nearly zero in these guarded boundaries!

Unfortunately protected zones still only cover less than 2% of their original roaming lands. It is the Sumatran Tiger Trust’s long-term goal to restore 50% of this area so that these majestic beasts can roam free once more across their natural habitat.

The Sumatran Tiger Trust’s mission is to eradicate poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, double the wild tiger population through 2022, and maintain an adequate captive tiger population.

The organization and team of the STT have launched ‘Operation Blazing Story’, with a target of doubling the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.

The plan entails protecting tigers’ habitats, improving legislation enforcement on poachers, combating trade in both live wild tigers and body parts of dead ones.

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Sumatran Tigers sleeping

The Sumatran Tiger Trust collaborates with the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation to secure a future for Sumatran Tigers in Indonesia through research and conservation efforts. The Trust is the sole core funding body of their joint Sumatran Tiger Conservation Programme.

The funding finances tiger monitoring, habitat preservation, implementing anti poaching patrols and law enforcement, community development, anti-poaching patrols, park ranger training, and the purchase of essential field equipment.

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What are people doing to help the Sumatran tiger?

Tiger with stripes

In just a few decades, this sleek and powerful predator, the Sumatran wild tiger population has been reduced alarming news that these beasts might go extinct. The Sumatran tiger is now one of the most critically endangered animals in the world.

The Sumatran Tiger Trust is working with two Indonesian provinces on vital conservation measures, including reducing conflict between tigers and people, saving the forest from illegal logging and poaching, and reducing the chances of breeding failure through improved captive management.

And it’s not just about money: removing the demand for products from wild tigers also takes the pressure off their numbers.

By choosing cruelty-free items such as faux fur or sustainable textiles instead of products that use tiger pelts or derivatives like tiger bone wine you can help change attitudes that fuel poaching.

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Why is the Sumatran tiger important to the ecosystem?

Sumatran Tiger walking beside the Lake

The wild Sumatran tigers are important to the ecosystem because it helps control prey populations. This allows for the natural pattern of food to be restored in the forested area, which makes room for other predators and ecological balance.

To keep the Sumatran tigers alive and safe is important they are one of the top predators. They help control prey populations and also help plants reproduce; otherwise, plant life would not be able to grow as fast or as well without their protection.

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How to help

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viarami / Pixabay

You can support The Sumatran Tiger Trust by going to their website and making a donation, adopting or naming a tiger, and shopping in their online shop.

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