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13 Electric Scooters Pros and Cons to Know

Are scooters the best way to avoid rush hour traffic? Are you thinking of buying one? This list contains various electric scooters pros and cons to make your choice easier.

Over the past few decades, cities across the globe have increasingly grown big and crowded. There are many people on each street, as there are cars. Commuting for the city dwellers has also become challenging, as traffic jams rock the city.

For this reason, plus the need to reduce carbon footprint, more people, have resulted in finding alternative ways to commute easily, in a cheap and environmentally friendly manner. Electric scooters are one excellent choice that many people in the growing cities have turned to.

Apart from it being fun to commute with, it’s also fast as you maneuver the crazy rush hour traffic with ease. But, are electric scooters the ultimate solution? What are these scooters pros and cons that you should know?

Well, before you decide to order one from amazon or your nearest store, here’s everything you need to know about these emission-free gadgets. From this, you can decide whether it’s worth owning an electric scooter.

How Good are Electric Scooters?

benefits of electric scooters

Before we get deep into these electric scooters pros and cons, let’s travel back in time and see how these things came to be. First of all, scooters are not as new as we might think. In fact, their history dates as far back as 1895, when the first-ever electric scooter patent was applied.

The first electric scooter prototype was made in 1919, with Peugeot producing the first commercial batch. The company named their first scooter, Scoot’ Elec. Currently, there are countless types of scooters, some weighing just under 22 pounds and some with speeds of up to 50 mph.

These devices are quite efficient in maneuvering through busy city streets. With them, you can easily avoid traffic jams, making commuting less stressful – especially when you live within or near the city.

An electric scooter is cheaper than a car or motorcycle and easier to ride than a bike. And, while they are not ideal for long distances, they can make you forget morning and evening rush hour traffic.

When it comes to design, most scooters resemble motorcycles, although some are relatively different. Some include a seat to sit when you ride, while others don’t – you ride while standing. Generally, they are just small motorcycles, with a battery (power source) and an electric motor.

Besides saving you the stress of heavy traffic, electric scooters have several other benefits, which we will look at next. Therefore, if you’ve not yet decided whether or not to buy one, here are the main pros and cons of scooters to help you reach a conclusion.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scooters

What makes these devices desirable, and what doesn’t. Why are more people turning back to scooters now?

Benefits of Electric Scooters

  1. Lightweight and Convenient

The first thing people are looking for when buying an electric scooter is convenience. And, scooters undoubtedly offer that. as well as other sustainable product that does not only provide convenience as well as helping the environment like the eco-friendly water bottles.

First, most scooters are lightweight, meaning you can push them or even carry them around same as the other sustainable product, the eco-friendly backpacks. Typically, most electric scooters range between 20 and 25 pounds based on the model. The size of the battery also determines the weight of a scooter.

Some are also foldable, which means that after reaching your destination, let’s say an office or school, you can easily fold it and place it under a table or at a corner. This is one of the main benefits of electric scooters, which makes them better than cars or large motorcycles.

  1. Little Maintenance

With electric scooters, you don’t have to worry about costly maintenance. In fact, a scooter requires “next to none” maintenance.

The only thing you are required to do is ensure that every screw is tightened and add some lube oil when necessary. Any other issues will certainly not be recurrent – for instance, breaking down of some parts.

The good thing is that with high-quality brands, you can be sure of long lifespans. This means that most parts are sturdy and reliable, giving you the best service. Whether you are looking for kids or adults scooters, brands like, are some of those you can rely on.

From experience, these things are affordable in terms of maintenance. Even when changing a wheel, burst tire, headlight, or a broken mudguard, you cannot compare this with costs car owners incur. So, if you are looking to save a few bucks on transport, you can make an electric scooter your last mile device.

  1. Fewer Emissions

A man on a scooter on the street

With sustainable and green living being part of our daily conversations nowadays, many of us want to know what the impacts of scooters on the environment are. The fact is cars often produce a lot of greenhouse gases, as they run on fossil fuels. However, scooters don’t.

Since they are electrical, they can, as well, be called eco-friendly scooters. This is because they do not emit any fumes or gases into the atmosphere, which might potentially harm the environment. If you compare scooter emissions vs car emissions, scooters are significantly environmentally friendly.

The only time when fossil fuels are used with scooters is during their production. This is during the production process of the electricity used to run the scooters.  Otherwise, an electric scooter is one excellent way of reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. No Driver’s License Needed

In most countries, anyone can ride a scooter. Why? You don’t require a driving license – just like a bicycle.

This means that both kids and adults can enjoy the convenience that electric scooters offer. Unlike a car or a motorcycle, which requires you to take lessons, pass tests and get a valid license to drive, most countries allow anyone to own and ride a scooter.

So, when looking at a scooters pros and cons, this one fits on the benefits side. It makes scooter commuting such an easy and convenient mode of transport.

  1. Improved Air Quality

With so many cars on the streets of big cities, air pollution through smoke is always a problem. However, with a scooter, this would be a thing of the past.

Since scooters don’t produce any smoke, it means that their increased use will lead to cleaner cities with fresh, breathable air. In the long run, this will eliminate the numerous health problems brought about by polluted air, making these cities a haven. Air quality is, thus, one of the major environmental benefits of electric scooters.

In addition, scooters are significantly quiet, unlike many cars and motorbikes. For this reason, more use of scooters would only mean calmer and peaceful cities.

  1. Fun

Scooters are a fun way of making your way through the busy streets. Maneuvering past the cars stranded in traffic jams and making it to your destination on time is fun.

Also, you will be riding as you enjoy the feel of fresh air. It’s like hiking in a way.  Well, while some people wouldn’t consider this fun, I surely do, and so do many other scooter owners.

The only problem here is that you’ll get tired if you don’t like standing. Although, you can still buy a scooter with a seat to make the ride more fun.

  1. Cost Per Mile

When compared to other modes of transport like a car or motorbike, scooters are relatively cheap to operate. Their cost per mile is significantly lower. This is because you only need to charge the battery, and you are good to go.

You don’t incur a lot of maintenance costs, fueling costs, and even parking costs. The only major cost you are going to incur is the purchasing cost, which many people would consider high. But, I still think it’s worth it.

With the purchasing cost, you can always look for cheaper and affordable models. However, always ensure that quality is not too much compromised. The Angotrade’s Kids/Adult Scooter is an excellent example.

  1. Usable Almost Anywhere

Scooters are sturdy, flexible, and can be used in almost any situation. Whether it’s an off-road trail or inside the city, electric scooters are good for the task.

In most cases, scooters can maneuver into places impossible to reach with a vehicle. This includes places with narrow streets or paths. An electric scooter allows you to use shortcut routes thus, saving time.

Studies even indicate that a scooter will take 20% less time than a normal bicycle to get you where you are going. The only drawback here is the distance limits. They aren’t made for too long distances.

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Disadvantages of Scooters

parked scooters

Even with the overwhelming benefits, electric scooters are not flawless. And to help you make an informed decision, we need to look at both the scooters pros and cons. So, why are electric scooters bad?

  1. Purchase Price

Based on your country or the brand you want to buy, scooters can either be expensive or relatively cheap. For instance, in the US, electric scooters range from $400 for the average models and up to $1200 for the high notch ones.

In some countries in Europe, this price might go a little bit higher. The good thing here is that in some countries like France, you don’t need to buy one. You can simply hire an electric scooter for as low as 15 cents a minute.

  1. Limited Carrying Capacity

Unlike a car or a normal motorbike, scooters are mostly designed to carry one person. This means that they are not ideal for ride hitching.

In fact, an average scooter can only carry around 220 to 260lbs, depending on the type or model. This implies that it’s not even suitable for individuals weighing above that weight.

Having a limited carrying capacity also means that you must consider what you are carrying.  For instance, how heavy is your backpack? Remember, this is additional weight.

Therefore, if you want to go somewhere with your family or hiking with some heavy backpacks, electric scooters are not your ideal vehicle.

  1. Bad for Fitness

When riding an electric scooter, you’ll literally be doing zero physical exercises. When compared to pedal bikes, electric scooters can make you a bit lazy.

Therefore, if you love working out, don’t think electric scooters will add to your workouts. You can use it to go to a grocery store in your neighborhood, but remember, there’s no physical workout. If you want to exercise, a pedal bike will be ideal.

  1. Prone to Petty Thefts

a small girl on a scooter

Unlike cars, most electric scooters don’t have those many security features. This means that they can easily be stolen, especially since riders park them anywhere.

If you want to secure your electric scooter, always ensure you’ve locked it whenever you leave it in a public place. Newer versions of electric scooters now come with automatic locks, meaning that you can even lock them through a smartphone app.

  1. Challenging to Repair

Since electric scooters are not that widely used, some newer models might pose difficulties for mechanics when they need repair. For this reason, it might require you to visit several garages before you get a mechanic with the right expertise.

Sometimes it might even require you to ship back your scooter for repairs to the manufacturer. When this happens, it can be somewhat expensive.

Scooters Pros and Cons: Electric Scooter Lifespan

How long do electric scooters last? Well, this depends on several factors. These mainly include the size and watt-hours of the battery, brand, as well as the scooter’s total capacity.

For instance, a good battery like the Li-ion battery will, on average, hold up to 500 charge and discharge cycles before becoming obsolete.  On the other hand, average electric scooters will run for up to 10,000 miles with such a battery.

This is not a short time considering you’ll be making just a few miles of riding a day. So if you want to buy an electric scooter, make sure you check out such determining factors to guarantee you a high-quality scooter.

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