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10 Best Sustainable Gift Wrapping Options

With the holiday season creating 25% more trash than any other time of year, finding sustainable ways to wrap gifts will greatly decrease your environmental impact. Best of all, sustainable wrapping ideas aren’t only for major holidays—you can use them for birthdays, anniversaries and just because.

Many people look for eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas but want something beyond using brown paper bags or neutral kraft paper wrappings. Trust me, being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to be boring!

I researched countless gift wrap options, including options such as:

  • Recycled gift wrap
  • Compostable wrapping paper
  • Fabric wraps and bags
  • Environmentally-friendly wrapping decorations

After looking into each option’s substrate, quality, how often you can reuse it and how easy it is to recycle or compost, I chose the ten best sustainable gift wrapping options to share. You’ll find gorgeous wrapping paper, plus eco-friendly tape, bows and ribbon.

These sustainable gift wrapping ideas will help you have a positive impact on the world around you while elevating the overall look of the presents you give.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best Gift Wrap for Recycling CENTRAL 23 Wrapping Paper Sheets
Best Solution for Fabric Wrapping Hallmark Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap
Best Fabric Option for Gift Bags Set of Six Mistorri Fabric Drawstring Bags
Best Solution for Recyclable Gift Bags Hallmark Recyclable Gift Bag Assortment

Best Sustainable Gift Wrapping Options

Many factors go into choosing sustainable gift wrap. Just because an option is a paper doesn’t mean it’s recyclable, so you want to know you’re picking wrap that is reusable and environmentally friendly while making your gift look attractive for the recipient. Check out the top ten options I’ve reviewed below.

1. CENTRAL 23 Wrapping Paper Sheets: Best Gift Wrap for Recycling

CENTRAL 23 Wrapping Paper with leaves print design
CENTRAL 23 Wrapping Paper Sheets / Amazon

You might think that all traditional wrapping paper is recyclable—after all, it’s wrapping paper, right? However, most glossy wrapping paper isn’t recyclable compared to rolls made of kraft paper or newsprint. Gift wrap with a matte finish is usually recyclable. Also, any rolls made of recyclable paper are usually good to recycle again.

These wrapping paper sheets from CENTRAL 23 come in unique designs for any occasion. You can’t even tell that they’re sustainable paper because they’re so colorful—no hint of brown paper here! Each sheet is 90 GSM thick, so it can cover awkwardly shaped gifts without tearing. You get six 27” x 19” sheets and six tags per bundle to cover your gift-giving needs.


  • Vivid, colorful designs make the paper look bright and fresh
  • Fully recyclable paper with chemical-free vegan ink
  • Includes six sheets of wrap and six gift tags
  • Various designs cover any occasion


  • Sheets come folded, leaving lines on your packages
  • You’ll need multiple sheets for larger gifts

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2. Hallmark Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap: Best Solution for Fabric Wrapping

Hallmark Reusable Fabric Gift Wrapper
Hallmark Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap / Amazon

The Hallmark Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap is a stunning option for wrapping gifts. They offer several options, like florals, snowflakes and holly, so you’ll find an attractive print to wrap gifts. You get a sheet of fabric measuring 26” x 26” square, ideal for books, small boxes, or strangely-shaped objects. 

Your purchase includes a paper gift tag or a decorative pom-pom, depending on the print you choose. This fabric is one of the best reusable gift wrap ideas because you can either save the fabric to reuse each holiday season or use it as a tea towel or bandana. Hallmark also offers other prints if you need a different fabric for other occasions.


  • An affordable option that includes plenty of fabric and a tag or decoration
  • Provides a 26” x 26” piece of finished fabric
  • Can knot or tie the gift with string to stay eco-friendly
  • It comes in several attractive prints for various gift use


  • It has a fixed size compared to cutting as much paper as you need from a roll
  • More expensive than a roll of wrapping paper

3. Set of Six Mistorri Fabric Drawstring Bags: Best Fabric Option for Gift Bags

Mistorri Fabric Drawstring Bag set
Set of Six Mistorri Fabric Drawstring Bags / Amazon

This set of six fabric drawstring bags includes various sizes, making it a fantastic environmentally friendly gift wrapping solution. Reusable gift bags are quick and easy to use for gift wrapping, especially when you can find the right one for your needs.

The four different sizes include:

  • Extra large at 22” tall x 15.5” wide
  • Large at 18” tall x 12” wide
  • Medium at 12.5” tall x 8.5” wide
  • Small at 9” tall x 6” wide

These sizes make it easy to wrap gifts that are oddly sized and shaped. The gold patterns are ideal for any holiday or occasion, so you’ll get a lot of use from these reusable gift bags. However, the company also has fabric gift bags in other color schemes and designs.


  • Strong woven fabric can withstand a lot of weight
  • Gold and white designs are suitable for any holiday
  • Durable ribbon drawstrings keep the gift closed
  • The bottom gusset expands to accommodate the item


  • No handles to easily transport the gifts
  • Some drawstrings aren’t threaded properly, so you have to insert them

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4. Hallmark Recyclable Gift Bag Assortment: Best Solution for Recyclable Gift Bags

Hallmark Recyclable Gift Bag Assortment set
Hallmark Recyclable Gift Bag Assortment / Amazon

Fabric bags aren’t the solution for everyone. If you want another environmentally-friendly bag option, this assortment of recyclable bags from Hallmark provides what you need. The bold designs suit any holiday, from birthdays to Christmas and graduations. 

The assortment includes multiple bags in three different sizes, including:

  • Small bags measuring 5.5” wide x 6.5” tall x 2.9” deep
  • Medium bags measuring 7.7” wide x 9.6” tall x 4.3” deep
  • Large bags measuring 10.4” wide x 13” tall x 5.7” deep

The bags are made of kraft paper, making them one of the best recycled gift wrapping ideas. The matte bags are sturdy enough to reuse for years, but once they’re worn out, you can recycle them without any problems.


  • Various sizes for any gift
  • Woven paper handles allow easy transportation
  • Stunning designs suitable for any occasion
  • Multiple bags included at an affordable price


  • Each design is a certain size, with no mixing of options
  • Handles are a stark white that doesn’t blend in with the artwork

5. NaturalCozy Oval Storage Baskets: Best Basket for Beautiful Packaging

NaturalCozy Oval Storage Baskets set
NaturalCozy Oval Storage Baskets / Amazon

This set of three oval storage baskets is one of the most unique eco friendly wrapping ideas. NaturalCozy sells them in several colors, including:

  • Off-white
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Turquoise

If you have a gift that would benefit from a beautiful display, laying it out in a basket is an excellent approach. Your recipient sees all the gifts at once, plus gets a reusable basket. They can use it for gifts or put it to work in their home. A rope basket is an ideal packaging option for baby showers since the new parent can use it to store diapers or baby toys in the future.


  • Get a set of three to package several gifts at once
  • An affordable option that the recipient can reuse 
  • Beautiful colors available
  • Practical baskets are easy to transport


  • Won’t completely cover your gift
  • It might require wrap or tissue paper to secure everything inside

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6. RUSPEPA Wrapping Paper: Best Gift Wrap for Composting

RUSPEPA Wrapping Paper Rolls with Tags and Jute String
RUSPEPA Wrapping Paper / Amazon

This environmentally friendly gift wrap from RUSPEPA is compostable since it has a kraft paper base and non-hazardous inks. The company offers several design bundles, including florals, animals, bright rainbows and ocean images.

The assortment of three rolls comes with eco-friendly jute string to wrap around the package and secure a recyclable gift tag in place. When you buy this affordable bundle, you get everything you need to ensure your holiday season benefits the environment.


  • Made of compostable kraft paper
  • Inks aren’t hazardous to good bacteria in the compost bin
  • Includes eco-friendly jute string for the tags
  • It has a grid printed on the backside for simple measurements


  • Paper is thin and rips easily with the use
  • The kraft base is a dark brown paper

7. Sorarto Luxury Magnetic Gift Box: Best Gift Boxes for Reuse

Sorarto Luxury Reusable Decorative Magnetic Gift Box
Sorarto Luxury Magnetic Gift Box / Amazon

With the right box, you won’t need any gift wrap for your presents! These luxury gift boxes from Sorarto look great as-is—all you need to do is place the items inside and close the magnetic lid. You can choose from several designs and color schemes to get unique gift boxes for everyone on your list.

The gift boxes arrive flat and fold out to measure 7.5” long x 11.5” wide x 3.7” deep. They can handle over five pounds of weight inside, so many gifts and items can easily fit inside.

These boxes are sturdy enough to last for countless reuses. Your recipient can also use them to store things at home because they make a beautiful place to store jewelry or collect small items rolling around on your dresser.


  • The magnetic lid stays closed during transport
  • Five various colors and designs give many options
  • Box can hold over five pounds of goods
  • Folds flat for easy storage between uses


  • You might need tissue paper inside to prevent items from rolling around
  • Can’t store oddly-shaped items like wine bottles

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8. Healifty Christmas Fabric Ribbon Bows: Best Option for Sustainable Bows

Blue Healifty Christmas Fabric Ribbon Bow set
Healifty Christmas Fabric Ribbon Bows / Amazon

Sustainable gift wrap ideas include decorations that make your package a work of art. Using sustainable bows will elevate your gift into something beautiful the recipient appreciates. Most bows use plastic-coated paper that wears out after a few uses and cracks in extreme temperatures during storage. Fabric bows last longer and stay in good shape for the duration.

The Healifty Christmas Fabric Ribbon Bows use cloth, so they last for years, but have a layer of glitter to make them eye-catching. They’re sturdy enough to use on a gift or as decoration, so you’ll get plenty of use out of them.


  • Pack of five fabric bows at an affordable price
  • Blue glitter looks great for any occasion
  • The fabric is already knotted into a nice bow


  • It needs string or adhesive to attach it to the gift
  • They only come in one size

9. Goodma Raffia Paper Ribbon: Best Paper Ribbon for Eco-Friendly Decorations

Goodma Raffia Paper Ribbon set with different colors
Goodma Raffia Paper Ribbon / Amazon

You don’t have to use a fabric bow for your gift decorations—there are also paper options made with raffia. The assortment of raffia paper ribbons from Goodma includes 15 colors to complement any gift wrap you use. Each roll is 21.9 yards long, so you’ll have enough to last for multiple seasons.

The raffia is 7mm wide, but you can unfold it and create ribbons up to 1.2” wide. The flexibility of this ribbon makes it one of the best recycled gift wrap ideas to decorate packages. It’s beautiful and durable enough to reuse to tie multiple gifts.


  • It comes in 15 bold colors suitable for any occasion
  • Paper twine is durable yet recyclable
  • You can cut it to your idea size and unfold it for more width


  • Tears easily, so tie your bows carefully
  • It feels slick and cheap

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10. Knaid Washi Tape: Best Biodegradable Paper Option for Tape

Knaid 40 Rolls of Slim Washi Tape Gift Box Set
Knaid Washi Tape / Amazon

Sustainable gift packaging requires biodegradable tape, otherwise, the paper isn’t recyclable without removing the plastic tape. Knaid washi tape uses rice paper to provide an eco-friendly adhesive for your gifts.

The paper used for washi tape means you can find adhesive with attractive designs. Knaid includes solid colors, beautiful prints and bold designs in their assortment of 40 rolls. Each roll is 10mm wide, so you can use the tape to make a design on the package. The company has a minimalist package and pastel bundle, so you’ll find the perfect color for gifts in any season.


  • Rice paper tape is biodegradable and recyclable
  • They come in 40 different designs and colors
  • Affordable bundle for so much tape


  • No transparent option
  • All rolls are 10mm wide

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