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21 Best Lean To Greenhouses | Side of House Options

Lean To Greenhouses (also called Side of House greenhouses) are one of the best ways to get a garden going when you need total control over your environment but don’t have enough space for a large and free-standing greenhouse.

Side-of-house greenhouses have 3 sides instead of the traditional 4. Lean-To Greenhouses are called this because they are made to “lean” against an existing wall that completes the construction. Lean to greenhouses are easy to install, affordable, and popular as an easy, eco-friendly greenhouse option.

If you would like a traditional-style Victorian greenhouse, options like the Elite and Forest Garden greenhouses might be exactly what you need.  Traditional, simple glass lean to greenhouses include the simple EarthCore Greenhouse Kit, the Vitavia Greenhouse Kit, and the Halls Supreme Greenhouse Kit.

If you want a small greenhouse, the VIVOSUN Mini Greenhouse or OGrow Lean To Greenhouse Kit could be what you need instead. 

A small, simple greenhouse can take only a few hours of your time to install. All the necessary parts are usually included in the kit, and unless your lean-to greenhouse is huge, you can do it yourself.

Want to install your own lean-to greenhouse but don’t know which model could make the right one for you and your gardening needs? 

This article has you covered with some of the best lean to, side-of-house, eco-friendly greenhouse options that can fit your budget and style. Here are the best lean-to greenhouses / side-of-house options to buy and what’s great about each of them.

Best-Of by Category

Category Product
Best Compact Lean-To Greenhouse VIVOSUN Mini Lean To Greenhouse
Best Large Scale Lean-To Greenhouse Rion Sun Room 2, 8′ x 20′
Best Durable Lean-To Greenhouse Elite Titan K800 Lean-To
Best Value for Money Lean-To Greenhouse Outsunny Walk-in with Roof Vent

List of the Best Lean To Greenhouses

1. VIVOSUN Mini Lean To Greenhouse

VIVOSUN Mini Lean To Greenhouse

The VIVOSUN Mini Lean To Greenhouse measures in at 39.9” x x 78.7” x 82.6” and it makes one of the best small greenhouses for starter and amateur gardeners who need a great small eco-friendly greenhouse. 

The VIVOSUN is made from high-quality paneled glass and finished with a strong aluminum frame that’s guaranteed to withstand even the toughest storms. A singular roof vent provides the gardener with extra control over their environment.

Extra shelving is included in the VIVOSUN so that gardeners have enough space to plant everything they need. More shelving can be bought on request if you need to.

While small, the VIVOSUN Mini Greenhouse is extremely well built – and made to last for a long time into the future. 

All VIVOSUN products guarantee only the best quality materials and come with a 10-year warranty. 

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2. EarthCare Lean-To Greenhouse Kit

EarthCare Lean-To Greenhouse Kit

The EarthCare Lean-To Greenhouse Kit measures 4’ x 6’ and makes one of the best small greenhouses if you would like a simple classic greenhouse look.  It’s made to be eco-friendly and the design is all about the equal distribution of heat and sunlight: that’s one of the most important factors for gardeners when it comes to which model greenhouse could be the best for their garden.

The Earthcare Greenhouse Kit is covered in 4mm paneled high-quality glass and finished with a strong aluminum frame that keeps the EarthCare greenhouse well grounded. Glass has been UV coated and blocks away at least 90% of potentially harmful rays from reaching the inside of your greenhouse. 

The frame has been powder-coated to ensure that it won’t be damaged by weather or rust over time. A sturdy green frame completes the look of this simple greenhouse that promises to be almost indestructible even in heavy weather conditions.

Another bonus: it’s both lightweight and easy to install.  EarthCare products are under a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as a show of confidence in the product.

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3. Janssens Arcadia Plus Mur Lean-to Greenhouse

Janssens Arcadia Plus Mur Lean-to Greenhouse

The Janssens Arcadia Plus Mur Lean-To Greenhouse is an excellent mid-sized greenhouse for any gardener who doesn’t mind paying extra to guarantee quality. Janssens is a trusted worldwide greenhouse brand – and this is their answer to a simple, lean-to-home greenhouse.

Measuring at 7’ x 10’, the Janssens Arcadia is available in 2 different height options. A great, classic look adds to the allure of this simple walk-in greenhouse. Brick and aluminum complete the look, and high-quality parts guarantee that this greenhouse stays unmoved even in the worst weather conditions.

4mm tinted glass guarantees the best qualities of sunlight to make it to your plants, and the worst parts of the weather won’t. Several vents and windows line the Arcadia Greenhouse, and allow the gardener to have more control over the environment contained inside. 

Quality from top to bottom, double-doors with a guaranteed quality lock seal in this greenhouse.  While it’s easy to install, it’s not as easy to move around as most non-grounded greenhouses. You will need an existing foundation to install, and most people need some help with this. A 10-year warranty covers the Arcadia against some of the most common issues and manufacturing faults.

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4. Ogrow Aluminum Lean-to Greenhouse Kit

Ogrow Aluminum Lean-to Greenhouse Kit

The OGrow Aluminum Lean-To Greenhouse Kit makes one of the best simple walk-in greenhouses on a budget. Made by one of the best manufacturers in garden equipment, it’s guaranteed to keep your plants away from potential harm and under ideal conditions.

The OGrow Lean-To Greenhouse has been made from only the highest quality aluminum and glass.  Its frame has been coated to ensure anti-rust even when subjected to daily humidity, while the glass guarantees to block off most of the harmful UV rays from your plants.

It’s light but guaranteed to be almost indestructible thanks to superior construction and high-quality material. Shelving is included with the greenhouse, though there’s more than enough space to install more if you like. There’s a total space of more than 25 square feet to work with, which makes this greenhouse comparatively larger than others at this price point.

Enough ventilation is available inside with several vents and windows giving you more control. A great classic, green-finished look completes the attraction of this model.

A single slide door with a quality lock protects what’s on the inside of your greenhouse.  While this isn’t the biggest, most advanced, or fanciest-looking greenhouse out there, it’s great as a small walk-in on a budget – and it even allows for some extension. A basic warranty covers the parts, including the hinges and glass panels, against the most common repairs. 

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5. BPS Lean-to Greenhouse Walk-In

BPS Lean-to Greenhouse Walk-In

The BPS Lean-To Greenhouse stands out from the majority of other greenhouse manufacturers thanks to the fact that it’s not transparent, but green.

Do you need a greenhouse you don’t have to look into? The BPS is a great, small walk-in solution that’s covered in sun-protective plastic sheets all around instead of the traditional hard plastic or glass panels.

This specific lean-to greenhouse measures 6.3’ x 3.3’ x 7.2’. A strong aluminum frame provides rust protection and a very sturdy construction. While it doesn’t look like that much, it can still withstand strong weather.

It can be especially great for creating more specific environments than a glass greenhouse would allow for.  With a total weight of 19 lbs, the BPS greenhouse is extremely easy to assemble once you’ve bought it – and not hard to move somewhere else if there’s a need to.

Comparative greenhouses of this size can be expensive and heavy: BPS is perfect as a small, light greenhouse for new gardeners. It’s one of the few home greenhouses that you don’t need help installing.

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6. Vitavia 6ft x 2 ft Wide Lean to Greenhouse

Vitavia 6ft x 2 ft Wide Lean to Greenhouse

The Vitavia Wide Lean-To Greenhouse is one of the best greenhouses to buy if you are looking for a simple greenhouse with enough features and floor space to keep any gardener busy for months.

This Greenhouse measures 6’ x 2’ and it’s great for anyone who needs a simple, everything-included lean to greenhouse. Two vents on the roof allow for superior control over environmental conditions inside the greenhouse. 

It’s made from a high-quality aluminum frame that’s guaranteed to be strong. Powder-coated, to prevent rust from ever causing damage to the frame of this great greenhouse.

Basic shelving is included, although extras can be bought and installed easily if you would like to extend what you have.  4mm protective glass keeps the inside of your greenhouse safe from UV rays, bugs, and potential weather conditions.

If this isn’t the size for you, Vitavia has similar greenhouses either larger or smaller than this one. 

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7. CO-Z Lean to Greenhouse

CO-Z Lean to Greenhouse

The CO-Z Lean To Greenhouse is one of the best greenhouses if you require an easy-to-use design that isn’t hard to install or move around when you need to. 

This model small greenhouse measures 3.3’ x 6.6’ x 7’. Made from a combination of poly and alloy steel frame, it guarantees a strong frame that won’t bend, break or rust in rough weather.

Everything you need to install this greenhouse properly is included in the kit, including 4 ropes and stakes to secure it to your wall. From there, it’s easy to assemble even if you are only one person doing it. 

Simple wire shelves are included, though there’s more than enough space to install additional shelves if you need more space to work with.

Instead of a door, it opens and closes with a simple zipper design.  While that’s not traditional for most lean to greenhouses, it’s fine for a small home option.

It’s made to be more user-friendly than fancy, but might be the perfect option as a first or simple greenhouse.

A basic user warranty covers the greenhouse parts against any repairs.

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8. Eden Halls Small Lean to Greenhouse

Eden Halls Small Lean to Greenhouse

Eden Halls is one of the most trusted makers in the business of home greenhouses, and here is their answer to the small eco-friendly greenhouse business.

This simple greenhouse has been made from a mixture of polycarbonate and glass, to guarantee its sturdiness and quality. At least 90% of harmful UV rays are kept away from the contents of your greenhouse.

The best qualities of nature are locked in, and this small lean from Eden Halls has several vents to allow control over all aspects of moisture and airflow.

Eden Halls is easy to assemble and light to move around: this is one of the best things about it. 

If you want a small side-of-house greenhouse that doesn’t cost a fortune (and isn’t too complicated to set up), this makes one of the best options you can buy.

Several simple shelves are included with the greenhouse, though there is sufficient space to install more if you would like to extend upwards.

Is it worth it? 

If you need an uncomplicated first greenhouse that promises eco-friendliness, yes.

Parts are covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee.

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9. Palram Canopia 4ft8ft Hybrid Lean-To

Palram Canopia 4ft8ft Hybrid Lean-To

The Palram Canopia Hybrid Lean-To Greenhouse is from Palram, one of the most trusted greenhouse manufacturers with sales into the thousands – and a high-quality guarantee for every greenhouse their factory produces.

The Hybrid Lean-To Measures 4’ x 8’ and was made from a combination of polycarbonate and plastic materials. This guarantees strength, and it’s less likely to fracture than glass when subjected to impact.

Its surrounded paneling guarantees that it only lets in the best of sunlight while protecting your plants well from potentially harmful UV rays. It’s what every gardener would love.

The roof is slated and adjustable for the best effect. Several vents allow the gardener to control the ventilation inside the greenhouse. 

Shelving is included with the Palram model, with room to install more if required. 

It’s made to withstand even the strongest storms, though the entire greenhouse doesn’t weigh much when put together – and it’s easy to relocate to another spot if you decide you would like to move it. 

Some accessories other than the shelves are excluded.

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10. Rion Sun Room 2, 8′ x 20′

Rion Sun Room

The Rion Sun Room is one of the best eco-friendly lean-to sunrooms for a basic home greenhouse. Made from an aluminum frame that has been coated for rust protection and durability, the Rion model is meant to be super strong though light.

Polycarbonate panels cover the sides and roof. Their guarantee is that this model blocks out at least 90% of harmful rays from entering the environment of your greenhouse. Panels are even strong enough to resist an impact, making them safer than glass.

Two vents and a lockable door give you all the control you might need over your garden. 

If this model is close to what you’re looking for but not exactly it yet, several color options and sizes are available from the same manufacturer. 

A basic warranty covers repairs on its parts and panels.

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11. Halls Wall Garden

Halls Wall Garden

The Halls Wall Garden makes for a great simple lean to greenhouse if you don’t need a massive amount of space to work around. Halls makes their garden products well and guarantees their products with a 10-year warranty.

The wall garden measures 2’x 3’, which can make it a great simple greenhouse for a small garden. 

A silver, powder-coated aluminum frame is what gives this garden its strength. It can withstand pretty heavy weather despite its small, comfortable size. 

Halls Wall Garden is a single roof vent that provides more control over environmental conditions in the greenhouse, but not exactly as much control as you might like. 

Safety glass lines the panels of the Halls greenhouse, made from 4mm tinted glass to protect your secret garden from its environment. 

It’s small, but a great little eco greenhouse for the home. If this is close to the look you want but not exactly it, it’s also available in several different colors and sizes from the same manufacturer. 

A basic guarantee covers the greenhouse and its parts. 

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12. Halls Supreme Wall Garden Greenhouse

Halls Supreme Wall Garden Greenhouse

The Halls Supreme Wall Garden Greenhouse is the larger variety of the Wall Garden from Halls, perfect for planting a larger or more specific garden within your greenhouse. Advanced gardeners will love the features of this one! 

Curved edges give this greenhouse a great look, and allow it to catch just the right amounts of sun throughout the day. A strong aluminum frame covers the greenhouse, with strong 4mmm tinted glass panels that surround it.

Shelves are included with this model, though a lot more can be done with the space by installing your own, custom shelves in this model.  Also included are 20 seed trays if you would like to start planting immediately. 

A single roof vent controls the top, while several smaller windows provide airflow potential around the greenhouse. This simple greenhouse from Halls lets in just enough natural light without any harmful UV rays getting in with it. 

Even though it looks like it should be heavy and complicated, it’s one of the easiest small greenhouses to install yourself. Watch a YouTube tutorial if you have never installed a greenhouse before.

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13. Vitavia Ida Lean to Greenhouse

Vitavia Ida Lean to Greenhouse

Vitavia is well known for its creation of high-quality eco-friendly greenhouses, and the Ida Lean To greenhouse is recommended as a great small greenhouse that gives you superior control over your interior garden.

It’s one of the best small walk-in greenhouses out there, strengthened by an aluminum silver frame – and covered by strong 4mm glass panels throughout. 

High-quality paneled glass guarantees to withstand weather and storms while guaranteeing the safety of your plants. Two roof vents are one of the best features, and allow the gardener to exercise more control over environmental conditions.

Like most Vitavia garden products, the greenhouse is issued with a basic warranty that covers its parts against damages and repairs.

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14. Waltons 8×4 Evesham Lean-to Part Greenhouse

Waltons Evesham Lean To Greenhouse

The Waltons Evesham Lean To Greenhouse lacks the framed look, but also provides one of the best small greenhouses for new gardeners at a budget price point.

High-quality 4mm glass lines the entire Waltons Greenhouse, which measures 8’ x 4’ and includes most of the accessories you could need to start your own small greenhouse garden. 

Shelves and seed trays are included in the Waltons deal, and there’s space for you to install more if that’s not enough to cut it.

A single-opening vent controls ventilation from the top. Like most Waltons products, the Evesham Lean To Greenhouse is covered under a basic warranty.

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15. Waltons Garden Grow Compact Greenhouse

Waltons Garden Grow Compact Greenhouse

The Waltons Garden Grow Compact Greenhouse is one of the best small greenhouses if you would like to choose one with a traditional style and minimalist-but-advanced features.

While it’s not a walk in greenhouse, it makes for a great simple traditional-style small greenhouse.

The Grow Compact is small and measures 4’ x 2’ when set up.

Shelves are included in the grow compact, and it’s easy enough to install several more if you have advanced space requirements. Floor space is not much, but this model allows for a great deal of space going further up.

It’s great for hobby gardeners who would like a great simple eco greenhouse made on a budget. If you don’t mind the lack of walk-in and just need a small lean to greenhouse, the Compact is perfect.

It’s one of the easiest greenhouses to set up. All the necessary parts are included, and the instructions are clear on what you should do with them.

Like the majority of Waltons products, parts are covered by a 10 year warranty.

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16. Adley 8×4 Lean to Greenhouse

Adley 8x4 Lean to Greenhouse

The Adley 8’ x 4’ Lean To Greenhouse is one of the best basic eco greenhouses if you would like something that stands out from the rest. 

Instead of the traditional aluminum frame that you would see in most greenhouses, the Adley model is made from treated wood instead that gives it that great classic look.

High quality treated wood panels line the Adley Lean To, guaranteed to withstand the strongest possible storms. Several roof vents give the gardener exactly the kind of control they need over their gardening environment.

One of the best features of this greenhouse is the classic look that is also made to be strong and durable. Shelves are included so you can start planting immediately. 

Like the majority of Adley products, parts are covered under a 10 year warranty.

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17. Elite Windsor Lean to Greenhouse 

Elite Windsor Lean to Greenhouse 

The Elite Windsor Lean-To Greenhouse is one of the best moderate-sized side-of-house greenhouses with a classic, metallic-and-aluminum look.

Elite is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to greenhouses. If you happen to like the style of this model but have different space requirements, the Elite range has several more greenhouses to suit.

Dimensions measure 4’ x 2’, making this a great moderate side-of-house greenhouse at a budget. The classic Windsor look is great and really makes a statement for any gardener. 

Panels are put together from high-quality 4mm glass that lets in enough light (but less harmful UV rays). It’s impressive without being heavy, and it’s pretty easy to install even if you’ve never put together a side of the house garden before.

Several vents provide airflow and enough control over the environment. Accessories like a misting system are not included in this greenhouse, but they are easy to install.

Shelves are included, and there’s ample space to install more if you need to. A quality lockable door controls access to your secret garden. Like most products under the Windsor range, parts are covered by an extensive warranty.

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18. Elite Titan K800 Lean-To

Elite Titan K800 Lean-To

The Elite Titan K800 is one of the best lean-to-greenhouses if you would like an impressive side-of-house option that’s affordable for its size.

Elite makes several different types of greenhouses, from large to small. The Titan is their moderate-sized option that measures 8’ x 10’ which gives it more than enough floor space for an avid gardener.

This model Elite side of house greenhouse has been created with the more advanced gardener in mind, who might have more needs in terms of space and control. 

High-quality 4mm glass covers the sides and roof of the greenhouse. Guaranteed, the Elite greenhouse stands steady once it’s been set up.

The frame is made from quality aluminum and has been powder-coated to withstand the worst of the elements over time. It does more than just look great, it’s one of the strongest greenhouses you’ll find.

The large Elite models can be more difficult to install than the average small greenhouse. It’s recommended that you watch at least a few videos about how to install an Elite-model greenhouse if you have never done it before!

Elite Greenhouses are made in Britain, and all parts are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty against any damage. 

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19. Forest Garden Victorian Lean-to Greenhouse

Forest Garden Victorian Lean-to Greenhouse

The Forest Garden Victorian Lean To Greenhouse is one of the best moderate-sized greenhouses you can choose if you would like a simple classic Victorian-style lean to.

Forest Garden is known for its specific-style greenhouses that put them in the classic Victorian greenhouses you’ll usually spot in movies and TV shows.

True Victorian greenhouses are rare in such a small size. Now, the Forest Garden greenhouse will look great when against a natural brick wall (but rest assured that it will also look great anywhere else).

The Victorian is held together with a high-quality aluminum frame (in traditional black or green), and surrounded by strong 4mm panels of glass to ensure light gets in.

Several roof vents and windows give the gardener complete control over environmental conditions. A slanted roof provides maximum exposure to the right amounts of sun throughout the day.

It’s easy to install even as a single person, though it can be heavy to move around once you’ve put it somewhere. Decide on a spot, and stick to it. 

Strong, aluminum shelves are included: thanks to the construction of this greenhouse, there’s more than enough space to go up with shelving space if you like.

If this is your perfect style but not your size, the Victorian Greenhouse is available in other sizes from Forest Garden.

A basic warranty covers the greenhouse and its parts.

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20. Outsunny Walk-in with Roof Vent

Outsunny Walk-in with Roof Vent

The Outsunny Walk-In Greenhouse is great for an affordable, simple walk-in greenhouse that doesn’t take a lot of effort or time to set up.

There aren’t all that many greenhouses on the market that are both small and walk-in at the same time. The Outsunny is perfect for the hobbyist gardener who would like to set up their first walk-in.

Panels on Outsunny Greenhouse are made from high-quality poly materials guaranteed to block 90% of harmful UV rays. An aluminum frame covers the span of the greenhouse and ensures its strength even in heavy storms.

Basic shelves are included, and they can support a considerable amount of weight for the size. A single vent gives the gardener control over their environment.

The Outsunny Side-of-House Greenhouse gets more points for its installation ease. All parts are included, and it’s one of the lightest greenhouses on the list while also being strong.

Even though Outsunny is one of the lesser-known brands out there, this greenhouse is worth considering for anyone who doesn’t have space, but needs functionality.

A basic manufacturer’s warranty covers the Outsunny model.

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21. Eagle Peak Portable Lean to Greenhouse

Eagle Peak Portable Lean to Greenhouse

The Eagle Peak Portable Lean To Greenhouse is one of the best simple greenhouses with enough walk-in floor space (but with superior quality parts and a lot of structural strength).

First, you know that Eagle Peak has been in the business of great greenhouses for several decades. All their products are guaranteed, under warranty – and good, too.

The Portable option has more than enough floor space, including shelving and extra seed trays. All the parts you need for installation are included – and installation is easy even if you’re just one person doing it. 

It’s great, portable, and light: this model is even great for those who have been gardening for most of their lives.  Extras (like a misting system) are not included with this model but can be installed with little effort.


Is it worth getting a mini greenhouse?

A mini greenhouse is a small, enclosed structure designed to provide a controlled environment for growing plants. It can be a worthwhile investment for gardeners who want to extend their growing season or protect their plants from harsh weather conditions. Mini greenhouses can also be ideal for those with limited space, as they can be set up on a balcony or patio.

What are the disadvantages of a lean-to greenhouse?

A lean-to greenhouse is a type of greenhouse structure that is attached to an existing building or wall. One disadvantage of a lean-to greenhouse is that it may not receive as much sunlight as a freestanding greenhouse, as it is often positioned in the shade of the attached building. Additionally, the limited space of a lean-to greenhouse may restrict the types and amount of plants that can be grown compared to a larger, freestanding greenhouse.

Do lean-to greenhouses work?

A lean-to greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that is attached to an existing structure, such as a house or a shed. Contrary to popular belief, lean-to greenhouses can be just as effective as freestanding greenhouses. The success of a lean-to greenhouse is largely dependent on the amount of sunlight it receives and the quality of its ventilation system.

How to build a mini greenhouse cheap?

A mini greenhouse is a small, portable structure that can be used to grow plants in a controlled environment. To build a mini greenhouse cheap, consider using recycled materials such as old windows, PVC pipes, or wooden pallets. Additionally, using a simple design and opting for smaller dimensions can also help keep costs low.

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