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17 Best Wooden Greenhouses: Top Ideas You Should Try

Are wooden greenhouses a viable option for growing crops all year-round? Certainly yes! If you wish to extend your planting season and have fresh produce every time, wooden greenhouses can be your all-time partner.

Being able to enjoy fresh produce in and out of season from your garden can be thrilling. While others have to make those several trips a month to the grocery store, all you do is go to your backyard and get some fresh leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots, etc., for a tasty meal.

Greenhouses come in various sizes, designs, and materials. And, the choice of a greenhouse you make will depend on your preferences and needs.

Among the greenhouses that always pique my interest are wooden greenhouses. Not only do they possess that aesthetic look that I love, but they also blend quite well with the environment.

Unfortunately, several other materials, like aluminum, are now widely used to manufacture greenhouses, affecting the wooden greenhouses’ market.

However, for those like me that have a thing for wooden structures, we’ve compiled a list of exciting wooden designs that you’ll certainly love.

But before then, let’s evaluate a few things.

Why Would Someone Prefer Wooden Greenhouses?

Lean to Wooden Greenhouse

The hard fact is there several other materials that outrank wood in greenhouses’ construction. For instance, aluminum is more flexible, light, attractive, and hardy. Steel and PVC-based frames also come quite in handy when you need a sturdy greenhouse.

So, what are the benefits of purchasing a wooden greenhouse?

  • Offers best aesthetics, complimenting your backyard
  • When looking for indoor greenhouses, the wooden ones blend well with your interior decor
  • Since wood is heavy, that greenhouse in your backyards doesn’t require extra support or anchoring to keep it intact.
  • Wood provides your greenhouse with natural insulation, protecting your plants in hot and cold seasons.

So, when are the wooden greenhouses the best pick? If you still can’t decide whether to buy a wooden greenhouse or not, here are instances when a wooden greenhouse should be your pick:

  • If you live in a relatively dry region. This means that the greenhouse won’t experience water damage or get affected by constant temperature variations.
  • When heating your greenhouse is not an option, or you don’t have the means to. Wood has natural insulation qualities that help keep a moderate temperature in your greenhouse.
  • When you want something affordable but with great looks
  • If you are buying a greenhouse for indoor purposes, wooden greenhouses are perfect. This is because the greenhouse will be away from the effects of harsh weather and won’t be easily damaged.

Now let’s look at some great wooden greenhouses in the market.

Top Wooden Greenhouses to Consider

In most cases, the weather in your area is not always conducive to an all-year-round planting. However, a greenhouse always comes in handy to help achieve this. Choosing the best greenhouse is the first step towards a constant supply of farm produce.

If your only wish is to get a beautiful wooden greenhouse for growing your plants, the following brands are our most preferred choices. This is based on customer reviews, recommendations, and extensive research.

1. Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Green House Cold Frame

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Green House Cold Frame

Our first pick for the best wooden greenhouses is the Giantex Garden Portable wooden greenhouse. For starters, it’s easy to assemble and also quite portable.

This beautiful greenhouse is made of high-quality wood, which is durable and sturdy. It protects your plants from cold weather, wind, rain, and snow.

Some of its unique features include

  • Big storage – the greenhouse can hold several plants, giving your balconies, patios, gardens, and decks a great touch of green.
  • Solid structure – it’s made of heavy-duty wood that is strong and durable, giving your plants the best protection. It’s also sturdy enough to hold several seed pots, trays, etc.
  • Foldable top – Giantex Garden Portable greenhouse’s design includes a foldable top that you can easily open or close to care for your plants. This design also helps you open the greenhouse when the plants need more air or light and close it to protect them from rain or cold.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – this wooden greenhouse is designed to offer 100% satisfaction, and if anything goes wrong concerning the quality, the company is always ready to sort you out.

If you want to change the way you grow your vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc., this is an excellent wooden greenhouse to try out.

2. Mcombo Wooden Greenhouse Cold Frame, Portable Garden Mini Greenhouse Kit

Mcombo Wooden Greenhouse Cold Frame, Portable Garden Mini Greenhouse Kit

This is one of the wooden frame greenhouse kits that will surely change your gardening experience. The structure is ideal both for indoor and outdoor use and is beautiful to compliment your indoor décor.

When it comes to durability, this solid wood structure is among the best pieces you can choose from. It is manufactured from 100% fir wood, has an incredible design, and is pretty easy to assemble. Even better, all the tools necessary for assembling it are all included.

Heating efficiency is also another great feature of this Mcombo wooden greenhouse. It uses transparent polycarbonate panels that allow maximum light transmission. The greenhouse cover also helps retain heat, meaning that your crops can have the ideal temperatures even during cold seasons.

And did we mention the openable roof? Well, this greenhouse kit has an openable roof that helps to keep the crops safe from harsh weather or animals. The feature is also used to permit ample air to reach the plants when needed. 

With this Mcombo wooden mini greenhouse kit, your indoor or outdoor gardening can take a new shape. Whether you wish to plant some leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, or even flowers, this might be just what you’ve been looking for.

3. Mcombo 2-Tier Wooden Cold Frame Garden Greenhouse 6057-0160

Mcombo 2-Tier Wooden Cold Frame Garden Greenhouse

Beauty, strength, and durability are just some of the many features that this 2-tier wooden greenhouse from Mcombo presents. If you are looking for a small but spacious enough indoor greenhouse kit, this one works best. You can use it to grow some plants in your balcony, patio, kitchen, or any indoor space where there’s not much room.

The Mcombo 2-tier greenhouse comes with an adjustable shelf, which allows you to determine the height between the upper and lower portions. And there are four preset holes for the adjustments, although you can always add some if needed.

The greenhouse is double-shelved, meaning that you have more room to grow your plants. Its foldable top allows you to open it up for sunshine or close it when the weather isn’t all great.

The rainy season shouldn’t also worry you too much, even when your greenhouse is stationed outdoors. The greenhouse contains water drainage groves that allow rainwater to drain easily without collecting on the roof. This means that there is a pretty slim chance of rainwater damaging your wooden greenhouse.

In terms of satisfaction, Mcombo offers a 100% guarantee. In case you have any issues with quality, they are always there to address the issues.

4. Kitchen Joy Indoor Greenhouse – Greenhouses for Outside, Mini Greenhouse Kit

kitchen joy indoor greenhouse

Now, when you want to do indoor gardening in style, this indoor greenhouse from Kitchen Joy is a perfect pick. It is one of those mini wooden greenhouses kits that are designed to enhance the look of your house or garden.

The gray mini-greenhouse will blend easily with your furniture and help you add the touch of green in your house that you’ve always wanted. The structure is ideal for growing all kinds of seedlings and can also be used to germinate seeds.

As for durability, this greenhouse kit is made from durable cedar, which is quite strong to keep your plants all safe. Also, this cedar-built greenhouse is lightweight, making it easy to transport or move around. 

Sometimes, having the freedom and ability to grow and care for your own plants is all we need. The sight of those green herbs, fruits, or even vegetables growing from your indoor or backyard garden is incredible. It not only helps us appreciate nature but also gives us an opportunity to consume fresh produce every time and live sustainably.

This mini greenhouse is easy to assemble, sturdy to withstand any weather and protects your plants from harmful UV light.

5. MCombo Double Box Wooden Greenhouse 6057-0145

MCombo Double Box Wooden Greenhouse

Wooden greenhouses are the way to go, especially when you need an indoor piece.

So, what makes this double box wooden greenhouse unique?

Well, its wooden structure takes the day. Secondly, its transparent polycarbonate glazing covers help ensure that enough light gets to the plants while still protecting them from damaging UV light. This way, your plants can grow healthy all season long.

Whether you want something for your patio, balcony, or backyard garden, this wooden greenhouse would fit well. And, even when it’s raining outdoors, your plants are safe. The greenhouse is designed with water drainage grooves on its roof, which ensure that water drains easily, leaving the roof water-free.

With this Mcombo greenhouse, you won’t be worried anymore about growing seasons. Any season will be a growing season for you.

6. Garden Portable Wooden Raised Plants Greenhouse by Smacktom

Garden Portable Wooden Raised Plants Greenhouse

Made from strong Chinese Fir wood, this double-shelved wooden greenhouse is another excellent choice for your gardening. Not only is it fit for patios, balconies, and decks, it also offers ample growing space for your plants any time of the year. Additionally, its simple but elegant design makes it ideal for use anywhere, even in the house.

The greenhouse kit is designed with a foldable top, which allows you to easily open and close it. This means that your plants can get enough sunlight and air and also get protection when the weather becomes harsh.

When it comes to durability, this is among the few small wood greenhouses that will serve you for years. The frame is made of heavy-duty wood, which extends its lifespan. This sturdy structure also allows it to easily hold several growing trays, pots, and even a growth light.

And if you want to assemble it yourself, the process is pretty easy. Also, all its parts are detachable (no tools necessary), making it easy for you to move it around.

7. Outsunny 32″ x 19″ x 54″ Orange Garden Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse

Outsunny Orange Garden Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse

Outsunny is a big name when it comes to the manufacture of greenhouses. And this cold frame wooden greenhouse is one of the company’s great works.

The greenhouse is made from strong fir wood, which makes the structure durable and aesthetically appealing. Its sturdiness also makes it ideal for holding and protecting your plants, no matter the season.

So, if you’ve been planning to start some gardening in your backyard, balcony, or patio, you can try out one of these cold frames from Outsunny.

As for the healthy growth of your plants, this greenhouse has you covered. It’s fitted with transparent polycarbonate greenhouse covers, which allow maximum light absorption and heat retention. This way, your plants are exposed to the most favorable conditions for enhanced growth all season.

Other notable features of this wooden greenhouse include:

  • Double door design
  • 3-tier shelf
  • Openable roof
  • Easy assembly

All these features make it a great option when considering a home garden.

8. Outsunny Gray Garden Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse

Outsunny Gray Garden Wood Cold Frame Greenhouse

If gray is your color, then this wooden greenhouse from Outsunny will undoubtedly pique your interest. It has a solid structure made from strong fir wood, ensuring durability and reliability.

In addition, its polycarbonate covering is designed to allow maximum light transmission and retention of heat inside the greenhouse. This way, you don’t have to keep worrying about heating the greenhouse or protecting the plants from harmful UV light. All this is covered.

Also, the greenhouse’s 3-tier shelf design offers more floor space for your plants’ growth. Therefore, whether you intend to grow some vegetables, leafy greens, or some beautiful flowers, space won’t be an issue.

This greenhouse kit is easy to assemble, has double doors, and its roof is also openable. It’s an excellent choice for those who want small wooden greenhouses for their home garden.

9. Smacktom Double Box Garden Wooden Greenhouse

Smacktom Double Box Garden Wooden Greenhouse

Do you want to grow your plants without worrying about the season? This double box wooden greenhouse can help you with that. It is large enough to hold your plants and is made from strong fir wood for durability and reliability.

Its greenhouse covering (polycarbonate board) is also designed to protect your plants against harsh weather like rain or hailstorm, keeping the plants safe. And, when the plants need air and sunlight, the openable roof facilitates that.

The good thing about this mini greenhouse is that it can fit indoors and outdoors. If you wish to grow some plants in your backyard, balcony, or inside your house, this wooden greenhouse is a great choice.

It is portable, durable, and easy to assemble. When it comes to home gardening, you don’t have to look much further.

10. Costway Double Box Garden Cold Frame Wooden GreenHouse

Costway Double Box Garden Cold Frame Wooden GreenHouse

This is a 35.5″ by 31.5″ by 23.0″ wooden greenhouse, ideal for extending the normal growing season. The greenhouse is designed to protect your crops throughout the year, meaning that you can have fresh produce all year round.

It is an excellent pick if you wish to grow flowers indoors, vegetables on your balcony, or those leafy greens that you love. Made from hardy fir wood, this is among the most durable wooden greenhouses we have in the market. And it is designed to ensure that your plants are protected from all harsh weather conditions, including extreme sunlight, heat, rain, or snow.

The mini greenhouse is the ideal structure for those wishing to add some touch of green to their living spaces. It’s portable, easy to move around, and offers great aesthetics.

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11. Greenhouse Wood 39.4″ x19.7″ x13.4.”

Greenhouse Wood

When choosing the best wooden greenhouse for your gardening, durability, aesthetics, space, and reliability matter a lot. However, with this greenhouse model, all these aspects are included.

Right from its framework, which is made from strong wood to its polycarbonate roof that protects your plants against harsh conditions, this greenhouse is ideal for your plants. In addition, it is deep and has a wide floor, providing enough space to hold many plants at once. This way, you can effortlessly grow your vegetables, herbs, and other plants.

It is designed to offer your plants the ideal conditions, whether in summer, spring, or winter. Its cold frame design ensures that any season is a growing season without requiring additional heating for the plants.

Other unique features of this wooden greenhouse are:

  • Water resistance
  • Open bottom
  • Openable roof

The only disadvantage of this product is that it can expose someone to wood dust, which California state considers to cause cancer.

12. Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

This greenhouse from Giantex enjoys a 4.3 stars rating, and for a good reason. First, while it is small to fit your indoor space, it’s spacious enough to accommodate the plants you wish to grow. It contains double shelves that ensure you have more room to grow your plants.

Also, its simple, elegant design blends perfectly with your indoors, making it pretty easy to add color to you indoors with beautiful flowers or green plants.

And, you don’t have to worry about your plants being exposed to harsh weather or UV light. Its greenhouse covering is designed to ensure safety for your plants from all these conditions. The foldable top is also easy to open, allowing your plants to enjoy direct sunlight and ample air when needed.

This greenhouse consists of a sturdy structure made from heavy-duty fir wood, which guarantees durability. Also, its parts are easy to detach, so you can move it around and set it up again in another location.

If you are looking for a solution to your gardening problems, a greenhouse might be all you need.

Big DIY Wooden Greenhouse Ideas

13. Cedar Greenhouse Kit | 8 ft

western red cedar greenhouse

If you want to go big, the Western Red Cedar is undoubtedly an excellent pick. The 8 DIY wooden greenhouse offers everything you would wish for in a greenhouse. From its beautiful design, sturdy structure, spacious growing area, and plants’ protection features, the greenhouse has it all.

It is made from strong Western Red Cedar, which guarantees you durability, strength, and beauty. Western Red Cedar is popular for its pests and decay resistance ability, and you can grow almost any type of plant in it, including tomatoes, carrots, leafy greens, flowers, peppers, etc.

This 8 ft. tall greenhouse has around 14 lineal feet shelving that provides you with ample space and options when organizing your plants. Also, its polycarbonate roof helps to block away harmful UV light that would otherwise damage your plants. This way, your flowers or crops stay fresh and beautiful all season.

Even better, it has a large ventilation window, designed to open automatically and close at 70°F. Your greenhouse maintains optimal temperatures for your plants’ growth through this action.

Cedar Greenhouse Kit is easy to assemble, and you can easily do it yourself without requiring help from an expert.

14. Room to Grow: 9′ x 16′ Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouse Plans Polycarbonate

Building this 9-foot by 16-foot greenhouse can be a great project when you want to do it yourself. The design will include a cedar wood frame and polycarbonate covering.

The structure is meant to be a sturdy one, able to withstand different weather conditions, including heavy snows, rainfall, strong winds, etc. The good thing here is that you’ll be doing everything yourself. All you need is the comprehensive building plan for the structure from Etsy.

15. Modular Greenhous Building Plans

Modular Greenhous Building Plans

A modular greenhouse design is another great idea that you can implement in your backyard. Interestingly, this design will be a bit cheap than most other greenhouse ideas or kits that you can think of.

Therefore, if you’ve been looking for a way to build an affordable greenhouse to extend your planting season, this plan can sort you out.

All you need is to buy these plans from Etsy, get your materials and start your greenhouse construction. The plans are easy to follow, guiding you through every step to help you assemble a beautiful, sturdy greenhouse.

In the plan, you will find detailed instructions on how to construct the greenhouse, images, diagrams, and even a list of the necessary materials for the job. In fact, you don’t have an excuse for not having a greenhouse in your backyard.

16. Miniature Greenhouse Plans: DIY 2×4 Mini Lean-to Style Greenhouse

Sweet Pea - DIY Mini Lean

These are great wooden greenhouse plans for those with not-so-big spaces in their backyard. Also, if you are just a beginner in assembling greenhouses, the plans would work well for you.

This will be 4 feet by 2 feet greenhouse, with several shelves to rest your plants’ pots, trays, etc. The plans will include a detailed construction guide, images, measurements, and a list of necessary materials. It will even come with an estimated price of everything you need to get your greenhouse up.

17. Movable Greenhouse: Lean-to Greenhouse

Movable Greenhouse

Lean-to greenhouses are an excellent way to grow your crops, with a structure that compliments your backyard. Generally, you will build your lean-to greenhouse against your house’s backyard wall or against any other structure in your compound.

These plans and designs are beautiful, and the resulting greenhouse is meant to be sturdy and durable. The construction plans will include diagrams, instructions, images, and measurements. When you buy this guide, all you need is the required construction materials, and your greenhouse is as good as complete.

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Best Greenhouse Tools and Accessories

If you are starting on greenhouse gardening, here are some tools and accessories that will come in handy.

1.  84 PCS Garden Tools Set, 10pcs Succulent Tools Set Included, by WEPSEN

Garden Tools Set

This is an instrumental set of tools that will make growing crops in your wooden greenhouse quite easy and enjoyable. The set contains crucial tools like pruning shears, a trowel, tool bag, gloves, knee pads, weeder, cultivator, etc.

With 84 PCS of tools to help you cultivate the best garden, you are certain of amazing results. Whether you are using it to care for your flowers or vegetables, these tools undoubtedly make your work much easier.

Each piece is high-quality and tough, as well as rust and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about breaking them while gardening or dealing with rust issues.

2. Gardening Tools Set from Alloy Steel

Gardening Tools Set from Alloy Steel

If the 84 PCS set seems too much, you can opt for a smaller set, but that also comprises the important tools for gardening. Patio Gardens offers this alloy steel set of gardening tools that will significantly assist in your activities.

The tools are made of alloy steel blades and metal plates that are both strong and rust-resistant. The set includes a pair of gloves, a trowel, weeder, transplanter, fork, storage bag, and rake. These tools are ideal for weeding, digging, transplanting, etc.

In addition, each tool has a rubber handle that makes it easier to work with and protects your hands.   

3. Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit

Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit

Knowing the state of your soil before planting your seeds or plants is paramount. It helps you to determine what the soil needs for it to give you the best produce.

This 3-in-1 soil test kit is what you need to ensure your soil is in perfect shape for growing plants. The kit will help you determine whether the soil has enough water, PH levels need adjusting, or if it needs more light.

With such information, you can maintain soil that will benefit your plants and give you the best results. It’s fast and will certainly save you money.

4. 75W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

75W LED Grow Light

Your indoor plants need ample light. And this 75W LED grow light offers just the needed amount of it.

It is a full spectrum light with 225 high-quality LEDs, covering both UV, IR, Red, and Blue light. With this, your plants will get the desired spectrum to help them grow healthy.

Even better, the grow light is ideal for any stage of your plants’ growth – right from seeding, germination, vegetative, and flowering.

You can use this grow light for various settings, including a grow box, grow tent, grow room, vertical farm, hydroponics, etc. And, whether you are growing vegetables, herbs, succulents, orchids, or lemons, these grow lights works for all.

How to Make the Most of your Wooden Greenhouse

By now, you have an idea of the best wooden greenhouses we have around and, most probably, even know which one fits you best. But how do you make the most of your greenhouse after acquiring it?

Well, here are several tips you can try:

  • Choose the best location to place your greenhouse: The perfect location ensures that your plants have the best access to sunlight for enhanced growth. And, if you’ve planted flowers indoors, choose a place where everyone can admire their beauty.
  • Ensure proper glazing: Pick the best covering for your greenhouse. It should be lightweight, shutter-free, and with UV light block abilities.
  • Pick an easy-to-install greenhouse: Don’t go for a greenhouse that will be too complicated to assemble. Choose one that is not only easy to assemble and disassemble but one that is also easy to maintain.
  • Know what you want to grow: Before getting a wooden greenhouse, you should have an idea of the plants that you want to grow. This will help you make a choice that won’t disappoint. For instance, there are some greenhouses that are ideal for flowers and succulent plants, while others are best for vegetables and or herbs.

All in all, if your passion lies in wooden greenhouses, the above-mentioned models and plans will help you achieve your gardening goals.

Advantages of Growing your Crops in a Greenhouse

Whichever type of greenhouse you grow your plants in, whether wooden, metallic, or plastic, the advantages are quite many. Some of the most common ones include:

Pests and Harsh Weather Protection

Keeping your plants safe is one of the major advantages of using a greenhouse. The structure provides an ideal environment that’s free from harsh weather elements and pests. This gives your plants the best conditions for fast and improved growth.

With the controlled conditions in a greenhouse, variation in seasonal weather won’t matter. Subsequently, you can grow your plants any time, no matter the season or type of plant.

While other farmers are worried about pests or weather damaging their plants, you will be relaxed knowing that your plants are safe. And even the delicate plants that need special conditions for growth will certainly do well in a greenhouse.

Allows you to Grow Different Variety of Plants

Some plants do well in certain seasons than in others. This means that if you want bountiful produce, you must know which season best works for such plants.

However, using a greenhouse eliminates such restrictions and limitations. Since greenhouses contain controlled environments, you can grow even the plants that are out of season. That way, you’ll always have the plants you want, no matter the season.

In other words, a greenhouse allows you to enjoy extended growing seasons for different types of plants. Whether it’s your favorite vegetables or flowers you want to grow, the season will not bother you at all.

You can also use a greenhouse as a nursery for your plants while waiting for the right season to replant them in the garden. As a result, when the right time comes, you’ll already have plants to grow or harvest.

Better Plants Growth

Since greenhouses protect the plants from harsh weather and pests, it means that the plants have better-growing conditions. Therefore, when compared to plants growing in the open garden, greenhouse plants will be healthier, and their growth rate will also be better.

Sometimes, pests and weather elements like snow and storms can cause serious damage to the plants. These damages are sometimes not reversible, and your plants will be affected completely.

For instance, your beautiful flowers might get damaged and never regain the desired shape.

However, in a greenhouse, the plants are allowed to grow just as they should. They don’t face extreme conditions that might spoil their beauty or productivity.

No Landscaping Problems

Preparing your backyard for planting crops can be challenging. Not only does it interfere with your home’s landscape, but it can also be laborious. Adding new plants to an already designed landscape can also affect the entire landscape.

On the other hand, growing your crops in a greenhouse won’t affect your landscaping much. All you need to do is to find a greenhouse that blends well with your yard.

The greenhouse will enable you to grow the plants you desire without changing that landscape that you adore.

Despite cultivating your favorite herbs, plants, flowers, or vegetables in the greenhouse, the landscaping remains flawless.


Big wooden greenhouses can be used for more purposes besides growing crops. If the greenhouse has enough space, you can use it to store your gardening tools and small machines like a blower or a lawnmower.

This can help you declutter that garage or protect machines from getting damaged by bad weather.

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